The Human Pheromone Alice is an Alice that allows the holder to manipulate other humans to do the holder's bidding, mainly by brainwashing. Additionally, any person who listens to the holder, unless utilizing a Barrier Alice or a Nullification Alice or possessing something to block the holder's voice, will find themselves following the holder's order and being unable to disobey. The holder is capable of controlling their Alice so that it may only affect a specific person. The extremely powerful users will have a limiter placed on them to control the power of their Alice.

Unlike the other Pheromone Alices, the Voice Pheromone Alice affects any person, animal, and or insect that listens to the holder's voice. The ability of the Alice can also be passed through recordings of the holder.

The Alice will affect anybody regardless of how terrible a holder's voice is. A majority of the holders of this Alice go on to become involved in the entertainment or music industry.

In the anime, one of the taboos of the Voice Pheromone Alice is for the Alice Holder to use it on themselves.

Alice Holders

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