Yuka Azumi

安積 柚香


Azumi Yuka


Yuka Yukihira


Yuzu no Kimi (Citrius Princess)




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Izumi Yukihira (Lover) Anju L. Narumi (Love interest - briefly)

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Izumi Yukihira (Lover, Deceased)
Mikan Sakura (Daughter)
Kazuki (Younger Brother)
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Chapter 039


Episode 11

Yuka Azumi (安積 柚香 Azumi Yuka) is the mother of Mikan Sakura and a member of the Anti-Alice Organization Z. She only makes a brief non-speaking appearance in the anime. When people talk of Yuka, she is usually referred to as "That Woman", "She" or "That Person".

Yuka possesses the Stealing Alice, which was the reason why the ESP wants her. She only appears in the manga. In the one of the latest chapters of Gakuen Alice, she has passed away in very tragic way.


Yuka has straight silky brown hair, which she wears down with bangs covering her forehead. In her youth, her hair flows down to her waist, but she cut her hair shorter after Kaoru Igarashi's death. From then on, Yuka is seen wearing her hair short, cropped to hang around her face. Her eyes are sometimes depicted as brown or amber in the colored pictures of the manga. She has fair skin and a good figure. Even at the age of 29, Yuka still retains her youthful appearance. She is around Tsubasa Andō's height, shown when she inserted an Alice stone in his body.

During her days in the academy, Yuka has been shown wearing the standard female uniforms from all divisions due to the fact she started from elementary to high school there.

In her first debut in the manga and for the majority of the series, Yuka's outfit consists of a short-sleeved shirt underneath a brown jacket, cargo pants and boots. She also wears sunglasses and black fingerless gloves.

Because she is targeted by the academy, Yuka, along with her trusted companion Shiki Masachika, dons many outfits and disguises to hide herself.


At the age of five, Yuka displayed common traits a young girl should have, which includes naivety, emotional attachment to her family, and a heart bearing only innocent intentions. She was very emotional and a bit withdrawn, and as she grew up in the academy, she became a more complex character with different dimensions to her personality.

During her childhood, Yuka often displayed maturity compared to her peers. She also seemed to be quite intelligent, as shown when her classmates consulted her about their lessons at school, but despite this, Masachika Shiki tells Mikan Sakura that Yuka had the same level of intelligence as Izumi Yukihira and Mikan. However, she seemed to be a bit naive and slow about certain things. She was friendly with others, but maintained an air of solitude. She got along with kids her age but simply refused to trust adults. She was also shown to be a very introspective person and generally appeared indifferent.

Through Izumi Yukihira's influence, Yuka started to open up and became more cheerful. As Izumi continued to help and support her, Yuka eventually fell in love with him, despite their 12 year age difference. She still loved him the most even after more than 13 years after his death. She valued and loved Mikan, their daughter, more than anything as she was Yuka's only link to Izumi and still felt sad for leaving her behind to protect her.

Yuka had the tendency to be very reckless, best shown when she tried to escape from the academy numerous times even though she only ended up getting hurt. When needed, Yuka exhibited considerable resourcefulness. She also demonstrated perceptiveness when it came to people's mental and emotional state.

Yuka was fiercely loyal to her friends. Another main trait of hers was her selflessness. She often acted like a big sister to Narumi and scolded him whenever he did something bad. Because of her rare Alice, she was desired by the Elementary School Principal to the point that he didn’t hesitate to use her friends against her. Knowing this, she underwent a great deal of emotional stress whenever her friends were in danger because of her. Her friendship with Luna Koizumi was also strained due to the Elementary School Principal's influence. However, she had honestly treated Luna Koizumi as a good friend and never thought badly of her. She appeared to be quite self-deprecating and often blamed herself for the unfortunate events that fall upon those who are close to her.

The tragedy that happened to Izumi made her emotionally driven and seemingly more assertive. Her experiences in the academy had arguably shaped her into a strong and independent woman. However, ironically, although her actions were to fulfill what Izumi and Kaoru wanted, her newfound willingness to commit morally ambigious deeds and steal the Alice of innocent students as a member of Z actually went against their legacies as her actions have hurt Mikan, the very daughter who she would do anything to protect, and Natsume, the son of her best friend. It was also this that caused Mikan to resent her at first. It would appear her first encounter with Mikan had started to cause her to introspect her actions, as she showed a level of guilt when Mikan angrily confronted her for what she did and ultimately she returned all the Alice she stole. This is shown by how she later was visibly ashamed and remorseful when Mikan furiously stated she hated her because of what she had did.


Yuka is the oldest of two brothers (she has two younger brothers). Evidently, she was the only child to have been born with an Alice, and because of this, her parents thought of her as an "unwanted child". At the age of five, Yuka was left at Gakuen Alice by her parents, who actually sold her to the academy in exchange for money. She was unaware of this and that her parents did not want her. She comes off as an intelligent and innocent girl who would get along with other kids, but did not trust adults. As years go by and she doesn't receive letters from her family, she grows worried that something has happened to them. Yuka had tried to escape countless times and is seen trying to escape again, only to be stopped by Izumi Yukihira, her teacher, although Yuka's main reason for escaping is because she only wanted to see her parents and two siblings. She and Izumi didn't get along at first due to his pervert and childish personality, but she slowly grows to like and befriend him after he comforts her when she tells him about her desire to see her family and that she is the only one who doesn't get letters from her family. Even at 10 years old, she slowly starts to fall in love with Izumi as he continues to comfort her and spend time with her. Two years later, she becomes close friends with Luna Koizumi, a student rumored to be dangerous because of her Alice. Luna somehow becomes obsessed with Yuka and follows her everywhere. Nevertheless, the two share a good relationship. Things change between them a year later in middle school, when Yuka discovered her Stealing Alice by accidentally using it on Luna for the first time. This catches the ESP's attention and he begins using her to steal other people's Alices. This is when the rumors about her being the ESP's lover start to come out, and this makes Luna enraged and believes that Yuka had stolen the ESP's affection from her.

She then becomes friends with Anju L. Narumi, although she was was forced to by Izumi at first. One day, Narumi uses his Alice on her and she runs off out in embarrassment. Yukihira goes after her and gives her his Alice stone. Yuka and Narumi keep their distances until Yuka finds out about how Narumi got injured from a mission. Upon arriving in his room, Narumi tells her to steal his Alice. Yuka does this, and it is revealed that Narumi has many Alice stones in him. Afterwards the two fall asleep. When Yuka wakes up she notices that the Alice stones are gone and is told by Narumi that he 'put it away' and hands her his Alice stone.

Izumi Yukihira giving Yuka his alice stone.

In high school, when she was fifteen, Yuka was taken to the Hana Hime Den by Kaoru Igarashi, who tells her that the Hana Hime can protect her from the ESP, but she must learn to take care of herself. Kaoru suggests that Yuka's Stealing Alice could be useful if she learns to insert the Alice stones into others. At Hii-Sama's request, she puts an Alice stone into Hii-Sama, spiking great interest in her. It is assumed that Yuka inserts multiple longevity alice stones (given by the High School Principal) into Hii-Sama's body which is why Hii-Sama retains her youthful appearance. Kaoru then becomes Yuka's most trusted senior and best friend.

She meets Masachika Shiki, a relative of Himemiya, and uses her Alice to insert an alice stone in him.  After this, another rumor about Yuka and Shiki being engaged spreads throughout the campus, which Yuka strongly denies. When Kaoru tells her about Narumi's obvious feelings for her, she checks up on Narumi in his room. She is shocked to see him smoking and that he has been drinking and doing drugs. She receives a confession from him and then Narumi forced Yuka onto the bed and kisses her, but Yuka smacks him and rejects him because she only sees Narumi as a friend and brother.  Later on, Shiki confesses to her and tells her that he is content with just staying by her side.

In the hallways, Yuka meets Luna, who tells her that she is a burden, but is stopped by Shiki. Yuka is hurt by this and runs into Izumi. During that moment, she confesses her feelings for him. Unfortunately, he rejects her feelings, which makes her wonder if this how Narumi and Shiki felt when she rejected them.

When she receives a proposal from the ESP, she runs out and is encountered by Izumi.  She tells him she is alright and leaves quickly. At Kaoru's graduation, Kaoru gives Yuka her Alice stone and tells her that she is welcome to see her when she can finally leave the academy.

She is later introduced to Shūichi Sakurano and Subaru Imai, two elementary school students at the time, both of whom immediately became attached to her and in return, she becomes their senior or senpai. When rain starts pouring on them, Yuka and Sakurano use their Teleportation Alice to head for shelter, but she and Izumi are put in an awkward position which causes the two to avoid each other more. She is confronted by Izumi, asking why she is avoiding him and about her rumored engagement with the ESP. Yuka runs away, but Izumi runs after her, confessing his feelings to her and asks her to come to his side. The two then share an embrace in front of everyone in school. When the HSP and other teachers criticize him for their relationship, she defends him and from then onwards, they officially begin their relationship.

Izumi introduces Yuka to a student named "Rei Serio", who is actually Persona. Yuka, after hearing his story, puts Izumi's Alice stone in Rei,

Yukihira and Yuka kiss.

making some of the marks from his Alice fade. Afterward, Yuka and Izumi have their first kiss and spend the night together. He then leaves Yuka in his room after receiving a call that Rei is out of the dungeon, but promises her that he would come back soon. Izumi dies later on due to Rei's Mark of Death Alice. Yuka becomes worried when she does not seem him for three days. She becomes devastated and actually collapses in shock when she is told about Izumi's death by Jinno and the HSP. She dashes to the ESP's room and sees a traumatized Rei crying in a corner, which makes her realize that Rei accidentally killed Izumi, but suspects it was the ESP who actually manipulated Rei into killing him. She then steals his Alice stone.

The ESP arrives and Yuka takes out a necklace holding four Alice stones. She clutches to Kaoru's stone, attempting to see into the ESP's mind to learn the truth about Izumi's death. The ESP tells Yuka that a barrier is protecting him from her Stealing Alice. She then takes Rei's Alice stone and Izumi's Alice stone and uses her "Inserting Alice" to place it into the ESP's body because he does not have a barrier to protect himself against her Inserting Alice. Yuka tells him that she cannot forgive him and that she should have done this earlier. Luna and some other people enter the room and Yuka bids goodbye to her.

She is later found by Narumi and Misaki, injured from attempting to breach the barrier in order to escape. Yuka tried to leave, but is stopped by Narumi who wants to come with her. Yuka replies that Narumi cannot replace Yukihira and pleads that he is needs to change the school from the inside, since she is only able to do this from the outside. When the ones looking for Yuka are at the door, she is stopped again from leaving, but this time with Narumi trying to use his Alice on her. In order to stop him, Yuka uses her Stealing Alice to steal Narumi's Alice receiving a large Alice stone, causing Narumi to faint. Yuka then leaves with his Alice stone, saying sorry. She teleports to the high school section, where she is surrounded by Jinno, HSP, and Shiki. The HSP notices a glow in Yuka's stomach, saying she is carrying Izumi's child who also has an Alice, and she cries.

Yuka travels to her parents' home using the warp hole. Her parents did not want to care for her because it would only cause them trouble. Knowing how her presence could endanger them, she departs after saying goodbye to her brothers. Yuka spends time on her own until she gives birth to Mikan. She manages to find Kaoru just as she goes into labor and is assisted by Kaoru and her husband in their own home during the delivery. When Mikan is born, she imagines seeing Izumi holding Mikan and saying it's a girl with an overjoyed smile. Seeing how an Alice may burden her daughter, Yuka wishes to steal her Alice, but Kaoru convinces her that Mikan was born with an Alice for a reason. Yuka ends up living with Kaoru and her husband after this. As Kaoru becomes more fatigue from her pregnancy, Yuka gives her Subaru's Alice stone in hopes it will help her. When Mikan is six months old, Yuka decides to go on her own with Mikan, feeling guilty for burdening Kaoru, who is frequently ill and heavily pregnant. Before leaving, Yuka thanks Kaoru for all her help and teleports away in tears.

During a very cold January winter, Yuka is seen injured and exhausted, while Mikan is very ill. Afraid that Mikan will die and unsure of what to do, Yuka breaks down and mentally cries for Izumi. She is found by a old man, who eventually became Mikan's Grandfather, and he takes her into his home even though he knows she is in some sort of trouble. He calls a doctor to care for the two and tells Yuka that he has told the doctor that Mikan is his granddaughter. He also tells Yuka that she has some poison in her arm, urging her to stay until she recovers. Yuka contemplates on what to do, because if she takes Mikan with her, Mikan could die and they could be forced back into the academy. With a heavy heart, Yuka decides to leave Mikan under the care of the old man. When she is found by the pursuers, Yuka teleports away and tells the old man to take care of Mikan. She makes a firm decision to never come back, so that the academy would not tie the village to her and find Mikan. Yuka then thinks about her now broken dreams about having a family with Izumi and cries.

She is found unconscious by Shiki, who carries her to safety from the snowstorm. Later on, Yuka and Shiki is seen attacking a clone of the ESP and disappearing with the received Alice stones. These attacks have made them criminals by the police. Due to the Alices they possessed, they are completely impossible to catch. Yuka is shocked by the revelation, given by Kaoru, that the Z Organization leader is a clone of the ESP. She becomes worried about Kaoru putting herself in danger and begs Shiki that they must stop her. After Kaoru's "accident" (she is hit by a car and dies while helping Yuka escape), Yuka cuts her hair and promises that she will never cry again. For Izumi's and Kaoru's will, she chooses to meet with Z. At the meeting, Yuka doesn't want to become a member of the Z Organization because she refuses to form an alliance with the ESP's clone. She changes her mind after Shiki tells her that he would sacrifice himself for her. She vows revenge against the ESP for taking away all the people she loved.


Z Arc

Yuka reappears 11 years after abandoning Mikan. She steals Iinchou's Alice when he came back from his trip. Soon afterwards, members of Z, including Yuka and Shiki, break into the academy and run into Mikan and Hotaru. Yuka is surprised when she hears Mikan's name and tries to steal her Alice, trying to confirm if she is her daughter, but leaves when another Z member fires a bullet at someone, not knowing that the poison bullet actually hit Hotaru. When Mikan and the group break into the Z Organization, she is surprised to see Mikan and again tries to confirm her suspicions if Mikan is her daughter. She learns that Mikan has the Nullification Alice when her Stealing Alice fails to steal her Alice. This brings back her memories of Izumi and Mikan that she has held back.

Yuka meets Mikan.

When Mikan gets captured and put into the prison, Yuka volunteers to deal with her. As Yuka meets Mikan, she remembers her memories of Izumi and Mikan when she was a baby, and asks herself why she is feeling these emotions after she abandoned Mikan all those years ago. When Mikan says she hates Yuka and demands the return of linchou's Alice, Yuka kicks her in the stomach and gives her the antidote for Hotaru's illness, but leaves with a saddened face.[1] When she tries to steal Natsume's Alice (not realizing he is Kaoru's son), Mikan stops her by projecting her Nullification onto Natsume. Yuka gives Tsubasa and Ruka a cure for Mihara's Alice by having lick the blood off a knife. She later sneaks into the academy again to give Narumi the stolen Alice stones. During the conversation, she admits to Narumi that Mikan is her daughter, the child she gave up years ago to protect her from the academy. Narumi asks for her to return the Alice stones she stole from him, but she refuses because it will only make him chase her again, but she leaves the Alice stones of the students she stole from. ( ch. 42-44) 

Time Travel Arc

She is seen at a cafe and Shiki gives her two pictures of Luna, older and a current version and another as a child. Shiki tells her that Luna is in the academy, which makes Yuka worry that the ESP is making Luna target Mikan and plans to use her a Yuka's replacement. She runs back to the academy, deciding to get her daughter out of the academy and away from the ESP for good.

She is injured upon arriving, but saves Tsubasa and took care of him when he got lost during the misson and inserted Noda's Time Travel Alice into him. She is taken to the HSP's office and they discuss on what Yuka's plans are. She tells him that she is going to take Mikan out of the academy because she is afraid that Mikan will follow the same path as her. She hides in a room when Mikan and her friends are brought into the HSP's office and Mikan learns the truth about her parents. She remembers her last moments with Mikan before giving her away and is saddened when Mikan refuses to leave with her mother because she still blames her for the events in the Z arc. When the teachers agree to let Mikan see her mother's past and is about to disappear with Noda and her friends, Yuka struggles with Narumi to stop her, but leaves her hiding place, calling Mikan's name and running after her, but she is already leaving to time travel into the past with Noda, Hotaru, Natsume, and Ruka. When asked why she tried to stop Mikan, Yuka said she didn't want Mikan to see the past because she is afraid of Mikan having the painful memories Yuka wants to forget.

The Reunion of Yuka and Mikan Arc

In an unseen scene, the ESP attacks the HSP's office, forcing Yuka and everyone to flee. She teleports with Narumi somewhere in the academy for safety. It is learned from Hijiri Goshima that Yuka is waiting for Mikan at the warphole. A bag of Alice stones and letter from her arrive afterwards, saying that she is sorry for the trouble and that Mikan may have the Inserting Alice, so these Alice stones would be helpful. As Mikan is putting the Alice stones in everyone's bodies, Yuka is seen thinking of Mikan. It is revealed she and the other adults were attacked by the ESP. They are all hiding in different areas in the academy, because Yuka teleported here when Narumi protected her from a tranquilizer meant for her from the ESP. Yuka feels guilty for causing Narumi trouble and says she will leave him once and for all, but first she will heal Narumi's wounds. She is stopped by Narumi who grabs her hand and he confesses to her about his regrets about letting her go outside alone. Narumi tells Yuka that he wants to go with her and then embraces her. She doesn't try to resist him because she is unsure of why she is allowing him to hold her.

She knows Luna has taken control of students with her Soul Sucking Alice and sadly calls Luna stupid for doing this. Yuka hears a voice calling for her, which is Mikan who has gained a Telepathy Alice that was in the bag Yuka gave the group.

Later, Yuka and Narumi are seen again. Yuka and Narumi share a kiss and Yuka is still convinced that her presence will cause him harm. She drugs him in an attempt to put him to sleep and go see Mikan. After Narumi falls asleep she leaves, she is confused why she kissed him, but comes to the conclusion that she cares for Narumi the same as before.

Yuka is waiting for Mikan at the Keyhole. The moon is about to go, which would make the Keyhole unusable. She senses that Mikan is near. As she and Shiki are surrounded by Fuukitai, Narumi arrives. She is shocked to see him. When he holds her in a embrace, Yuka notices even though she promised to never fall in love again she can't leave Narumi's arms. Yuka chooses to take the difficult path and steal the key, instead of using Shiki's Barrier Alice, because she doesn't want to push Narumi away this time. She teleports Shiki, Narumi and Misaki to Mikan's location. She and Mikan have met each other for the first time in almost 12 years, but this time as mother and daughter. When Mikan embraces her and tells her that she loves her, Yuka sheds tender tears and tells her that she loves her too, promising to support Mikan this time. The reunion is interrupted by the arrival of Luna Koizumi. Yuka shows concern over Luna's weak body and tries to convince her to stop working with the ESP, but she is cut short by Luna, who yells that Yuka, who was always loved without doing anything, couldn't understand how she felt. Yuka receives the news of Goshima being a traitor and is conflicted by the suggestion Shiki gives to leave Narumi behind, so that they wouldn't have to go through the trouble of getting the key. Splitting into two groups to escape from Luna and the Fuukitai, Yuka, Mikan, Shiki, Narumi, and Natsume make it to the Keyhole. But as Yuka inserts the key the Keyhole suddenly explodes.

The explosion that happened after Yuka inserted the key had caused the door to be completely destroyed. Shiki and Mikan came to the crumbled door, searching for Yuka, then followed by the others. What Shiki saw after that was a severely burned and injured Yuka, and the injured Narumi, which shocks everyone including Narumi who later on woke up. It appeared that Yuka had realized that the door was about to explode, but still using her Teleportation Alice to save Narumi. Although Mikan inserted the Healing Alice that belongs to Natsume (given by Subaru to Yuka to Kaoru) into Yuka, however, it didn't work since her injuries were too serious.

Yuka reached out and called for Mikan as she opened her eyes and held her, which reminded her of her memories that she did not want to have Mikan. As Yuka is dying, she looked at Luna and apologized to her, much to Luna's surprise. She then closed her eyes as the Fuukitai, who were treating her, mentioned that her heart stopped beating. She, in her thought, apologized to Mikan as she passed away. In Heaven, she was being carried bridal style by the spirit of her beloved one, Izumi Yukihira. When she apologized to Izumi that she was not able to protect Mikan, Izumi said it was alright, as she already tried her best. As Izumi touched her forehead, her hair once again grew long and she cried; both are in wedding attire (which was once appeared in chapter 134's cover page), showing that both of the lovers finally meet again.

She is buried along side with Izumi and her gravestone says Yuka Yukihira, the HSP recognizing her and Izumi as married, which had been their dream. Shiki put a barrier on their grave. Mikan keeps a picture of her parents and often dreams of them calling her and assuring her everything is alright. If still alive, Yuka would seem to be understandable to Mikan and Natsume's romance; when Mikan and Natsume kissed, Yuka did nothing to stop them while Izumi yelled at Shiki to stop the kiss.


With the Teleportation Alice, Yuka has the ability to teleport from one place to another. Apparently, the Teleportation Alice also allows her to bypass obstacles and security, as she is able to enter a room and disappear without a trace.

Yuka tries to steal Natsume's alice.

Yuka's most notable Alice is her Stealing Alice. This rare and valuable Alice was the root of all her problems during her time in the academy. Her Stealing Alice gives her the ability to drain or suck out another person's Alice completely or partially from his/her body, which sometimes leaves the victim in a state of weakness. Any Alice she has taken instantly forms into an Alice stone, where its size depends on how much power she has stolen. Her power is potentially limitless as she steals Alices.

Yuka also has the ability to insert stolen Alices into another person, including herself, granted that the Alices are compatible with the person. She is, without a doubt, recognized as one of the most proficient Alice users seen, as she is able to fully control any Alice she is given.


Izumi Yukihira

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Yuka and Izumi meet.

At first, Yuka hated Izumi for his stupidity and pervert attitude, but after a while she fell in love with him (despite the 12 year age gap). During the flash back, Noddachi said that Yuka and Izumi were best friends, but there was no sign of "friendliness". She was protected by Izumi when the ESP began tormenting her and making her steal other Alices. After Yuka's confesses her love to him, Izumi initially rejects her due to her being a former student, but he soon realizes his own feelings and confesses his love to her. They sleep together, which she becomes pregnant with his child and he leaves Yuka's side to see Rei afterwards. However, he dies at the ESP's hands. Izumi mentally apologizes to Yuka as he passes away because he had promised to her that he would come back to her. Mikan is their only child and daughter. Even after more than 13 years after his death, she still loves him the most and refuses to love no other man but him. After her death, she is seen in Heaven being carried bridal style by Izumi and she apologizes to him for not being able to protect their only child. He says it is alright because she had tried hard enough and she cries as he carries her, showing they are together at last.

Mikan Sakura

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Mikan Sakura is Yuka's only child and daughter with Izumi Yukihira. Yuka gave birth to Mikan with the aid of Kaoru. Later on, Yuka attempted to steal Mikan's Alice in order to protect her from the academy. However, Kaoru stopped her from doing so, telling Yuka that there is a reason why they were born with Alices. When Yuka feared the danger she has put Kaoru and her family in, she left after saying goodbye to Kaoru. With the academy still hot on her trail, Yuka struggled to keep Mikan safe while she was on the run. However, Yuka was forced to leave Mikan in the care of an old man, who found them out in the snow. Though it pained her to be separated from her child, Yuka knew that Mikan would be better off without her. Yuka continued to keep her distance after this in order to not rouse suspicion from the academy. When Mikan meets Yuka in the Z Arc, she hates and blames her for Hotaru's illness and stealing Iinchou's Alice. At that time, Mikan wasn't aware of Yuka being her mother but from that encounter Yuka begins to have a change of heart as she starts to realize just how extreme she had became in her desire for revenge. She ultimately apparently abandons it when Mikan is targeted by the ESP, showing she continues to consider Mikan her number one priority, and does not hesitate to return to the Academy in order to try to get her out of the Academy. She is saddened by how Mikan continues to resent her for what Z did and tries to protect her from seeing the memories she had suppressed knowing it would lead to her sadness. After the events Mikan saw from the past, she is eager to meet Yuka, but this time as mother and daughter. Yuka loves Mikan dearly and still feels guilty for leaving her behind, but when they meet again, Yuka dies and apologizes to Mikan for everything that has happened.

Yuka Kaoru.jpg

Kaoru Igarashi

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Kaoru and Yuka became the best of friends during high school. Kaoru generally looks after Yuka and cares for her well-being. She often takes Yuka under her wing and cheers her up when she is depressed. Yuka finds it very comfortable to open up Kaoru. As an upperclassman, Kaoru often teaches her and gives her advice. As an act to protect her from the ESP, Kaoru pushed Yuka into revealing her Stealing Alice's significance, which earned a great respect from the MSP. Kaoru also encouraged Yuka to become stronger when she graduated from the academy. Later on, Kaoru was seen helping Yuka deliver Mikan and takes in Yuka and Mikan to protect them from the academy. As time passes, Yuka felt guilty for burdening Kaoru, who was was ill and pregnant. Thus, she decided to live on her own and gave Kaoru the Healing Alice stone she received from Subaru Imai. When Kaoru died in a car accident, Yuka was convinced that it was the ESP's doing and vows to take revenge of him.

Shiki yuka.png

Masachika Shiki

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A relative of the middle school principal, Shiki is highly compatible with other alices which makes him the perfect partner for Yuka. Shiki develops romantic feelings for Yuka and holds her in high regard, though the latter does not share the same sentiments. However, their closeness to one another sparks rumors about them being engaged, much to Yuka's dismay. He's perceived as a cold person but only softens up when it comes to Yuka. Quite noble and fiercely loyal, Shiki is willing to do anything for Yuka, as seen when he swore to stay by her side even though he will never be her 'special' person. In return, Yuka values the bond she shares with Shiki. Yuka's alices and Shiki's compatibility compliment one another, and the two are formidable foes during missions. While Shiki acts as her sword and shield, Yuka is usually the one to finish off opponents by weakening them with her Stealing Alice. When Yuka dies, Shiki vows to never let the ESP have her and protects her grave with his barrier, and takes guardianship of her daughter to protect her from the ESP.

Anju L. Narumi

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In the past, Yuka and Narumi were friends. The two were originally paired by Yukihira because he wanted Narumi to have more friends. This was so that Narumi would learn how real relationships should be, instead of manipulating people with his Alice. Narumi later falls in love with Yuka. However, Yuka didn't share the same feelings. She saw Narumi as a kid; like a younger brother. He once forcefully kissed Yuka and tried to rape her (this after Yuka realized she loved Izumi). She slaps him and rejects his confession of love. The two didn't talk for awhile after that. When Yuka escapes, Narumi tries to get Yuka to allow him to go with her, and uses his pheromones as persuasion. Because of this Yuka looses control of her steeling Alice and takes away all feelings of love from his heart. During the Z arc he tries to get her to give them back because "he had a lifetime of love taken away from him", however she refuses stating that if he was given back his feelngs he would only chase after her again.

In the present Narumi is still in love with her and because of his love for Yuka, he cares for her daughter, Mikan. But his affection for Mikan may be more than fatherly because he sees Yuka in her.

During the Escape arc, it was uncertain how Yuka felt about Narumi. She commented when he tightly embraced her that she couldn't leave his arms and questioned herself why she kissed him. She also decided to bring Narumi with her. However, Yuka also mentions that she loves him the same as before. She dies protecting Narumi from being killed by the bomb in the Keyhole and when he visits her grave, he decides to let go of his feelings for her and protect Mikan and the other children as she wished.

Luna Koizumi

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Yuka and Luna were once friends. Luna cared for as her only friend and would follow her around everywhere around the school campus. This friendship ended bitterly when Yuka accidentely stole Luna's Alice and the ESP's attention from her. Luna would then start her intense hatred for Yuka and try to manipulate her into thinking herself as a burden. Yuka still thought of Luna as a dear friend and she cried goodbye to her when she escaped the school. Yuki once said that Luna loves Yuka as much as she hates her. In the present time she calls Luna stupid for controlling Gakuen Alice students under the ESP's orders but she still regards her as dear friend, apologizing to her a second before her death. After this, Luna feels guilty for how she treated Yuka and forgives her.

Principal Kuonji (ESP)

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The ESP has made Yuka suffer ever since her Stealing Alice was revealed back in high school. He sees her as his possession and that she can never leave him. He forced her to steal other people's Alices and tormented her with words about her never being able to escape from him. He even proposed to her once when she began to slip away from his grip and warned her that she will never be free of him. Yuka hates the ESP for all he has done to her and everyone she cares for; killing both Izumi and Kaoru. Her only goal is to stop the ESP's plan. That is why she joined Z. Before joining Z, Yuka was conflicted with Z's Boss being related to the ESP and refused at first. She discovers that the ESP plans to use Mikan as her replacement and returns to save her daughter, but this only leads to her tragic demise later on.


  • The name Yuka means "grapefruit, pomelo, citrus fruit" (柚) (yu) and "fragrance" (香) (ka).
    • A part of Yuka's name can mean citrus and the name 'Mikan' was suggested by Izumi Yukihira, because of this.
      • The name on her grave is Yuka Yukihira, which indicate that she has married Izumi.
  • Yuka and Mikan Sakura have stolen Luna Koizumi's Alice.
  • Like Mikan, Yuka gained a lot of admirers during her time in the academy, namely Yukihira Izumi, Narumi L. Anju and Shiki Masachika, along with Sakurano Shūichi and Imai Subaru when they're still young.
  • Yuka also wanted Rei to be a part of her family with Yukihira.
  • In Character Psychology Test, Yuka has been choosen to become a slave in vol. 17 (Subaru Imai), vol. 19 (Izumi Yukihira) and vol. 20 (Kaoru Igarashi).
  • During the past stories, it was shown that Yuka was always involved in embarrassing and troublesome moments; when she was taken back into school still holding a ladder by Izumi, affected by Anju L. Narumi's pheromone, stalked by Luna, and being blackmailed by Shiki Masachika who showed her a picture of her being affected by pheromone.
  • Yuka is usually seen turning back as a pose in most flashback images and chapter covers.
  • Yuka's zodiac sign is Cancer based on her birth date.
  • Yuka appears in the 11th episode of the anime, when Nodacchi time trips, to the winter when Yuka left Mikan with her grandfather. She has no dialogues. Noda returns her cap to her and she thankfully bows to him. Mikan is seen as a baby but covered in a pink blanket.


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