Nonno Sakura
Gender Male
Age No information
Height No information
Weight No information
DOB No information
Blood Type No information
Family Mikan Sakura (adopted granddaughter)
Anime Episode 1
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 1

Nonno Sakura is Mikan's adoptive Grandfather who raised her since young. He and Mikan Sakura lived in a small village until Mikan ran away to look for Hotaru Imai. When Mikan makes choices, she usually thinks of words her grandfather said. He adopted Mikan and is not related to her by blood. He is not an Alice user.



He discovers an injured Yuka and severally ill Mikan, who was not even a year old, during a snow blizzard. He takes them back to his house and calls a doctor for Mikan. He senses Yuka is in trouble and offers to shelter her by telling the doctor Mikan is his granddaughter. He also tells Yuka she must rest and recover because she had been sick from poison, and she agrees. However, the pursuers find Yuka and she makes the decision to leave Mikan with him so the pursuers won’t be able to tie her to Mikan. As she leaves, she begs him to take care of Mikan. He compares Yuka to a celestial maiden that left Mikan with him and disappeared like some weaved dream, and tells Mikan that he will surely take care of her.


Mikan's Grandfather in Anime form.

As Mikan grew up, she questions him about her parents and he tells her that they died when she was an infant.

Welcome to Alice Academy

Ten years later, he was devastated when Mikan left and went to the academy to see her (in the anime he is seen complaining to a mailman for not getting letters from Mikan). Mikan's grandfather was unable to get through the gate and explained that he did not receive any letters from her; later to be revealed that Mikan's letters were not sent out, because she was targeted by the academy. He came daily, but was unable to gain access into the school. Mikan noticed that he looked ill. Later in the story, Narumi visits him at Mikan's village to discuss about Yuka and give Mikan's grandfather the Howalon that Mikan wanted to send him. Narumi also gives Mikan a letter, given to him by Mikan's grandfather when he comes back to the academy.

Current Arc

Two years later, after Mikan loses her Alice and her memories are erased, she is sent back to live with her grandfather. He does not reveal the truth about her time in the Academy when she questions why she doesn’t remember the previous two years. He explains she had been ill and suffered amnesia.

Four years pass and, on the day of Mikan’s 17th birthday, he and Kazumi Yukihira, who is Mikan’s paternal uncle and the High School Principal, meet and agree that, because Mikan is being targeted by Alice Hunters, it is best to return her to the Academy. He is later seen watching Mikan regain her memories and happily reunite with her friends.

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