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Animal Club from Alice Academy

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Volume 1, Chapter 4


Episode 4

Piyo is a giant mutated chick, raised by middle schoolers, that cries when it wants to be fed. Ruka and Piyo get along with each other, because of Ruka's Animal Pheromone Alice. Hotaru also likes to blackmail Ruka with pictures of him and Piyo.


Giant Piyo.

Piyo is a giant yellow mutated chick created by middle schoolers with Technical Alices. He has little wings and feet and black beady eyes. Despite his size, he is rather a cute animal. Piyo is commonly seen crying, because he's hungry.


Northern Woods Arc

Piyo comes out of nowhere where Mikan, Iinchou, and Hotaru are wanting their food. His nest is the Northern Woods and, unlucky for Mikan and the rest, Piyo woke up before his feeding time and smelled their food. Piyo is usually fed by the middle school Animal Club. Ruka, who is forced by the group to stop Piyo, uses his Animal Pheromone Alice on it. Ruka, who is embarassed by his Alice, asks the group not to look, but they do and Hotaru takes pictures of the event in order to make money and to blackmail Ruka. When the middle school Animal Club arrives, Piyo and Ruka bid goodbye.

Dodgeball Game

Piyo is a player on Mikan's team during the dodgeball game against Natsume's team. Piyo is easily dispatched after a ball from Natsume.

Christmas Dance

Piyo carries a giant egg for the cake. Ruka and Piyo have a reunion and help even though Ruka was on the cake team, he helps Piyo and his animal friends decorate the Christmas tree in the ball room.

Sports Festival Arc

Piyo was a obstacle in the obstacle race. It was one of the animals that had to be taken to the finish line in order to win the race and Natsume was paired up with him. Piyo also helped Ruka by convincing the robot horse to trust Ruka.