Natsume Hyūga

日向 棗


Hyūga Natsume


Kuro Neko (Black Cat)


Guren no Kimi (Crimson Lotus Princess)
Nasty Fox




Male Male


10 (Debut)
11 (Chapter 46)
12 (Chapter 139)
16 (Chapter 178)


140 cm (Debut)
153 cm (Age 12) 175 cm (Final Chapter)


34.5 kg (Debut)
41 kg (Age 12)
72 kg (Final Chapter)


November 27



Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type



Fire Alice
Wish Alice (Temporary)
Will Alice (Temporary)

Alice Type

Latent Ability (Original)
Dangerous Ability

Alice Shape


Alice Stone Color


Alice Academy

Alice Academy-Elementary School

School Positions

Student Council
Executive Committee
OB (Chapter 180)

Star Rank

Special Star


B Class
Dangerous Ability


Mikan Sakura

Professional Status

Alice Academy

Personal Status



Mr. Hyūga (Father)
Kaoru Igarashi (Mother, Deceased)
Aoi Hyūga (Younger Sister)
Mikan Sakura (Girlfriend, Wife)
Yuka Azumi (mother-in-law)
Izumi Yukihira (father-in-law)
Kazumi Yukihira (uncle-in-law)


Married (Epilogue)


Chapter 1


Episode 1

Voice Actor

Romi Paku

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Natsume Hyūga (日向 棗 Hyūga Natsume) is the male protagonist of Gakuen Alice. Introduced as a rival, Natsume later goes on to become the love interest and eventual husband of Mikan Sakura.

Natsume possesses the Fire Alice, which is unusually strong (due to his Alice Shape), so he was categorized as a Dangerous Ability Type but he is actually is in the Latent Ability Type. He is the only special star in the Elementary Branch. Natsume is a smart student but often, he ditches classes. He has many followers and has Ruka Nogi as his best friend. He has a sister named Aoi Hyūga, who was held captive by Persona. His mother is Kaoru Hyūga who possessed the Memory Manipulating Alice. His father, along with Aoi and him, has the Fire Alice.

Natsume is voiced by Romi Paku in the anime.


Gakuen alice vol01 ch02 045

Natsume in all the Gakuen Alice uniforms.

Natsume has short raven black hair and red eyes that he has inherited from his mother (brown in anime). On each of his ears are alice restraining devices. On his right ear, attached is a gold plate with dragon carvings while the on the left ear, is an earring with a red ball made of blood crystals. Natsume sometimes wears a black cat mask which is the signature for his nickname, the Black Cat (kuro neko in Japanese), which disables his alice and gives him endless headaches as a form of punishment inflicted upon him by the school and can only be taken off by teachers. However, it is stated that Natsume's alice is so strong, if he concentrated, he could activate his alice even with the mask on. He wears the standard elementary boy's uniform; a black, long-sleeve vest along with a white collar that does not have his star on it, red plaid shorts, and knee high boots. He often looks angry, and has a stern expression on his face. He is descibed by many to be very good looking and, as an adult, he is taller and more muscular.


Natsume comes off as cold and easily angered, but his attitude is mostly a facade. He wishes to get involved with no one and vice versa. However, Natsume has followers who admire him for his rebellious attitude against the school, such as Mochiage; who also regulary skips class. He also has admirers, like Sumire who likes Natsume for his looks and "coolness". On the other hand, Natsume has people who fear him for being the Dangerous Ability Class and call him a murderer, like Sumire's brother. Natsume brushes off these accusations, but it is clear how he feels about this. Natsume seems to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, as he frequently has nightmares and anxiety episodes due to the abuse inflicted on him. As a result of the abuse and the dangerous missions he is forced to do, he began to lose hope in life and in his future. According to Ruka, before Mikan arrived, Natsume threw his life away and was on the road to failure, but upon her arrival, Natsume changed for the better and became stronger. Ruka and later Mikan are some of the few who knew about his kind side and his motives behind his behavior.

Natsume is protective of his friends and family and he is willing to suffer for them and sacrifice his life and freedom so that they won't get hurt. He hates the academy and wishes to escape to live peacefully with those he carea about. Being forced to do missons in the Dangerous Ability Class, Natsume has experienced the darker side of the academy. In the beginning of the story, he told Mikan to watch out when she was being targeted. He also warned her to not trust Narumi or any of the teachers. He suspected that the Elementary Principal was growing interested in her Alice and was causing her problems. Although he is against using violence that amounts to killing his enemies, Natsume makes the ESP an exception. Due to the abuse he suffered at the hands of the ESP, Natsume was overcome with rage and desire for revenge, and instantly took the opportunity to try to kill the ESP twice in the Current Arc, although he was warned it would mean risking his life. This shows that he can be reckless at times, especially considering that he promised to Mikan that he would not be reckless and endanger his life.

His personality is inherited from his mother, Kaoru, who was also intelligent, blunt, and rebellious. Also, both mother and son had a much softer side for their friends and loved ones. Like Mikan, he hates the Elementary Principal and Persona for the abuse they have inflicted upon him and force him to do missions for the school. Although he refuses to listen to them at times, he complies to their orders in order to protect those most important to him (ex. Mikan, Aoi, and Ruka). He is aware that he suffers from the life-draining alice form and has admitted that he is afraid of dying in the near future. Caring about his friends, he kept his illness a secret from Mikan and Ruka, so they wouldn't worry, but they already knew and assures him that they will support him.

He is very perverted for his age, as he stole Mikan's underwear (took off her skirt in the anime) in the first episode/chapter, and due to this, he calls Mikan 'polka dots'. Natsume has commented on her chest size when he touches her chest and repeatedly pulled on her top to have a look. He also often teases Mikan and calls her names. He found Mikan's cheerful personality annoying in the beginning and constantly bullies her very often 

Natsume's perverted nature

just to make her mad. However, as he gets to know her, he falls in love with her. This changed him to be more gentle and open with others. He sees Mikan as the sun due to her personality and comes to believe she is the light that can save him from the darkness of the academy. He easily gets jealous when he sees Mikan with other guys and tries to get her away from them (sometimes he uses his Alice on them). Sometimes, Natsume can be rude with Mikan and bicker with her. However, other times he is gentle and kind towards her, and becomes blunt about his feelings. Once they finally confessed to each other, Natsume openly declared his desire to be with Mikan and proposed marriage to her, which surprised their friends. Seeing how she is sinking into the same darkness he is in, he makes it his personal goal to protect her and take her out of the academy so he can live with her forever. He becomes overly dependent on her, as he says the idea of living without her is the same as being dead. Natsume promised to Mikan that he would never allow himself to die, knowing how it would devastate her, but he was still willing to make that sacrifice if its necessary. Before he died during his fight against the ESP, all Natsume could think about was Mikan and how she has become the most important person to him. When he found out that Mikan was expelled and her memories were erased after he was saved, Natsume still refused to give up on Mikan and spent four years searching for her, and when they finally reunited even though she still didn't remember him, he embraced her and declared that she still belonged to him. When her memories are restored, Natsume and Mikan happily rekindled their relationship and spent all their time together, which included him “monopolizing” her, before they finally got married after graduating from the Academy.


Bla1 jp cover

Natsume with his mother,Kaoru.


Baby Natsume.

Natsume was born to Kaoru Igarashi (maiden name) and her husband. Natsume was about 2-years-old when his mother died from a car accident. He was raised with his younger sister, Aoi, by their father. Like many alice children wanted by the academy, he moved from town to town with his family, just to avoid being taken away. Natsume never made friends each time he moved because he claimed there would be no point in having a friend if he stayed in one place for a short time. When he was eight, Natsume and his family moved to a village, where he met Ruka Nogi and saved him from a kidnapper. He, like Ruka, was surprised to find out they both had Alices. Ruka was more surprised when he learned that everyone in Natsume's family had an Alice. Natsume and his sister, Aoi, quickly became friends with Ruka. For the first time, Natsume appeared content with his new lifestyle and spent all his time with Ruka. This was until Aoi got ill with a fever due to the Alice stone Persona originally left for Natsume. When Ruka visited Aoi, Natsume went outside to look for the stone that Aoi kept speaking of. As he was searching, Aoi's alice went out of control. Narumi, knowing what the stone was, asked Natsume and Ruka to tell the villagers. The village burned down and he and Ruka were put in the hospital, both of them with injuries and Aoi went blind and his father was severaly injured too. At the hospital, Natsume took th
Natsume as a Child

Natsume as a Child

e blame for the fire in order to prevent his sister from being taken by the academy, which caused the villagers to hate him and possibly led to the murderer accusation when he got into the academy. This action caused him to be enrolled in the academy. While leaving, he was surprised to see that Ruka chose to enroll with him because Ruka wanted to support Natsume, who was suffering. As the car leaves the hospital, Natsume's father, who is still injured, tries to stop Natsume from going to the academy. Seeing this, Natsume cries along with Ruka and they make a pact to stay strong as they arrive in the academy.

Upon his arrival, he is immediately disliked and hated by older students who see him as a bad influence. Several of them concuct the murderer accusation so they can upset him on purpose. In return, he dislikes them and doesn't hesitant to use his Alice on them. Although most of his classmates admire him for his rebellious attitude, he pays little attention to them and only lets Ruka be close by him. Right away, Natsume was forced to do missions for the school by the Elementary Principle in order for Aoi to be safe, and was physically and emotionally abused if he disobeyed. He wasn't allowed to contact his family or receive letters. His unhappiness in the academy and the abuse he received from the ESP and Persona caused him to isolate himself and throw his life away, as he believed he had no hope of escaping from the darkness the academy trapped him in.


Welcome To Gakuen Alice

Natsume is ten years old when he is introduced. He first appears standing on the gate wearing his cat mask as Mikan Sakura and Narumi were talking. Natsume then uses his Alice to create a fire that breaks the wall and according to Narumi was trying to escape.(It is revealed later in the series that Natsume was tricked by one of the older students whose uncle worked at the academy. He dared Natsume to try to escape in exchange for a letter from his father.) Narumi then uses a bean whip, making his mask fall off. Mikan tries to help Natsume who appears to try to attack her with his Alice. Natsume becomes unconscious when Narumi uses his Pheromone Alice on him. The group then go into the academy and into a room. Natsume, still unconscious, is left alone with Mikan. It is revealed by Misaki who comes later that if Narumi said anything about the escape Natsume would be in trouble. Misaki then leaves and tells Mikan to press a button if he awakens.

Mikan then pinches an unconscious Natsumes's nose to see if he is still asleep. Nothing happens until he grabs her hair, throws her on the couch and demands her to tell him who she is, even threatening her with his Alice if she doesn't reply. Ruka then comes from a window and wants to know who Mikan is. Ruka then wonders why he has not used his Alice and Natsume says that it does not work. Narumi and Misaki come back and Ruka and Natsume escape from the window with Mikan's underwear in his hand (manga) and calls her polka dots (pulled her skirt down in anime). When Mikan enrolls and gets to class she is seated next to Natsume and Ruka. Mikan insults him in front of everyone in class, calling him a pervert and molester, but he is not fazed by it. This causes a student to use his Alice on Mikan and tells her not to say that to Nastume. Natsume then tells him to let her down. While everyone accuses her of tricking the school into believing she is an Alice, Natsume suspects she may be an Alice because he had been unable to use his Alice on her earlier. He gives her a chance to prove that she is an Alice by going through the Northern Woods with Hotaru and Iinchou (Tobita Yuu) to accompany her, which she agrees. Ruka asks Natsume if something special about Mikan caught his attention, which he denies, even though it is true.

Northen Woods Arc

When they explore the Northern Woods, Mikan is told by Hotaru and Iinchou that Natsume is very much feared by the school and he is the type of person she should stay away from, which makes Mikan curious about him, even the murderer accusation.

While the class are debating whether Mikan could make it or not, Natsume criticizes them because it would be impossible to fool the school and he wonders why his Alice did not work on Mikan. He asks a clairvoyant student to check on the group. He is told that Ruka has been captured by them, causing him to go to the Northern Woods, mad that Mikan broke the rules. When he gets there, he goes after Mikan, grabs her hair and says how she broke the rules by manipulating Ruka. Ruka tries to stop him, but Natsume says he doesn't show mercy to his enemies and that Mikan brought this on herself. He thenis stopped by Hotaru, but Natsume then uses his flames to surround Iinchou and Hotaru, and threatens to seriously harm them if she doesn't tell him what her Alice is. Natsume is distracted when he sees Ruka try to save a rabbit when Natsume accidentally burned it. Mikan uses this chance to attack Natsume and subconciously uses her Alice on him to stop the flames. Natsume and Mikan stare at each other in shock over what just happened. Narumi arrives at the scene and uses his Alice to make Natsume faint for a few minutes. When Natsume woke up, he was furious. He practically blew up everything around him, injuring Narumi, who does not seem to mind. Narumi then tells Natsume that guy (Persona) will come and he should leave. As he leaves, Natsume tells Mikan that she will regret coming here.

After the Northern Woods Arc

When Natsume comes to class the day after, he is wearing his cat mask as punishment for his actions earlier. He also has wounds on him that were not there before. When people try to talk to him, he ignores them. Narumi places him as Mikan's partner, shocking everyone, especially Mikan, but Natsume is indifferent to the arrangement. Sumire then states that Natsume's star class is special when Mikan asked about star classes. Kokoro answers Mikan's question and tells her that Natusme is the Dangerous Ablilty by reading her mind. Right after that Natsume comes out of nowhere. He proceeds threatens her to keep quiet, because Persona is looking for him. Persona passes them and Mikan is furious at Natsume for doing that. They are then found by some middle schoolers, who ask if he is cutting class with Mikan and if Mikan is his girlfriend. Natsume, very angry at Sumire's brother for taunting him and calling him a murderer, lights his clothes on fire and leaves Mikan behind to be bullied.

To get closer to her classmates, Mikan offers a dodgeball match with Natsume and everyone else. They all refuse but agree when she accuses them of knowing they will lose. Natsume also participates and majority of the class joins his team and they come up with the deal that the losers would become the winners' slaves. He is angered when Mikan makes Ruka a member on her team. To make Mikan mad and possibly distract her from the game, he states that he saw her underwear. Because he has so many teammates, his team is losing and they start using their Alices to win. At the end, everyone has fun and the game ends with a tie. After the game, he goes to get a drink and is approach by that guy (Persona) who has a mission for him (in the anime he got mad at Mikan for still smiling even though she lost and just walks off). He later tells Mikan that Narumi never sent her letters and that she can not trust the adults in the academy. Natsume warns her that that they are both targeted by the school because of their Alices.

Reo Arc

Natsume is in the hospital due to his illness while Reo comes to the academy to take part in the Alice Festival. In the manga, Reo puts a gas mask on Natsume's face and drugs him, causing him to lose conscisness. In the anime Reo puts a drug like medicine into Natsume's resisting body and uses his alice on Natsume. This allows Reo to kidnap Natsume without any resistance and danger. Reo states how he was lucky that Natsume was hospitalized. All this is witnessed by Mikan and Sumire. Both Sumire and Mikan decide to escape the school and save him. However, Mikan and Sumire are captured and knocked unconcious. They are tied up next to him, and when they come to, he immediately suspects what Reo is up to. Even with his weak body, Natsume burns off the ropes at Narumi's request and unties the girls. Reo comes back and states that Reo intends to make him a part of their organization. Since their previous plan to run away backfired, he orders Sumire and Mikan to run away and he will deal with the enemies alone. When they protest, he says he will feel guilty if they get captured. He manages to get them to run and he confronts Reo and his men. Natsume mentally talks about how he felt hopeless as he was forced into the school's darkness and he sees no other way to escape. Natsume plans use the gunpowder to commit suicide and take the enemies with him, but Mikan, who suspects Natsume's intents, stops him. After Mikan berates him for his attempted suicide, Natsume asks why she returned. She tells him because they are partners and she couldn't leave him behind, and with quick action, the two escape, Mikan helping him walk. After falling a flight a stairs, he and Mikan argue about her stupid decision. He orders her to leave but Mikan proves her point that everyone did care about him no matter how much it didn't seem like it. With the determination to get back to the academy safely, they finally compromise until seen by the enemy. One of them attacks Mikan and pushes her against a concrete wall, hurting her head and angering Natsume to accidentally light the gunpowder. Luckily, Mikan and Natsume are saved and put into the hospital. After this arc, it is suggested that he begins to fall in love with Mikan.

Before the Alice Festival

Natsume ignores her when they return to class days later, not sure of how to interact with her for saving him. Natsume burns her hair with his Alice as Mikan tries to befriend him. Soon after, Sumire's brother comes and taunts him about not being able to come to the Alice Festival. Natsume burns his hair and leaves. Natsume is later found by Mikan when she goes for a walk. He says to her that the festival is only a way to show off Alices. His friend, Ruka accompanies him and tells Natsume that he skipped his lessons to see him, making his mood better.

Natsume is begged by Mikan to accompany her to Central Town because she would be allowed to go unless he went with her. Mikan then notices him carrying a kid and asks if he is his. He explains to her that this is Youichi who comes to play once in awhile. Youichi then copies Natsume words to Mikan and Sumire in a child like manner. When Youichi uses his Alice over spirits on Mikan, Natsume appears to smile for a split second. Natsume agrees to take Mikan, but only if she becomes his slave. While there he looks at a hair clip, at a accessories shop and thinks about his sister. In the anime, Mikan attempts to cheer him up and befriend him by giving him a piece of candy, which he does accept from her. While preparing for the festival, Natsume agrees to help Mikan with her Alice, but in a somewhat agressive manner.

Alice Festival Arc

Natsume goes to the Special Ability Class RPG (role playing game), because he learned Ruka was there. When Mikan comes to talk to him, he asks why she's wearing a genie outfit and pulls at her shirt, commenting how she has no "mountains" but "flatlands" and making her very angry. When Tsubasa hugs Mikan on purpose, he becomes jealous (which was Tsubasa's intent) and is persuaded into playing the RPG, but says that Tsubasa will be his slave because Natsume was jealous of Tsubasa's closeness with Mikan. Natsume's weapon is a mechanical roach. His first opponent is a girl who can travel through mirrors, but he wins since she was scared of the roach. Natsume's second opponent is Megane, who has the Possession Alice, and Natsume wins by lighting a fire near Megane's real body. This makes Megane return to his body before time runs out. The third test is to answer a question on a board on the ceiling. He wins by burning the answer into the board, because the rules didn't state to use chalk.

The next opponent is Tsubasa and Natsume's test is to touch Tsubasa, but his movement was locked by shadow possession. Natsume wins when Tsubasa plays around with Natsume's movements, thus making Natsume angry. He creates a fire that makes the shadow disappear, letting Natsume win and declare that Tsubasa will be his slave. His last challenge is to get Mikan off the carpet next to the exit. He is unsuccessful with scaring her with the mechanical roach and time starts to run out. Natsume pretends to be ill, and Mikan, worried, got off the carpet to check on him, but it turns out to be just a trick. This makes Natsume the first winner of the RPG and he ends up choosing Mikan's lamp when Koko says that he saw Mikan in Natsume's mind and thought he wanted her as his slave. Even though it really wasn't his intent, Mikan is now his new slave and must grant him three wishes.

WIth Mikan as his slave for the festival, he makes her carry his and Ruka's stuff and accompany them wherever they go. Natsume, Ruka, and Mikan reach the technical area, where he puts Buh-Gawk Biscuit into Mikan's mouth to shut her up (instead of talking, she could only squawk like a chicken), because he was getting irritated with how noisy she was. The three arrive at Anna's cake shop and he purposely ruins Anna's cake, as well as throwing tea at Mikan to stop her from eating Anna's cake. Mikan was furious with him for hurting Anna, but soon finds out that he did it because the cake had a germie with it, which would give whoever ate it a stomachache for perhaps the rest of his/her life.

Next, Mikan had promised to go to Iincho's haunted mansion, so the three teleported there from a station. Once in the haunted mansion, they get separated from Ruka (who was chasing his rabbit) and the lights go out due to a technical malfunction (actually, it was Jinno-sensei's alice, activated because he was too scared in the anime). The two start to experience tremors within the building, and finally a wall starts to collapse. Mikan, who had already fainted due to fear, was unable to move. Natsume, in a desperate measure, protects her with his own body as the wall falls onto the two of them, hurting his ankle in the process. Now the two are trapped. Mikan, out of fear of the immense dark and the eerie faces sticking out of the wall behind then, clings onto Natsume and asks if she can hold his hand, which he rejects but doesn't stop her from clinging to him. She apologizes about yelling at him about Anna's cake. Natsume brushes it off by pretending he doesn't know what she's talking about. Mikan notices that his ankle is injured and realises that he had been hurt because of her at his wince when he moved his leg. In order to distract her from the guilt, he pretends that he didn't try to save her. When Mikan tells him that she no longer hates him and tries to crack a joke to make him smile, he calls Mikan "Polka Dots", making her call him a fox.In the manga He the responds by flipping Mikan's skirt, calling her 'Strawberry Fields'. Both get into a quarrel with Natsume tugging on her pigtails and her pushing him down. Eventually, Natsume and Mikan were found and rescued, albeit in a very compromising position (Mikan was on top of Natsume). When Mikan tries to explain, Natsume says that just because no one was around doesn't mean nothing happened, making Mikan explode in rage, but he is shown faintly laughing.

Natsume as a wildcat for the play

Natsume comes to watch the Somatic Class' play, which stars Ruka as Snow White. Due to an accident with Koko and Kitsumune playing with sticky balls that stuck majority of the actors to other people, Natsume gets stuck to an elementary student who was looking foward for it. Natsume is offered to play as a wildcat, which he refuses, but does when the kid is sad that the play may be canceled. He is visibly embarrassed and angry that he has to go through with it, and everyone sees it and dares not to speak to him. However, Mikan finds his outfit cute and doesn't hesitant to say it, causing him to poke her in the forehead and force her to play the prince. Natsume says his one line, 'Nya' (the sound cats make in Japanese), in a monotonous and unemotional tone typical of him, and the fangirls go crazy, while Mikan felt that it had been awkward. Hotaru notices that Natsume is jealous of Mikan starring alongside with Ruka, but he ignores her when she asks him if Mikan practicing with Ruka bothers him. As he watches the play from backstage, he is visibly jealous when Mikan and Ruka are forced to kiss as a new part of the play by Narumi. However, before the kiss can occur, he throws an eraser at Mikan, which hits her head (an apple in the anime).

When the Alice Festival Dance arrives, Natsume, along with Ruka, has many girls wanting to dance with them the Last Dance. The girls had been once scared to approach Natsume, but now he appears to have become less influence because of Mikan. He ignores the girls and leaves with Ruka. During the dance Natsume and Ruka are asked by Mikan if one of them wants to dance with her. Natsume shoves Ruka at Mikan so he can dance with her. Natsume refuses to dance with Mikan or anyone else for that matter, but expressly chases her away. He and Mikan meet again whe she leaves to go to the bathroom and find Natsume hiding behind the bushes. She invites him to dance with her, which he burshes off as stupid. She says that just because the Dangerous Ability Class members didn't attend doesn't mean he should be in a bad mood, which he says is not the case. In a serious tone uncharacteristic of him, he tells Mikan to stay out of the dark.His darkness.
Natsume during the last dance

Natsume during the Last Dance

 He was the Black Cat, trained in underhanded and unethical missions for the Elementay School Principal, and she shouldn't get any closer or get stained by his darkness. To chase her away, even though he didn't want to he calls her 'ugly'. Mikan, angered, told him to call her by her name instead, which Natsume does and then he orders her to leave. In a state of shock, a flustered Mikan leaves, because she hadn't expected Natsume to really call her by her name, and in such a strange tone, she obediently leaves with her mind full of questions and is overwhelmed with how fast her heart is beating. Ruka comes to sit with Natsume and points out that this is the first time Natsume ever called a girl by her first name, which Natsume quickly says was because Mikan was being noisy and wouldn't leave. Ruka tries to get Natsume to dance with Mikan, but he refuses. Natsume and Ruka laugh when Hotaru announces Mikan as her Last Dance partner and they return to the dance while Natsume watches with an apparant face of jealousy, hinting that he did want to be Mikan's last dance partner, but was too stubborn to ask her.

Z arc


Natsume as a 15 year old.

After the festival, it is time for final exams. Natsume never studies since it's his star status that makes his grades look good and he is too intelligent for his age anyway. However, seeing Mikan and her friends study hard inspires him and his friends to study as well. During one test, he recognizes Persona in disguise as a substitute teacher. After the test, he confronts Persona, who admitts that he was ordered by the ESP to see what was the cause of Natsume's change and he suspects that it's because of the little kitten (Mikan). Persona warns him of what would happen if he got too close to others, which has an effect on him and he briefly begins to distant himself from Mikan. He is later seen in his room, coughing and with medicine around him. When it was discovered that Iinchou's Alice was stolen and Hotaru was seriously ill from being struck by a bullet, Natsume went to the hospital with Mikan and their friends. He looks at her as she cries and later as Ruka holds her to comfort her. He sneaks away from the Dangerous Ability Class and eavesdrops on the teachers talking about Mikan, during which Natsume discovers that Mikan is Yuka's daughter and she is becoming an interest in the ESP's eyes. He then goes back to the hospital and kicks Penguin for following him, which makes Hotaru upset and says that he should be with Mikan. He goes back to the elementary school building to check on what Mikan is planning to do to cure Hotaru and get back Iinchou's Alice. Natsume was given a mission by the school, which revolved around Z and what they were doing, but chose to ignore it. He decided to go to high school section with Mikan, Ruka, Tsubasa, and Tono to search for the rumored Warphole that would take them to Z's hideout when Mikan decided to go. Since elementary students were not allowed to go to the high school section, he, Mikan, and Ruka ate Gulliver's Candy that gave them the appearance of 15-year-olds. Not long after arriving, he grabs Mikan when she trips and holds onto Mikan's chest, flat out saying her breasts haven't grown at all, which angers her greatly.

Natsume later becomes jealous when Mikan called out for Tsubasa to help her from the anti-gravity chamber in the high school. To impress Mikan, he easily melts the ice trapping their feet, caused by a high schooler with the Ice Alice. When praised by Tsubasa, he completely ignores him, still holding a grudge towards him for stealing Mikan's attention. After finding out the location from Sakurano and Subaru of the Warphole-which turned out to be a Keyhole, Natsume, Tsubasa, Ruka and Mikan chose to use it and find Z. They are transported into a wooded mountain area full of dangers. Natsume finds these dangers irritating and once threaten to burn the forest down, but Mikan convinces him not to.

Natsume later finds their tag-along Penguin to be useless and orders Mikan to rid of it, but she protests, saying she will watch it. During the night, Natsume coughs up blood, which Tsubasa sees. He warns Tsubasa not to say anything about him coughing up blood in front of Mikan or Ruka. When Mikan went to get water, Natsume accidently overheard her and Ruka talk about exchanging alice stones. Soon after, Natsume sits by the lake and Mikan sits with him. They don't say anything to each other for a while, but they eventually bring up about the exchange of Alice stones. Natsume is surprised when Mikan promises to give her stone to him one day, but he brushes her off and reminds her that she already promised to exchange stones with Ruka. During that time, Natsume splashed Mikan with water, which makes her splash him back. Then, Natsume asks Mikan if she's going to wear her hair up for another five years and tells her to put her hair down because it looks prettier that way. He wanted to punish Penguin for giving alcohol grapes to Ruka and became jealous when Ruka, drunk, hugged Mikan. Later that night, Tsubasa found him coughing blood and Natsume revealed that he's been doing missions for the school for a year. He then orders Tsubasa to keep all of this a secret from Mikan and Ruka. The next day, when they arrived at Z's hideout and Mikan fell into a trap, Natsume reached out to grab her but wasn't able to save her, causing him to feel guilty. Tsubasa tries to go get her, but Natsume tells him that Mikan won't be killed so easily and they move forward. When they reunite, Natsume hits Mikan and criticizes her for being so reckless, and saves her from being injured by a Z member. He orders her to stay behind him and not leave his side because he will protect her. Mikan, touched by his words, tells him that she can protect herself and wants to be his strength, which surprises him. After Yuka Azumi tries to steal Natsume's alice, Natsume was about to give his Alice up because he didn't want the "wanted power", but Mikan screamed out his name and he tried to resist, but he had no strength left. It turns out that Yuka was unable to steal Natsume's Alice because Mikan was subconciously projecting her Nullification onto him. Not long after that, the building was about to collapse and Natsume, Mikan, and the others were able to escape and saved Hotaru by the antidote Mikan got from Yuka. When Hotaru is discharged from the hospital, Natsume gives Tsubasa his Healing Alice as an indirect thanks for helping him.

Christmas Ball Arc

Class B decide to give Natsume a suprise birthday party, because of all the trouble that has happened recently has delayed his birthday. Also they want to do this as a thanks for all Natsume done for them. Natsume of course is suprised about this, but goes with it. The class decides to have a competition on whose present Natsume likes best and the person who has the least like must be a slave. Natsume chooses Yo-chan's picture and Ruka's time glass. Mikan's present is the least like by Natsume and she yet again becomes a slave, but this time to Ruka and Yo-chan. Natsume did not like her class picture, because it reminded him that he should not have befriended everyone because he will not be able to protect all of them. Prior to the Christmas party, Natsume was seen smiling at Mikan while they were arguing by Nobara, who realizes that Mikan is the reason why Natsume has become soft lately.


Natsume during the Christmas Ball.

Mikan Natsume Kiss

Natsume kisses Mikan after she says that the tooth kiss wasn't real.

While preparing for the Christmas Ball, Natsume notices Mikan befriending Nobara Ibaragi, an upperclassman and fellow Dangerous Ability student. He later defrosts the cake Nobara accidentally froze and demands why she is there. During the ball, he suspects that Ruka kissed Mikan but merely teases him rather than asking him. Ruka gets Natsume to dance with Mikan and, although the dance is very awkward, they silently dance and the atmosphere becomes somewhat romantic between them. Wanting to see her smile, he comments on how Mikan seemed so happy when she was with Ruka and asks for her to smile a bit, calling her an ugly girl. They call each other names afterwards, which eventually led to an argument that lightened the atmosphere between them. Mikan laughs and won't tell Natsume why, who has a gentle look in his eyes. Suddenly, a couple accidentally bumps into them, causing Mikan to topple over Natsume and hit her teeth against his lips, cutting it in the process. Natsume is angry about being publicly humiliated for falling down but instead says that Mikan is lousy in dancing and kissing. Mikan, furious that she has kissed Natsume in front of so many people, dismisses the kiss as not real, saying that it was her teeth that hit his lips. Natsume spends the rest of the dance on the Christmas tree, but occasionally observing Mikan.

Mikan found Natsume sitting on the Christmas tree's bark later on. She cries to him about her mask falling whilst dancing with the ESP (unaware it was the ESP at the time). He indirectly comforts her about it, saying that her thinking her mask falling off as a sign of bad luck is stupid. This argument leads to the topic of their previous kiss when he asks if she kissed Ruka. Mikan refuses to answer him and asks of he's kissed other girls before. He says she is not suitable for Ruka, infuriating her, and she says she wouldn't want to be the person who kissed him (which is her). He proceeds to kiss her fully on the lips when Mikan still denies the kiss as "real". He leaves her dumbfounded afterwards, saying that the kiss just now had been the real one. He looks back at her for a second and leaves, proving that Mikan was his first kiss.

Cgakuen alice v10 ch56 p04 je

Wearing a female kimono,Natsume all set for the Hana Hime Festival

Hana Hime Arc

Natsume and the rest of the class in in charge of the cleanup. He sits with Mikan and their classmates as they tell ghost stories. Natsume, Mikan, and Ruka are then assigned to clean up together, which makes the atmosphere between the three uncomfortable. He tries to ease it off by asking for Mikan to speak to Ruka more, then they sit together when the power goes out. To comfort Mikan, who was getting scared, Natsume and Ruka held her hands. When they noticed this, they laughed and said how stupid they were to confuse Mikan. Ruka says he won't lose to Natsume, who says he had no intention of winning in the first place. Before the power comes back on, Mikan and Ruka run in horror when they think they see a ghost with them, but Natsume sees that it's just Nobara, who tells him that she knows it was the ESP who danced with Mikan and knocked off her mask, which makes him suspect that the ESP is up to something involving Mikan.

Natsume attends Mikan's birthday party and the New Year's party altogether. He wants to give her his Alice stone as a present, but decides against it when he spies on Mikan and Narumi talking. During the party, he isolates himself from everyone and Mikan leaves him bean soup to cheer him up. When everyone gets stuck to each other due to the mochi powder Tsubasa put in the bean soup, Mikan gets stuck to Natsume, proving he ate it but says he had to hold his breath to do so. When they were able to separate, Natsume grabbed onto her hand and gave her an evil look that she couldn't deny they were separated. Because of this, he forced her to sleep in his bed with him. While in bed, Natsume has a nightmare about his sister and grabs onto Mikan when she wakes him up. He tells her to be quiet and that he will give her back to Ruka by morning. They end up falling asleep while hugging and her kissing his forehead, which he blames on her, even though he held her first. Natsume is invited to the Hana Hime Den, because his hand is "stuck" on Mikan's hand. Because men are not allowed in the Hana Hime Den, he and Ruka are forced to wear women's kimonos. When they arrive, he pulls Mikan away when Nobara was trying to tell her that Natsume has to leave. He lets go of Mikan's hand when Hotaru, Ruka and Youichi are able to separate. He is given the nicknamed "Guren No Kimi" from Hī-sama and easily becomes liked by the Hana Hime members. Natsume then gives Mikan a mandarin orange because he could hear her stomach and that she is alone. When Mikan tells him that she stinks because of the medicine on her, he says it is more tolertable than the perfumes in the room to comfort her. Natsume leaves to go to the bathroom and Mikan asks him to come back so they can eat together, and although he wanted to, he told her to eat without him. Before he can leave, he is warned by Hi-sama to not wander to strange places.

While in the halls searching for a bathroom, Natsume hears a Hana Hime member talk about Aoi and goes to the door leading to the basement, where Aoi may be. Natsume falls into a trap by mistaking Nobara for his sister and is surrounded by members of the Dangerous Ability class, who are here to punish him. Persona approaches him and Natsume asks where Aoi is. After Persona leaves, he starts a fight with Yakumo who says he should not worry about his friends. He is found by Ruka and Natsume is protecting everyone from Nobara's ice alice with his fire alice. He then uses his alice on Persona when he calls Nobara his doll, which ineffective because Persona has Nobara's alice stone. When Aoi arrives, he protects her even if she does not remember him. Aoi regains her memories back from this action. Persona, who is angered from Aoi's betrayal, tries to infect her, but instead infects Mikan multiple times with his Alice and calls it an accident, enraging Natsume. After Mikan uses her alice to save them, everyone leaves to Subaru's room where Natsume decides to leave with Aoi and Mikan asks Natsume not to leave. When Mikan's condition takes a turn for the worse, Natsume was visibly worried and Ruka had to restrain him to keep him from panicking. He later changes his mind after a talk with Aoi, telling her that he can't leave the academy because he has friends there. He says goodbye to Aoi along with everyone and hugs his father through the gate.

While relaxing on a tree and looking at the bag with his Alice stone in it, Ruka comes up to join him. Natsume smiles and teases him, calling him a no-star in a friendly manner. Ruka points out that Natsume's smile and laughter was created by Mikan and Natsume chose to stay in the academy so he could protect Mikan. Natsume confirms this and, for the first time, acknowledges that he is in love with Mikan, saying that he will protect Mikan even if it will cost him his life. He later becomes jealous when he sees Narumi holding Mikan and kicks him into dropping Mikan, even ordering Narumi not to hold her as he pleases.


Mikan giving Natsume her alice stone


Natsume's side effects after eating a chocolate on V-Day

Valentine's Day and Alice Stone Switching Game

He was seen sitting beside Ruka when they were asking Mikan who she will give her chocolates to for Valetine's Day. When Mikan said that she will give her chocolates to everyone, Natsume and Ruka looked at Mikan. Later on, he's unknowingly eavesdropping from the classroom's ceiling on Ruka and Mikan's conversation, and then he heard Mikan say, "Will you be the 
019 29526

Natsume steals Valentines Chocolate from Mikan and ates them before Ruka

first one to accept it (her chocolates)?" When Mikan dropped a chocolate while leaving, Natsume picked it up and eats it immediately. It is hinted that since he heard that Mikan wants Ruka to be the first one to eat it, he breaks this method and ate it before Ruka does. He is later seen running away from girls when he saw Mikan. A student suddenly threw a chocolate out of nowhere and it is about to hit Mikan or fall into her mouth. Natsume, protecting Mikan, was able to grab it in time before it hit her but another girl threw a chocolate into his mouth when he wasn't looking. The chocolate made him feel a deep affection for someone, which is Tsubasa. He is later seen hitting Tsubasa because their picture was published in the newspaper as "best couple."

The class is taught how to make Alice stones, and they hear about the legend about if two people switch Alice stones with each other, they will be soulmates. All the girls want to give their stones to Natsume and Ruka, but he ignores them. During the game, the lights are turned off and everyone begins to grabs a partner. Natsume is grabbed by Mikan, which was her intention, and he is given a fragment of her Alice stone. He appears surprised and yet touched that she wanted him to have it. In the middle of the night, he leaves his Alice stone by her window for her to find the next morning.

Sports Festival

Everyone enters in the sixth grade and Mikan notices that Natsume is nowhere to be found. He is seen at the opening ceremony but not in class later on. Earlier, Ruka confronts Natsume about still doing missions for the school and going to the hospital a lot recently. Natsume says that staying in the school and doing the missions are his way of protecting Mikan because the ESP is threatening to harm Mikan if he does not do them. Suddenly, blood drips out of his nose and he sees the blood in his hand, and asks himself how much time he has left to protect those important to him. Later on, Mikan sees Natsume and asked him where's he been but then he starts running away and Mikan ran after him. Then, Natsume suddenly stops, making her run into him. He

Natsume's hug here was his way of apologizing to Mikan

 smiles lovingly at her and asks her why she has such a face after not seeing each other for a long time, making Mikan blush. He then leaves when she asks him where he had gone.

When Luna arrives, she wants to sit next to Natsume and Mikan gets up to give Luna her seat, but Natsume grabs her hand and asks that she stay. Luna coughs up blood and Natsume has no choice but to let Luna sit next to him. He immediately senses that Luna is not normal and grabs her hand when she attempts to touch Mikan. Luna takes advantage of the situation to make Mikan jealous and holds hands with Natsume and sits with him. While choosing teammates for the Sports Festival, Natsume is asked by Mikan and Luna to join their teams. Knowing Luna is a threat to Mikan, he goes with Luna. In the hallway, he demands that Luna let him go, causing Luna to slap him and say how his red eyes are like his dead mother's. When Luna's followers spread false rumors about Mikan, he questions her about them. Mikan tells him it’s none of his business and Natsume asks if worrying about her is a nuisance. Mikan lies to him and says he is a nuisance (as Luna had threatened to hurt Mikan’s friends if Mikan kept quiet about Luna trying to strangle her earlier). Natsume is visiably upset that she had said that and that she has to lie to him. Along with Hotaru and Ruka, the three try to save Mikan from the student police. He and Tsubasa then talk alone about Tsubasa being in the dangerous ability class without Mikan's knowledge. At the obstacle race, Natsume using a pole passes the lake stage and in the process knocks Tsubasa out. In another race, he races alongside with Ruka, both saying "I don't want to lose". At the end, Ruka wins and spends time with Mikan, much to Natsume's dismay.

During the borrowing race, Natsume steals someone's mask and is mistaken for the owner, who was a contestant. When his command is to borrow the person he loves, he grabs Mikan and wins the race. When Mikan tries to question him, Luna comes between them and says he was with her the whole time, much to Mikan's jealousy, especially when some students suggest that Natsume and Luna are dating. When Luna pulls another dangerous prank on Mikan, he is angry and demands why she is doing this. She threatens him, saying he and Mikan are on "thin ice".

In chapter 86, Natsume said some cruel things about Mikan (under Luna's orders) when she was watching from a tree. Mikan was horrified and fled, desperately trying not to cry. Natsume walks away from the shocked onlookers (mainly Ruka and Sumire). Once in the forest, he happens to pass by the guy who owns the mask he took. Natsume notices Mikan running on the path nearby and takes the boy's mask once again. Mikan (who by this point was crying) gets hugged from behind by Natsume while Mikan is surprised and realizes that it's Natsume. Natsume leaves, and Mikan crumples to the ground and when she looked behind her, Natsume was already gone. Mikan realizes what kind of situation Natsume is in ("Earlier, when Natsume hugged me, his hands felt hot, filled with regret, shaking a little.") and says that she will wait for him.

Natsume was in Ruka's body for a while.

Time Travel Arc

After the Sports Festival, Natsume isolates himself from everyone, including Mikan, because everyone suspects him of being involved with Luna. Even the students who followed him no longer speak to him, but Mikan defends Natsume's actions. When a bunch of middle schoolers pull a Soul-Switching pranks on the class, everyone's soul is switched in another's body and they try to get back into their regular bodies. Normally, Natsume takes care of these pranks, but because he has been isolating himself, no one asks him to get rid of the pranksters. After repeated body switchings, Natsume returns to his own body and sits alone until he is found by Mikan, who suspects he is actually Bear and handcuffs herself to him. She begins telling him how confused she is of his feelings for her, and Natsume holds her hand, and unhandcuffs himself from her. He promises to never leave her when she asks him not to. While on a mission, he is gets injured and witnesses something happen to Tsubasa. He safely returns to the academy, is briefly hospitalized, and goes to see Mikan, who is crying that Tsubasa is missing. Natsume tells her that he was planning to not see anyone, but had the feeling she was crying alone so he came to see her. They embrace and he asks her not to cry. When he leaves, he promises to find Tsubasa and learn more about Mikan.

Natsume is sent out on a mission so the ESP can transfer Mikan to the Dangerous Ability Class. However, he is suspicious, drugs Hayate into a sleep, and goes to the ESP's office disguised as Hayate. After hearing everything and when Luna attacks Mikan, he burned 
Part ofNatsume'sconfession

Natsume's confession to Mikan.

Luna's hair and indirectly confessed to the entire class that he loved Mikan and will always protect her. He then created a fire wall to protect themselves from Luna and the ESP's men. He and Mikan, along with Narumi, escape with Nobara's help. While escaping, their friends helped them, too. Natsume is bothered by Narumi's harsh proposal to Mikan and Narumi orders that they run to the middle school section's Hana Hime where they will be safe. Natsume then tells Mikan that he wishes to grow up so that he can run away with her and asks if she will accept Narumi's offer to live with him outside. When the two get there, a group of adults are there and explains that Mikan should leave the academy with her mother. Nastume does not accept this and tells them to stop choosing Mikan's future and let her choose. They decide to have Mikan choose by going to the past to show her how Yuka is like. While there, Natsume's mother is revealed, who is just like him, and she had been best friends with Mikan's mother. Nodacchi points out that it is a miracle that Yuka and Kaoru's children met in the academy and are Alices, making the two realize that they were meant to be together. He continually comforts Mikan and watches her in pain from the revelations of the past. When she learns that he and his mother have the same illness, Mikan apologizes to Natsume for never noticing. Natsume hugs her and tells her that he won't die and leave her. Natsume sees Ruka's sad face and feels guilty, but Ruka telepathically tells Natsume not feel guilty for his feelings and tells him to never let go of Mikan because only he can protect her and he is the one Mikan truly loves. As her father dies from Persona's alice, he comforts her with a hug and tells her not to look. When she comes to the choice of leaving with her mother, Natsume looks at her sadly but says nothing. As everyone is giving Mikan one of their alice stones, he points at her necklace, again saying nothing, which shows the red stone Mikan found by her window is his.

High School Division Arc

Natsume and the group arrive at the present to find everyone gone and the HSP's office a mess. Learning that Yuka is here at the academy from Hayami, he encourages Mikan to leave with her. He says that the dreams of the people of the past and their desires would be over if the ESP gains Mikan's Alices. When the pursers arrive, he creates a fire wall separating Mikan from the pursers and yells to her to use her newly gained Teleportation Alice to run away. He also tells her that he and Tsubasa will go later, when she asks 

Natsume declaring his unconditional protection to Mikan

what about him. The outcome of this is that group is not separted and Mikan teleports everyone to safety.

When he and everyone are out the building they come across a group of students; both forced to under Luna and those who willily did. The Alice Mikan inserted is revealed to Sakurano Wish Alice. This Alice gives Natsume's Fire Alice different variations. Before Natsume hurts anyone, Ruka stops him, warning him that he will be hurt as well. Natsume's new Alice also gives him a stronger will and much, commented by Tsubasa, bosser. He tells Mikan to teleport again. While at the new location, he notices Nobara staying far behind the group. Natsume addresses to her that she will be betraying them if she tells Persona where they are, but to his suprise, she announces that she intends to stop the Dangerous Ability Class alone. As Mikan tries to stop Nobara from leaving, Natsume tells her to let Nobara leave, even if Mikan herself can't understand Nobara's feeling. Natsume is seen coughing up blood (which is seen by Ruka and Tsubasa) while asking himself if he really can protect Mikan with his weak body.

As Mikan leaves him to fight against the Fuukitai, she accidentely reads his feelings with her Telepathy Alice. Natsume's feelings overwhelm her into confessing her feelings to him and he was shocked that she reciprocated his feelings. Seeing her leave him, Natsume calls out to Mikan as she escapes with Ruka. After learning that Goshima is the tratior, Tono gives him the task to tell Mikan the truth about Goshima before he finds her.

When Mikan and Ruka find him, Natsume is seen surrounded by Fuukitai and covered in injuries. Upon meeting, Mikan and Natsume embrace. He then tells her that he wishes to be the one to hold her hand and 

Mikan and Natsume embracing after he is sent to warn her about Goshima

be there at the last moment before she leaves. Soon after Yuka, Shiki, Narumi, and Misaki-sensei have arrived. As Yuka dies, Natsume gives his healing stone to Mikan, to insert into Yuka. It does effect the wounds, but Yuka is too hurt and dies. Like all who witness, he is saddened by the death of Yuka, and seeing Mikan crying for her mother. When the ESP, Fuukitai and Goshima arrive to take Mikan away, he tries to rescue her by creating flames, but the ESP's Barrier Alice cancels the flames. He is one of the witnesses to Shiki offering the ESP a contract to stop his corruption in exchange for Shiki being the new MSP. He looks saddened at Mikan after she accepts the ESP and Shiki's deal for her to remain a captive in the academy in exchange for the students to live peacefully. He is sad that she has been forced to sacrifice her freedom for everyone's, including his, safety.

Natsume directly telling Mikan that he loved her.


Mikan's and Natsume's miraculous metting on Christmas


Their vow kiss


A controlled stabbing Natsume


When Mikan found Natsume dead.


When Mikan sacrificed her Alice to save Natsume

Current Arc

At Yuka's funeral, he wants to stop Mikan from being taken away with the Elementary Principal, but cannot because of the deal she agreed to to protect her friends. As Mikan bravely smiles and says goodbye to her 

Natsume and Mikan catch a glimse of each other at Yuka's funeral

friends, Natsume telepathically swears to save Mikan. Over the next three months, he has been absent from class and is usually wondering around the main building at night looking for Mikan. Natsume continues to be in the Dangerous Ability Class even against the Shiki's wishes concerning his weak body, Natsume hopes that by staying in the class and keeping his access rights to the main building, where Mikan is being kept, it will be the best opportunity to see Mikan. Although she is forbidden from seeing her friends, they are allowed to send Christmas gifts and Natsume initially decided to make her an Alice Stone. Natsume has been creating Alice stones to send to Mikan along with letters the whole time, which pointed out by Hotaru won't help, since Mikan won't get them and she already has his Alice stone. Hotaru even says he has no taste in picking out presents, which makes him "crushed". Natsume is given a book called "Rapunzel" by Hotaru to send to Mikan along with his hidden gift. As Hotaru feels that Mikan represents the trapped princess Rapunzel and he represents the prince that is supposed to save her. At the Christmas dance, Natsume is distracted by thoughts of Mikan and longs to kiss her. Overwhelmed by 

Natsume,creating an Alice Stone of his to send to Mikan

everyone's coversation about her absence, he leaves the dance to search for her. Shiki notices this and gives Natsume and Mikan "a present" by opening the barrier, so Natsume could find her. He climbs to the balcony and tries to embrace Mikan, but can't because the barrier is opened by 30 centimeters. Despite this, they share an emotional reunion as Mikan kisses his hand and tells him she missed him. Natsume claims that he heard Mikan calling him, which she denied at first but admits it could be true, and he is contempt that he can't save her. When Mikan offers to give him any present for Christmas, he asks Mikan to give him a kiss to count as her Christmas present to him. Obviously flustered, Mikan is hesitent, but she gives in and kisses him when he says he will leave if she doesn't. Natsume asks for another kiss because one kiss wasn't enough, but Mikan says doing it again will make her heart explode. Aware that Mikan loves him and he loves her, he tells her to tell him that she loves him, which embarrasses her further, and that he will tell her after she does to him. After Mikan confesses, Natsume tells her that he loves her more than anyone now and forever and they share another kiss. Soon after their kiss, he promises to Mikan that he will get her out of the academy and asks for her to wait for him. Mikan gives him her alice stone (a big one) and says they will be happy together forever, which Natsume says is a proposal. He says he already attached the tradition when he gave her his Alice stone to her, and he declares she belongs to him. Natsume kisses the alice stone softly, which makes Mikan blush, and he says that she is his forever, and he says that even if she doesn't love him anymore he won't give back the alice stone she gave him. Mikan realizes this is a proposal and Natsume formally proposes to her, using the moon is their witness, and they seal the vow with a kiss. Soon, Shiki closed the barrier, making Natsume fall and calling Mikan before falling to the ground and he holds onto Mikan's alice stone.

When Ruka comes upon him, he tells Ruka that he saw Mikan but does not tell him about their kiss. Natsume coughs up blood and tries to hide it from Ruka, who grabs his hand and says that he's known for a long time and that he wants to be Natsume's main supporter. Touched by Ruka's words, Natsume confesses that he's afraid of the next year and how much longer his heart will work. He says that while he wants to live, he can not let go of Mikan. He also says that he's more afraid of not being able to see Mikan again and not having the future of living together with her forever, and that he wants to save her from the darkness. Natsume then asks Ruka to take care of Mikan if something happens to him in the near future.

Natsume confronts Narumi on information about the ESP (intending on finding a way to free Mikan of him). When Narumi says he doesn't have it, Natsume says that he understands Narumi's desire to fulfill Yuka's wish to protect Mikan from the ESP. Natsume also comments that the idea of leaving Mikan behind and living without her is the same as being dead, considering the short time he already has. When Narumi tries to speak, Natsume grabs him and says that he doesn't want to be like Narumi and wants to live his life to the fullest with Mikan and wants to have a different fate than their parents. Narumi, irritated, smacks Natsume and says they won't end up like him. Natsume walks away with a frown and Narumi tries to stop him and say that he didn't say he wouldn't tell him anything. With the use of Hotaru's mushroom earplugs (that also act as communicaters) Natsume and others overhear that Reo and Z are planning to kill the ESP while they are at the school. Natsume is unsure of what to do but says to Ruka that they must get to the ESP first in order to save Mikan. They are then confronted by Tsubasa and Tono who want to help them. Tsubasa and Tono tell Natsume and Ruka that the only way to restore peace in the academy is to eliminate the ESP. But they tell Natsume, who wants to protect Mikan and his friends more than anything, that he must not be reckless and lose his chances of not seeing Mikan again. Just then, Kokoroyomi comes in and reads Natsume's mind about him proposing to Mikan and their kisses, angering Natsume. He apologizes to Ruka for hiding it from him, but Ruka says that he will support them from the bottom of his heart while hitting Natsume in a friendly manner. On the day of the concert, the boys split up to prepare for their plot to overthrow the ESP. Ruka, who knows that Natsume is prepared to risk his life, asks him that he be careful and not leave his side. However, Natsume's top priority is to save Mikan, even it means putting himself at risk.

After the students begin rebelling against the ESP, who escapes from Narumi and Jinno’s assasination attempts, Natsume unleashes a fire whirlwind and tries to kill the ESP himself. Natsume succeeds in seriously injuring the ESP, who escaped at the last second. The teachers tell Natsume that he must escape with the other students not only for his own well-being but to prevent him from becoming what he hates most: a murderer. Just as Nodacchi is transporting the students away, Hotaru grabs Natsume's hand and asks him not to die and break the chains bounding him and Mikan together. She tells him that if he doesn't survive the fight and continues to expect to die, she will never entrust him with Mikan. She switches places with Natsume and Ruka, leaving them with the teachers. Natsume promises her that he will survive and hears her ask him on the transmitters to take good care of Mikan. After defeating countless Fuukitai and receiving help from their friends, Natsume and the others finally find the ESP. Filled with rage and desire for revenge, Natsume attacks the ESP with a powerful fire blast. However, much to their surprise, Natsume kills Z’s Boss, who took the blast, and he is stabbed in the back by a controlled student. Bleeding profusely, Natsume decides to kill the ESP himself in order to protect his friends. He forms a wall of fire around the ESP and the entire room is nearly consumed with flames. He orders Ruka and the others to escape and he will stay until the ESP is dead. When Ruka protests, Natsume tells Ruka that before he dies, he will see Mikan's smile again, and reminds him about their promise on Christmas Eve. He uses his flames to push everyone away and tells himself that he won't die like this. However, he finds himself to weak to move and realizes that his body has reached its limit. Believing that he is really about to die, he thinks about his mother, his friends and Mikan. Gripping Mikan's Alice stone, he says to himself that he has no regrets for anything before and after he came to the academy, and that it was Mikan's smile that became his light and hope to live before losing conciousness. At that exact point of time, Mikan finds him, and she sees that he isn't breathing. Mikan pleads for Natsume to wake up and come back to her, and reminds him of their promise to be together forever. She subconciously uses her Alice to try to save his life and faints as his flames die out from her Alice. When Tono and Sakurano fail to revive Natsume, Mikan tries to insert his Fire Alice stone into him, but realizes she has lost her Alice. She then absorbs her own Alice stone to give her the ability to insert it into him, costing her her Alice permanently. However, her sacrifice was in vain; Natsume is confirmed to be dead. A desperate Hotaru pleads with Nodacchi to go back in time to change Natsume’s fate in order to save Mikan losing the will to live. Even though changing the past is forbidden, Nodacchi agrees, but says that regardless, they should accept that Natsume is dead. Nodacchi, Hotaru, and Subaru travel to the past to change Natsume's fate.

They arrive to the moment when Natsume stopped breathing, but before Mikan appeared. Although Nodacchi advises them not to change the past because whoever does so will be forgotten or lost within in time, Hotaru refuses to listen and tries to revive the past Natsume by trying to give him a healing antidote. Subaru decides to heal him instead so that Hotaru will not suffer the consequences alone. With the help of Subaru's Healing Alice, Natsume is successfully saved; although he is barely conscious and is muttering 

Natsume found alive

Mikan's name. The three switch the two Natsumes: taking the alive one and leaving the deceased one in the past. In midst of returning to the present, Natsume, Subaru, Hotaru, and Nodacchi are caught in a disruption. In midst, Hotaru finds the fragment Alice stone that Mikan gave him a year ago, which proves how much he truly loves her. Hotaru uses the stone to nullify Natsume and Nodacchi and send them to the present, which has been a month since their disappearance. He is still unconcious when he and Nodacchi are found, but he is definitely alive.
264459 581720048540144 1003993048 n

Natsume after 4 years(He's 16 years old)

Because Mikan left the academy a week before he reappeared, Natsume was unable to see her again. He was put in the hospital, and when he finally woke up and learned of Mikan's departure, he was devastated and vowed to find her. When he entered middle school, Natsume diligently studied and accepted special missions on behalf of the academy to earn the credits required to skip high school. His main duty was to serve as a body guard for Ema Shinomiya, whom Natsume came to dislike. By age 16, Natsume graduated from the academy and earned the rights to go to the outside world. With the help of Narumi, Ruka, Tsubasa, Tono, and the High School Principle, he tracked her down at her childhood village, which was protected by a barrier to shield her from being found by anti-Alice organizations. He watches her going to school from a distance, and saves her when some mysterious men try to kidnap her. He grabs her hand and pulls her close to him to see her. He then touches her chest and comments that it has grown a bit, much to her chargin and 
38.bmp - Copy

Natsume embracing Mikan.

confusment. As Mikan panics over the situation, Natsume pulls her into an embrace, and tells her how horrible it was for him to learn that she had left and that he has been searching for her. He stuns her furthermore when he says that whether or not she forgets him, she still belongs to him. Mikan was so overcome by the intensity of his love for her that it compelled her to hug him back and noted that her feelings for her unknown lover are the same with Natsume. Hoping it will help restore her memories, he gives her the tiny Alice stone she gave him when they were eleven, and she absorbs it, regaining some of her Alice. With that, Mikan suddenly regains her lost memories and cries in joy when she realizes that she is looking at Natsume. Equally overjoyed, Natsume embraces Mikan and they laugh together as they realize that, after four years of separation and enduring difficult hardships that threatened their relationship, they can finally be together forever. 

When Mikan learns of Hotaru's sacrifice and disappearance, she vows to find her no matter what, which Natsume supports. He proceeds to beat Tono after he makes a seductive remark to Mikan. The series ends with Natsume accompanying Mikan and Ruka to go find Hotaru and bring her back. Upon Mikan enrolling back into the academy as a high school student, Natsume enrolled in the high school division.

Kgeki no Kuni no Alice

Several months later, Natsume is asked by Tsubasa to go to the Alice Academy Opera Troupe school to give his younger sister, Hikari Andou, a message regarding her enrollment and her close relationship with “Touma”. Natsume, along with Mikan who uses this as an opportunity to visit Aoi, visits the school and Aoi chides him for telling her he was coming to visit. Natsume notices Hikari lacks the skills to be a performer in the school and tells her to quit. He also tells her what Tsubasa wanted to say: quit the school and stay away from Ema Shinomiya, whom he secretly knows is Touma. Ema arrives and nervously greets Natsume, who is indifferent towards him. Natsume leaves and mockingly sticks his tongue out at Hikari and Ema. He then criticizes Narumi for enrolling Hikari because he will end up trapping her with Touma. Narumi counters he brought Mikan into the Academy and, despite all the events that happened, she is happy with Natsume and he asks Mikan if she regrets coming to the Academy. Mikan holds Natsume’s hand and says no, revealing their matching promise rings.

Days later, as the Alice Festival gets underway, Natsume helps Mikan with the preparations.


As a result of Mikan’s Alices having been inserted into him, Natsume’s life span has increased and he makes it important for him to spend as much time with her as possible, which includes him attempting to “monopolize” her by making her his. After Mikan graduated from the Academy, Natsume married her and lived a happy life with her.



Natsume's Fire Alice

Natsume has a Fire Alice that he inherited from his father like his sister Aoi. This Alice gives him the ability to create and manipulate fire to his will. He possesses the life-shortening alice shape that was passed down to him from his mother. This means his Alice is dangerous and powerful. However, constant use will threaten his life, because everytime he uses it, he damages his body. The Fire Alice's weakness would be Mikan's Nullification Alice. Though early in the story Natsume co

Natsume's limitless alice shape makes him cough on blood.

uld use his Fire Alice on her, because she lacked control over her Nullification Alice. Also due to ice and fire being each other's weakness, Nobara's Ice Alice is on par with his.

To limit the use of his Fire Alice, Natsume has to wear an earring and an ear ornament that cannot be taken off. Sometimes he is forced to wear a cat mask that shocks him whenever he disrespects the teachers. He usually wears the mask during missons which is the reason why he is known by the nickname "Black Cat".

According to Narumi, Natsume could still use his Alice when he wears the cat mask. The stone that was inserted in him was Sakurano's Will Alice, which temporarily strengthens his Fire Alice and gave it different variations.

Natsume suffer because of his Alice.



The kiss on Christmas

Mikan Sakura

Main article: Mikan Sakura
Natsu n Mikan

Natsume with Mikan

Natsume and Mikan were sworn rivals due to their opposing personalities and constant bickering. However, as they spent time together, they developed a friendship and eventually fell in love with each other. Mikan is considered to be Natsume's light or sun, and he loves her dearly.

Upon meeting Mikan, Natsume disliked her for always looking at the bright side, no matter what. Similarly, Mikan disliked Natsume back, for never looking at the bright side, or even smile, for that matter. But, as the series progressed, he spent more time with her, due to the fact she is his partner, and listened to her problems. Because of this, Natsume began to have a soft side for her. After she saves him from being taken by Z, he interacted with her more and slowly built a friendship with her and eventually falls in love with her due to her cheerful and caring personality. Mainly because of her personality, he sees her as the sun that can save him from the darkness the academy has trapped him in. Natsume then went on to protect Mikan from harm, even risking his life. She is the only girl that he calls by first name. In chapter 38, after they splash water on each other, Natsume asked her to leave her hair down because it looks prettier that way. He easily gets jealous when he sees Mikan with another guy and makes attempts to get her away from them. Mikan later makes an Alice stone which she gives to Natsume because she hopes it will help him with his Fire Alice. In return, Natsume secretly gives her his Alice Stone. There is a rumor that when you exchange Alice Stone you are supposed to be soul mates. Natsume has also kissed Mikan twice during the 

Mikan and Natsume's many kisses.

Christmas ball, but Mikan said that the first kiss was not real and her teeth hit his mouth. During this disagreement, Natsume grabs Mikan by the collar and kisses her full on the lips, and leaves her in shock. When Tsubasa got everyone stuck together whith a gluey substance which was in the mochi, it sticks Natsume and Mikan together but later when they were able to move and get apart, he then grabs her hand like he didn't want her to leave him. For reasons Mikan didn't know, he also chose to hold on to her during this arc in order to find his sister, Aoi. During this part of the series, they sleep in the same bed together. In the middle of the night, Natsume is having a nightmare, and Mikan worries about him and starts calling his name. Natsume wakes up then puts his arm around her neck and pulls her into an embrace, and tells her that tomorrow they will split up. In chapter 96, when Mikan is transferred to the Dangerous Ability due to her Stealing Alice, Natsume was given a mission, but he felt suspicious and stayed behind. Natsume was listening to everything about 

Natsume promising Mikan that he would always be there for her.

her transfer and became really frustrated with the Elementary School Principal and came out to protect Mikan. That is when he indirectly confessed he loved Mikan and will always protect her. In chapter 134, Mikan confessed her feelings to Natsume telepathically, saying, "Natsume...I love you too." In the following chapter, they embrace and he tells her that he wants to be with her when she gets to the gate and doesn't want to part with her. When Mikan is taken away by the Elementary Principle, Natsume swears to save her no matter what and risks his health to search for her in the cold winter night. And in chapter 144, Natsume directly confesses his feelings to Mikan after asking her to tell him that she loves him, saying "Me too, Mikan. I love you more than anyone now and forever." In chapter 145, after she gives him her alice stone, he asks her to swear with the moon as their witness that they will be together forever and seals their vow with a kiss. Even though he fears his life is shortening fast, he desperately wants to bring her out of the darkness and save her smile. After the battle with the elementary school principle, Natsume really does give up his life to protect Mikan from anymore harm. By the time he is revived and rescued, Mikan had left the academy and her memories erased due to the loss of her Alice. Devastated, Natsume vowed to find her no matter how long it took. Four years later, at 16-years-old, Natsume finally reunites with Mikan, who senses  that she has met him before and the feelings she has towards the unknown person she had loved are 

Natsume and Mikan share a moment after Mikan regained her memories of Natsume

the same when she sees him. Natsume uses her tiny Alice stone to help her regain her memories, which works, and they happily embrace as a couple.

Since reuniting, Natsume and Mikan began wearing promise rings on their left ring fingers, symbolizing their committed relationship. Natsume even openly refers to Mikan as not only his girlfriend but his fiancée. Natsume still teases her and can be rude at times but overall he is more kind to her and even Hikari notes that only Mikan is able to make Natsume smile.

3200236637 1 14 Nv1SI3Dw

Natsume and Mikan at 16-17 years,happily in each other's arms(Memorial Book)

Natsume's life span is said to have extended in the Memorial Book due to the interstion of Mikan's Alice Stone in his body. He and Mikan have continued their relationship and he vows to spend as much time with her as possible. Keeping their promise to be together forever, they got married sometime after graduating from the Academy

Ruka Nogi

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Natsume and Ruka.

Natsume and Ruka are best friends. They met when they were eight, after Natsume transfers into Ruka's school and practically their relationship starts after a classmate of Ruka's tells him that Ruka's an Alice. Later Natsume saves him from kidnappers and it all goes downhill from there. Ruka witnessed the massive burn of the village and tried to defend Natsume when the villagers believed him to be the culprit, but Natsume pounded him and told him to be quiet. The teachers then made Natsume go to Gakuen Alice. After Natsume agrees to go to the academy, Ruka goes with him too and witnesses him cry.

They both fell in love with Mikan, which made it awkward for both of them at first. At the beginning, Natsume tries to push Ruka to Mikan, thinking of his best friend's happiness, even though he loved Mikan too. Afterwards, Ruka confesses to Natsume that he loves Mikan and won't lose to Natsume, they end up having a rather friendly rivarly over her. Ruka eventually admitted his feelings to Mikan, but understands that Natsume and Mikan need each other and decides to support their relationship because he loves them both very much. In chapter 146, Natsume, feeling that he will die in the near future, asked Ruka to take care of Mikan if something happens 

Natsume telling Ruka to look after Mikan in case anything happened to him.

to him.

Natsume and Yoichi

Yōichi Hijiri

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Natsume is the big brother figure to the three year old Yōichi. Yōichi likes to copy Natsume's actions and looks up to him. He even encourages the little boy to call Mikan names and bully her the same way he does. Mikan even noted that she saw Natsume smile for the first time when he allowed Yōichi scare her with his Alice. During the Hana Hime arc Yōichi was told by him to protect them (Mikan, Hotaru, Ruka, Tsubasa) while he was gone, which he furiously did. One of Natsume's reasons to follow the orders of the ESP and Persona is so that they would agree to transfer Yōichi out of the Dangerous Ability Class.

Rei Serio/Persona

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Persona is Natsume's teacher in the Dangerous Ability Class. He's usually the one to pick up Natsume when he is ordered to do a mission, even though Natsume constantly runs away from him. He's the one who got Natsume into the Academy by making Aoi's Alice go wild and then blackmail him with Aoi's safety. Natsume hates Persona for the abuse he is forced to endure under Persona's thumb. Persona even tells Natsume that he must commit suicide if he is ever captured. Natsume's hatred for Persona only intensifies when he deliberately infects Mikan with his Alice and nearly kills her, which put Natsume in heated rage when Persona said it was an accident that she got infected.

Aoi Hyuga Main article: Aoi Hyūga

Natsume's younger sister. He is a year or two older than Aoi. He loves his sister, even though she is a constant 

Natsume,Aoi and their father reunited.

victim to his fists and teasing insults when she says or does something stupid. As children, he called her "Buriko", which means someone who acts stupid and cute. Aoi once told Ruka that she always smiles because Natsume never does but that he is very kind. Like any other good older brother, he tries to protect her with all his own power. Natsume willingly put himself in harms way by saying he started the fire that destroyed their village and entering the academy. He knew that Persona was holding her captive somewhere in the academy, but didn't know her location until the Hanahime arc. With Mikan's help, he saves Aoi, although she wanted to leave with him, he chooses to stay and Aoi knows its because of Mikan. He last sees her leaving with their father.

Kaoru Igarashi and Mr. Hyuga

Main article: Kaoru Igarashi and Mr. Hyuga

Natsume's parents. Natsume's mother, Kaoru died when he was very young, but it is shown that Natsume loves her very much and treasures her memory. He has the Healing Alice stone she gave to him before her death and told him to protect those he cared for. He never spoke of his mother until the Time Travel arc, when she was seen for the first time. After her death, Natsume and Aoi were raised by their father. Although Natsume tends to speak with disdain about his father, primarly due to his weak Alice, he cried when his father tried to stop him from going to the academy, and hugged his father from the academy's gate when he came to pick up Aoi.


Natsume has very few other relationships besides with Ruka, Mikan, Youichi, and his family. Part of that reason is that he is feared by many students and teachers. Another reason is that several other students hate him for his status and reputation in the academy.

He disliked Tsubasa because of his stupidity and his closeness with Mikan. He gets very jealous when he 
81.page010 copy

Natsume and Tsubasa.

sees Mikan with Tsubasa and is constantly around them to make sure nothing happens. He calls Tsubasa "Shadow" and bickers with him. However, as time passes and Tsubasa helps him in critical situations, Natsume accepts Tsubasa's friendship and even gives him his alice stone as thanks for helping him during the Z Arc. Natsume even showed concern when Tsubasa went missing during a mission and was relieved that he was alive. Despite this, he still shows jealousy towards him over Mikan's attention and also. When Mikan was taken away, he showed jealousy of Tsubasa and Misaki's relationship as he watched them because it reminded him of Mikan, so he set a flame on Tsubasa.

He has some sort of rivalry with Hotaru for Mikan's attention. He immediately disliked Hotaru when she enrolled in the academy for her seriousness and blunt pesonality, but he chose to ignore her rather than bully her. As the series progresses, she notices that he has feelings for Mikan and takes any chance to tease, or more accurately, torture him. Besides this, she does help him in critical situations and gives him advice on what to get Mikan for Christmas when she said he had no taste in picking out presents. He gains further respect for her, as she risked her own life to change his fate and reunite him with Mikan.

WIth Narumi-sensei, he viewed his homeroom teacher as a narssistic and annoying idiot who is too careless and stupid to be a teacher. It is clear that he doesn't trust Narumi and refuses to listen to him. Unbeknowest to Natsume, Narumi actually cares about him and wants to save him from the academy, even making Mikan his partner because he knew she can save him. Natsume also gets jealous when Mikan is with Narumi.

Although he has followers and admirers, he barely acknowledges them. He has his own fan club, much to his dismay, and ignores them(ex. Sumire), but this seems to make him ironically more popular. He is on bad terms with various middle and high school students who see him as a bad influence, and doesn't hesitant to use his Alice on them. Other than the HSP, Shiki, and MSP, he distrusts all the academy's teachers and authorities.


Natsume Hyūga Gallery


  • In Higuchi's previous work M to N no Shozou and her current work Gakuen Alice both the male and female lead start with the same letter, the letter "M" is Mitsuru and Mikan, The letter "N" is Natsuhiko and Natsume. The mangaka admitted that this was a coincidence.
  • Natsume's alice stone color is red.
  • Natsume is the only Special Star in the elementary division, though he does not wear his star.
  • Natsume's name in Japanese means jujube, (edible berrylike fruit of Eurasian plant, formerly taken as a cough cure). His name is given to him by his mother who learned that the fruit was healthy and hoped it would by symbolic to Natsume who has inherited her alice type. She also chose the name to be connected to Yuka as Mikan and Natsume are both fruits.
  • Natsume has been fated to be with Mikan since they were born because of their mothers' friendship and that they were both named after fruits because of a connection Kaoru wanted to establish with herself and Yuka.
  • When Natsume was born, his mother originally wanted to name him "Kintarou".
  • In the time travel arc, it is revealed that Natsume is 6 months younger than Mikan (she was actually born in May and he was born in the following November).
  • Natsume's promise to be with Mikan forever technically means that he is engaged to Mikan.
  • It wasn't until after the Hana Hime arc that Natsume stopped calling Mikan names and started calling her by her name more often.
  • Natsume's eyebrows are short because of genetics, his mother also had short eyebrows.
  • Although Natsume is a star student, he has no musical talent; seen before Yura's graduation, when he tried to blow a saxophone and produced a weird noise.
  • Natsume loves strawberries, but when Aoi (who used to hate them) changed her mind and said she loved them, he said he now hated them she could have them.
  • Natsume is a fan of manga books, which he brings with him to class everyday.
  • Mikan is Natsume's first love; this is proven because when Narumi used his Alice on him in chapter 1, Natsume fainted. Only people who have never been in love faint in result to Narumi's Alice.
  • Natsume is the only character to have been brought back from the dead.
  • Natsume's first smile was when his mother, Karou gave his name to him.


  • I want to protect her, no matter what, even it means sacrificing my life.
  • I told you right? That I will protect you, whatever happens.
  • I can not have anyone else hold your hand at the end, but myself.
  • I had the feeling that you were crying alone. So for some reason, I came here.
  • Don't bother coming to the darkness that you don't need to see...I don't want to show the darkness that doesn't belong to you.
  • There's no choice, so I'll protect you. Only this time, don't leave me.
  • The woman I love, as I see her sink into the same darkness I am in, what damn things might happen in the future...the future that you guys want, I don't care about that. From now on, whatever happens, I will protect this person.
  • This hand...this hand that brought you out there...I don't want to give this hand to someone else. If only I had the power, this instant, I want to become an adult, so I can bring you out and run away with you.
  • STU-PID. I won't die. I told you right? That I'm not going anywhere... Do you think I could just die and leave you behind?
  • I will be by your side, until the final moment, when you get to that Keyhole. I don't want to be apart from you.
  • Me too. Mikan, I love you. From now until forever, more than anyone else.
  • Idiot, it was me who attached the meaning to the tradition when I gave you my Alice stone.
  • With this, for eternity, you are mine. Even if you come to hate me, I will never return this stone to you. Remember that.
  • Hey, ugly girl, are you going to wear your hair in five years time? A hairstyle like this won't be suitable in five years time. Put it down. It looks better that way.
  • Stop jumping at me just because no one is looking. Pervert-woman.
  • It's like you're running for life, huh? Is that kind of face you show me after a long time?
  • I want to protect everyone's happiness, slowly this feeling becomes stronger, if this can come true...i will not have any regrets anymore, i should not have any regrets, but Mikan...Mikan your...your smile will become my strength to keep on living...but before it becomes...the light that heals me-
  • I will definitely take you from this place. I will... Can you wait for me?
  • In the near future, if something happens to me, please take care of Mikan...
  • With the little time I have left, leaving the woman I love in danger and just continue living, is the same as being dead.


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