Gender Unknown
Age No information
Height No information
Weight No information
DOB No information
Anime No appearance
Manga Volume 7, Chapter 39

Skeleton is a moving skeleton that stays in Z's hideout as a trap to capture intruders. It is unknown if its ability to move is a cause of an Alice. It doesn't appear to have a name either.


After Tsubasa tried to open the door with his Alice, Skeleton appeared from underneath the floor and dragged Mikan down into the hole. When Mikan wakes up, she is freaked out that that Skeleton is moving, but quickly gets over it, finding Skeleton silly. The two are seen wrestling when Yuka arrives. After Yuka leaves, Skeleton feels pity for Mikan who is holding her stomach to where Yuka kicked her. He gets a key to the prison and was going to get a first aid kit, however it turns out to be a trap and Mikan rushes out the prison, leaving Skeleton. She apologizes, but states that her friends are in danger.

Its fate is unknown after Z's hideout collapsed.

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