Stealing Alice
The Stealing Alice (盗みのアリス Nusumi no Arisu) is an Alice that allows the owner to steal and collect other Alices from their owners. The stolen Alice is converted into an Alice Stone which can be kept and collected. The Stealing Alice is always paired with the Inserting Alice , so the stolen Alices can be inserted into another person's body. This Alice allows the existence of people who have an unnatural number of Alices, such as Masachika Shiki , who obtained five Alices.

In the history of the academy, the Stealing Alice has been seen only once when it was discovered Yuka Azumi possesses it. The rarity of it made it deemed as a danger to fellow Alice users but the Elementary Principal sought to use its abilities for his own benefit. After Yuka’s escape, the Stealing Alice became somewhat of a myth until Yuka’s daughter, Mikan Sakura, was revealed to possess it. As opposed to Yuka, who was forced to steal other Alices, Mikan uses her Stealing Alice to insert different types of Alices into people for their benefit. Until his death, the Stealing Alice had been the object of the Elementary Principal’s obsession, as he desired to collect as many Alices as possible to increase his own abilities and political position with the government.

Alice Holders

Yuka Azumi

The first owner of the Stealing Alice. She was forced by the Elementary Principal to collect Alices from dying people For personal and political purposes. She ultimately used her Alice against him and escaped but was killed at his command twelve years later.

Mikan Sakura

The second owner of the Stealing Alice and Yuka’s daughter. Mikan was unaware she possessed this Alice until her second year at the Academy and was cl fronted by the Elementary Principal, who wanted to use her as Yuka’s replacement. Mikan, with the help of her friends, fought against the Principal and used her Alice to help everyone overpower the Principal.

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