Mikan Sakura

佐倉 蜜柑


Sakura Mikan


Mikan Yukihira


Mikan no Kimi (Mandarin Princess)
Mizutama (Polka-dots)
Ichigo Gara (Strawberry Pattern)




Female.png Female


10 (Debut) [1]
11 (Chapter 53)
12 (Chapter 139)
17 (Chapter 180)


138cm (Debut)[1]
158cm (Final Chapter)


33kg (Debut)[1]
47kg (Final Chapter)


January 1 (Adoption)
May 17 (Actual)[1]


Capricorn (Adoption)
Taurus (Actual)[1]

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type



Nullification Alice
Stealing Alice
Inserting Alice
Amplification Alice (Temporary)
Telepathy Alice (Temporary)
Teleportation Alice (Temporary)

Alice Type

Special Ability
Dangerous Ability

Alice Shape


Alice Stone Color

Mandarin Orange

Alice Academy

Alice Academy -

School Positions


Star Rank

No Star (Former)
Single Star


B Class
Special Ability


Natsume Hyūga

Previous Schools

Satsuki Elementary School

Personal Status



Izumi Yukihira (Father, Deceased)
Yuka Azumi (Mother, Deceased)
Kazumi Yukihira (Paternal Uncle)
Unnamed Maternal Grandparents
Kazuki Azumi (Maternal Uncle)
Daiki Azumi (Maternal Uncle)
Nonno Sakura (Adopted Grandfather)
Mr. Hyūga (Father-in-law)
Kaoru Igarashi (Mother-in-law)
Natsume Hyūga (Husband)
Aoi Hyūga (Sister-in-law)


Married (Epilogue)


Chapter 001


Episode 01

Voice Actor

Kana Ueda

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"Cheerful and energetic. Forgets her worries quickly and dependent on others. That's the image I had in mind when I created her."[2]

- Tachibana Higuchi

Mikan Sakura (佐仓蜜柑, Sakura Mikan ?), or more appropriately Mikan Yukihira, is the female protagonist of Gakuen Alice, who posses three very unique Alices--the Nullification, Stealing and Inserting Alices. Her story begins after she follows Hotaru Imai (Mikan's best friend) to a place called Alice Academy--a Tokyo school supposedly exclusive for geniuses of Hotaru's caliber. There she finds out the truth about the academy, and as she was enrolled afterwards, the truth about herself. Aside from being Hotaru's best friend, she also goes on to become the love interest and eventual wife of Natsume Hyūga.

Mikan is voiced by Kana Ueda with a strong Kansai dialect.



Mikan is an optimistic, cute, athletic and good-natured girl, but her clumsiness lands her into trouble. She is a cheerful and energetic person, much to the annoyance of her mellow-headed best friend, Hotaru, and used to live with her adoptive grandfather in the country before transferring to Alice Academy. Mikan was ten when she debuted. Petite and average in height, Mikan's most prominent features are her big brown eyes (often depicted as amber or olive) and a heart-shape faced with a small nose, very similar to her mother, Yuka Azumi. She usually sports her long brown locks in two pig tails, with the tips curling naturally, although she changes this from time to time, often to match with the occasion at present.

Mikan is said to be her mother's splitting image, especially in the instances when she lets her hair down. The only difference, however, are Mikan's fringes that split in the middle, reminiscent of her father's, Izumi Yukihira, hairstyle.

Mikan is usually seen donning the standard female elementary school uniform--a black cardigan over a white collared, long-sleeved shirt, matched with a plaid red mini-skirt, and black knee-length boots. Her one

Mikan in the different Gakuen Alice Elementary School uniforms.

star status is showcased on her cardigan's right collar. The manga has also shown her in the summer uniform, which consists of a short-sleeved blouse, the typical patterned skirt, thigh-high socks, and black shoes. She is always seen with a smile and cheerful attitude. After four years have passed, she grows taller and her hairstyle changes.

16-year old Mikan

Instead of being in the middle, her fringes have moved to left side. She also lets her hair down with some hair rolled in a bun.


Mikan reading her Grandfather's letter

Cute and optimistic, also energetic, Mikan may look like an ordinary girl, but she is a gifted Alice. In terms of personality, Mikan is good-natured and caring towards her friends. Her clumsiness may lead her to trouble most of the time, but she has a very determined spirit. Her mottoes, "Never Lose!" and "Never Give up!", have carried her through countless trials in her life in the academy.

Despite being a klutz, Mikan is quite athletic and is an excellent runner. In fact, her best subject is P.E., along with Home Economics. She houses a number of talents, which includes singing, dancing and playing the recorder. While she is below average in academics, Mikan is considered to be a walking barrier in the school because of her Alice. Mikan is a capable cook, as such she was shown teaching Sumire Shoda how to cook in the Anime and her ability to make tasty mochi and valentines chocolate. Her favorite treat is Fluff Puffs (Howalon in Japanese).

Mikan winning the race

Like her father, Mikan is highly upbeat, loud, outgoing yet foolish and several times in the series she is shown to cheer up her friends. Nodacchi comments on how similar she is to her father as she is able to befriend everybody around her and overcome many obstacles. She exhibits strong attachments to her friends and loved ones. She has a fear of the dark and ghosts, and can easily freak out. When it comes to romance and love, she is very clueless despite her many admirers, a trait similar to her mother, because she believed that she was too young to like boys. She is even oblivious to the romantic feelings that Natsume and Ruka have for her. When she does learn of their feelings, she reacts calmly and analyzes her own feelings for them, concluding she loves Natsume as a lover and Ruka as a dear friend. Apart from that, her innocent and cheerful personality allows her to befriend others easily, whether they are rivals or strangers. Her charms have even managed to turn a lot of students into friends and admirers. She also admires those who care deeply for others and inspires her to help her friends as much as possible. Although at first disliking Natsume for his cold and rude attitude, Mikan immediately exhibited genuine concern for his well-being and wanted to help Natsume with his personal issues. Eventually she became protective of Natsume after learning his dark past and the abuse he endures, vowing to never forgive anyone who hurts him. She gradually grew to suspect he had become romantically interested in her and, once he confirmed this, she realized she had fallen in love with him a long time ago. Although seen as timid when it comes to romance, Mikan reacts maturely by setting boundaries in her relationship with Natsume; she allows him to kiss her, she is the one who proposes they do the Alice Stone Exchange and become soul mates, she pledges her commitment to him, and openly refers to Natsume as her fiancé. Mikan’s forgiveness of Natsume for his past actions reveal her maturity in contrast to her whiny and childish impulsiveness. Furthermore, although she didn’t wish for the Elementary School Principal to be killed despite his crimes, she exhibited great relief when she learned of his death and didn’t blame Natsume and Narumi for their attempts on the ESP’s life

An endearing young girl with an innocent heart, Mikan is an incredibly brave, honourable and compassionate person, often risking her life and happiness for those dear to her. She is shown to be very caring, sensitive and somewhat stubborn as she won't back down without a fight, as shown with her regular bickering with Natsume. She can also be a crybaby at times.

Mikan is the type of person who easily forgets her worries and problems, mostly appearing happy and smiling. She always tries to make the best out of a bad situation, a trait that never fails to amaze even her closest friends. Often she can be clever and mature when needed. In contrast to her naivety, she can exhibit clever thinking and perceptiveness during critical situations. Although she is a bit hot-tempered, she tends to forgive people who bully or tease her, that is unless they show they regret their actions; for example, she was named "Mikan No Kimi", which means crimson rose, in the HanaHime Arc after she forgave two girls who were jealous of her and apologized to her once Shizune threatened to kick them out of the HanaHime, and when she forgave Persona for her father's death and the abuse of Natsume after he apologized to her and offered to help her escape from the ESP.

A lot of people were doubtful of her at first, however, with her cheerfulness and charms, Mikan eventually gains a lot of friends and admirers in the academy. Mikan is also famous in the academy for being Natsume's partner with the Nullification Alice and later for her Stealing Alice which caused her to receive unwanted attention from the Elementary School Principal and the members of the

Natsume and Mikan.

Dangerous Ability Class. Mikan grew to despise the Elementary School Principal once she learned he is source of the sufferings within the Academy and personally ordered her parents to be murdered so he could capture her for his own benefit. Mikan, however, was considerate of her friends’ safety and was willing to be a captive rather than watch them suffer. Although she wanted the ESP to be punished for his crimes and wanted revenge for what he had done to her parents and Natsume, Mikan never wished for him to be killed but when he was, she reacted calmly and relieved.


Mikan was born as Mikan Yukihira to Yuka Azumi and Izumi Yukihira. She

Baby Mikan with her mother Yuka.

never met her father, who died before she was born and Yuka didn't know she was pregnant when Izumi died. Yuka gave birth to Mikan after escaping from the academy and lived with Kaoru Igarashi for several months before deciding to leave and raise Mikan on her own.

When Mikan became seriously ill and the academy was close to capturing them, Yuka left Mikan with an elderly man, who adopted her as his granddaughter and renamed her Mikan Sakura.

Mikan was told that her parents died soon after she was born and didn't know anything else about them. According to Mikan, she was the only kid in her old school who didn't have parents, which has since made her curious about her past.

Prior to the start of the story, when Mikan was in the third grade, Hotaru had transferred to her school from the city and had a hard

5 year old Mikan.

time fitting in with the others due to her indifference. At first, Mikan didn't really cared to be friends with Hotaru to her bluntness and serious attitude, but when they entered a dance and singing competition together - after Hotaru having said that "two cute girls like them should stick together" - and won it, she decided to be Hotaru's best friend. Because of their win, the two of them instantly became famous in their neighborhood.

From then on, Mikan began to care deeply for Hotaru, and they became as close as sisters, even though their personalities were and are the exact opposites.
They constantly fought and argued; Mikan had the tendency to get upset whenever Hotaru would be cold towards her, but even so, they really cared for each other.

After they entered the fourth grade, when Mikan heard that her school was going to be demolished, she led a protest to stop such an act, since it contained so many memories. However, no one joined her. (This section is elaborated in the anime more than in the manga.) In the manga, Mikan discovers that Hotaru left to give money to the school because the academy gives money in return and the school was going to close down. Hotaru wanted to protect the school because that is where she met Mikan.

One day, she was shocked to hear that Hotaru was moving back to the city to go to an academy for young "geniuses" like her when she received a note from Hotaru through her 'turtle mail'. She was horrified when she learned that the academy was an all-in-one escalator school where the students would not be allowed to see their parents until they graduated. When she heard rumors that students were treated like slaves in Alice Academy (which she felt was a possibility, since the government gave money to the parents for sending their children to the school), Mikan left her grandfather and her home to go after Hotaru by herself.

In a omake, there is a flashback about her when she was five and went to a festival with her grandfather. She went to go play with her friends and they had made a bet with her to get the candy bags on top of a hill (or more specifically, a courage test). However, the girls she got teamed up with got scared, and she had to set out by herself to get the "fun" bags for herself and her friends. When she got the bags, a heart-shaped light reflection came over her, meaning her father was watching over her.


Welcome To Gakuen Alice

Mikan Sakura is ten years old when she is first introduced. She used to live with her grandfather in the country, until she learned that her friend, Hotaru Imai was moving back to the city to go to an academy for young "geniuses" like her. She was horrified when she learned that the academy was an all-in-one escalator school where the students were not allowed to see their parents until they graduated. When she heard rumors that students were like slaves in Alice Academy, which she felt was a possibility since they gave money to parents for sending their children to the school. She left her grandfather and her home to go after Hotaru by herself. At the gate of the school she encountered Narumi who saved her from kidnappers who wanted to enroll her into a fake school. Narumi felt she also may have an Alice and decided she could attend Alice Academy with Hotaru and many other children with extraordinary powers. As they were talking Natsume Hyūga, a boy with the Fire Alice blasted the wall of the school.

Narumi was able to apprehend Natsume with a beanwhip and using his Pheromone Alice to cause Natsume to faint, thus shocking Mikan into thinking that Narumi hurts Hotaru and other students. Mikan waited inside a office for Narumi, who had briefly left so he could inform the principal of her arrival, with an unconscious Natsume. Suddenly, a teacher, Misaki, bursts through the door yelling that Narumi had stolen his bean whips, startling Mikan. After calming Mikan down from her initial shock and sharing introductions, he then explains to her about Alices and the school, as well as answers some of her questions. He tells her about Narumi not being a bad person and informs Mikan about Natsume's black cat mask that Mikan is holding, telling her to "avoid black cats". Misaki has to leave for an emergency, but informs her to push a certain button if Natsume were to wake up.

Mikan being threatened by Natsume to tell her identity.

Alone and bored, Mikan pinches Natsume's nose to see whether or not he was really asleep and when she turns away, believing him to really not be awake, he abruptly grabs onto her hair, forcing her onto the couch below him. He demands her identity callously, even threatening to use his Alice on her if she refuses. Ruka Nogi, a friend of Natsume's, then crashes into the room through a window and Narumi and Misaki return. Mikan then rushes to them, scared of what had just happened, while Natsume and Ruka quickly head to the window, intending to escape out of it. Just before Natsume leaves, he taunts Mikan by showing off her own panties (skirt in the anime), which he had taken off of her in retaliation of her not telling him who she is, and calls her "Polka Dots". Mikan is incredibly upset at this but soon cheers up when Narumi presents her with her new uniform and she tries it on. Narumi informs Mikan that she has one week to have her classmates accept her, saying that will determine whether or not she will be able to permanently attend the school, and then introduces her to the class representatives: Hotaru and Iinchou. Reunited with Hotaru, she cries and the two friends share a hug.

Northen Woods Arc

When Mikan gets to her new class, she sees that while the majority of her classmates are rebellious and confident, she is still more or less accepted by them initially, despite how reluctant and skeptical their acceptance is (which, considering that Mikan herself isn't even sure of whether or not she actually possesses an Alice, is fair). When she gets to her seat, Mikan sees Natsume and Ruka sitting next to her, which reminds her of the fact that Natsume had stolen her underwear. She is shocked and shouts at Natsume, calling him a molester and a pervert, and this "disrespect" of Natsume causes her classmates to dislike her, most notably in the classmates who follow Natsume. Before she knows it, many of them accuse her of tricking the school into enrolling her, which only increases her frustration. To see if she truly is an Alice, Natsume offers her a challenge: If she goes on a trip through the Northern Woods, and if she survives all of what is inside, then the class would accept her and she would be officially enrolled into the academy. She accepts and Hotaru and Iinchou accompany her into the Northern Woods, during which Mikan asks about Natsume. Hotaru and Iinchou tell her that Natsume is the kind of person she should stay away from, that he has been accused of being a murderer, but this only makes Mikan more curious about him. During their "journey", Mikan and the others encounter Mr. Bear, a cute stuffed bear that looks harmless at first glance, but which ends up fiercely attacking Mikan. This is put to an end once Hotaru spills water onto Bear, and then the group continues onwards.

The next obstacle comes in the form of Piyo, a giant, mutant chick, who chases after Mikan, Hotaru and Iinchou after smelling their food, being hungry itself. They create a trap to capture Ruka, since he has the Animal Pheromone Alice, which can stop Piyo. Ruka is reluctant at first, until Mikan says that they don't wish to harm Piyo and Hotaru makes an off-hand comment about liking chicken. By this time, word has gotten back to Natsume about what happened to Ruka, and furious over it, he immediately makes his way to where the group is. Upon arrival, his temper is apparent and Mikan even goes as far as to describe him as "terrifying" when he grips her by her hair and glares into her face, accusing her of cheating (as he had said that she was allowed one friend to accompany her, whereas she brought two) and expressing his anger at what they did to Ruka. When Hotau saves her, he then attacks the rest of them with his Alice by encasing them in circles of fire. Mikan, wanting to protect her friends, attacks Natsume when he is distracted and subconsciously uses her Nullification Alice, which is able to nullify Natsume’s flames, much to the shock of everyone there. Narumi, who had anxiously arrived during the ordeal, uses the stunned moment to take control of the situation. Narumi then congratulates Mikan, telling her that she is indeed in possession of an Alice, and can now officially attend the academy.

Majority of her classmates were amazed of her success, but some were still hesitant to accept her. Thrown together with several confident classmates who have already been in the system for a while, she asks what the audience would: "How are people with Alices different? We are all human, aren't we?" Just as class is beginning, she sees Natsume come in with his black cat mask on and covered in injuries, which shocks and concerns her. Then, Narumi announces that he has decided to make Natsume Mikan's partner, much to her horror. Her first official day in the academy gets worse when she is made a No-Star after her classmates pull a prank on her that causes the teachers to immediately dislike her. She is further warned by Ruka that she may be targeted because of her Alice. While she is bemused and unhappy with this, she is comforted by Hotaru, Iinchou, and her other close friends.

After Northern Woods Arc

Mikan is constantly reminded by those doubtful of her that she is a newcomer and therefore can never be like them. She is bullied by those who don't like her and is often protected by Hotaru, Iinchou, and the other few friends she initially does make. She is put in the Special Ability class, a class that is known for being diverse, small in size, and looked down upon. She ponders about it and comes across Natsume, who grabs her and threatens her to be quiet, while hiding from Persona. When they are found by Sumire's brother, Mikan is bullied by him and other middle schoolers, who thought Mikan was Natsume's girlfriend. To her dismay, Natsume shows no interest in helping her, going as far as to scoff at her before he walks away. Mikan is rescued by Tsubasa Ando, who becomes her first sempai and is also a member of the Special Ability Class. He takes her to the SA Class where she is welcomed with open arms. For the first time since arriving, Mikan feels truly comfortable.

After introducing Tsubasa to her friends, Hotaru, Anna, Nonoko, and Iinchou. She meets her enemy, Bear, again. Bear, however, doesn't attack her because Tsubasa is close friends with his creator (Kaname). Tsubasa points out that her classmates are simply rebelling to get attention to themselves and not because of Natsume, whom they follow. To bond with her classmates, Mikan comes up with an idea to play a dodgeball game. Everyone rejected her until she says she knows they will lose. Natsume's team then comes up with a deal that if Mikan's team loses, they will be the slaves of Natsume's team. She thinks Ruka wants to be on her team and puts him in it, which angers Natsume. To make her angry and distract her from the game, Natsume brings up that he saw her underwear to the whole class. Due to many of her classmates going on Natsume's team, Mikan's team is able dodge more effectually than Natsume's team. The likeliness of winning is shifted when Natume's team starts to cheat. Hotaru is taken out of the game after Mikan goes into a crazy frenzy and hits her accidently, though Hotaru helps on the sidelines by punishing the cheaters. In the end everyone has fun and the game ends in a tie.

Mikan loses her trust for Narumi after finding out he hasn't sent any of her letters. Narumi explains to her that he has a reason, but can't tell her for her own safety, but Mikan doesn't buy his answer. Wanting to see her grandfather Mikan has Ruka impersonate her and uses one of his birds to fly over the gate of the school. Moments after escaping Mikan is targeted by people who wish to sell her. Narumi saves her, but without sustaining injuries from a small explosive. Mikan is touched by his action and forgives him and returns back to school.

Reo Arc

Mikan is looking forward to attending the Alice Festival with her friends. She is also excited about Reo Mouri visiting the academy, even though she was unaware of him being famous. When she finds out that Natsume is in the hospital due to his illness, she becomes worried about him. In the anime, she visited him with Ruka, Sumire, and Yo-chan but he seemed indifferent towards her and told her to leave. She asked him if he wanted to go to the festival with her but he refused, and then she asked him to at least visit the Special Ability Class' RPG, which he silently agreed and this made her happy. She and her friends spied on Reo during his performance, which led to her accidentally injuring him and Reo happening to find Natsume in the hospital. In the manga, her request to visit Natsume was denied and although she and her friends planned to sneak into the hospital to meet Reo, she wanted to make sure Natsume was alright. So she sneaks into the hospital, where she is found by Sumire. She and Sumire witness Reo and his men kidnap Natsume. Mikan and Sumire decide to rescue him. They manage to successfully escape the academy, without being caught by Makihara. Now outside of the school they are able to track down Natsume using Sumire's Cat-Dog Constitution Alice. She and Sumire then fight about who should go back to warn the teachers and end up getting captured by Reo's men, who knocks the girls unconscious. Mikan, along with Sumire, are tied next to Natsume, as they regained consciousness.

Mikan is in now contact with Hotaru and Narumi via the Panda Earmuffs. Mikan abides to Narumi's advice for escaping, but this is cut short by Reo when he takes Mikan's earmuffs and has a conversation with Narumi. Mikan then unintentionally reveals her Nullification Alice to the enemy, as she tries to defend Natsume from Reo, asking what he wants with Natsume. Reo confuses Mikan by saying her appearance looks a lot like "That Woman".

Natsume gives them the chance to run away while he will stay behind to deal with enemies alone. As they run away, Mikan realizes that Natsume plans to kill himself and take the enemies with him. Mikan is conflicted by leaving Natsume behind to sacrifice himself so that she and Sumire can escape, so Mikan returns to the warehouse to get him back. Just in time, Mikan stops Natsume from ligthing the dynamite. She yells at Natsume and calls him an idiot for thinking of committing suicide and asks him if he really wants to die. When asked by him why she came back, she replied that he was her partner and she could never leave him.[3] She manages to get him away from the attackers and accidently falls down a flight of stairs with him. They bicker over her decision to come back for him and he demands that she escape, which she rejects because she could never leave him behind. she tells him that although she doesn't know how bad his personal problems are, she would never leave him behind and wanted to return to the academy together with him. She also confidently tells him, "Lets go home together, back to the academy, everyone is waiting for us.", indicating that he has people back at the academy to go back to. They compromise about returning and then are found by Reo's men. Mikan attempts to fight him on her own, but she is easily defeated and thrown against a concrete wall, hurting her head. Angered that Mikan is hurt, Natsume ignites the dynamite and Mikan is unable to stop him.

Two days later, she wakes up in a hospital bed and is given an explanation that Natsume is alright, but Reo and his men are nowhere to be found. From her combined effort with Sumire and rescuing (more or less) Natsume from Reo, she is awarded a One Star status. She is overjoyed and goes to check on Natsume, who is still sleeping and she is relieved that he is alright.

Alice Festival Arc

Because of helping Natsume, many of her classmates have grown closer to her and are relieved that she is alright as well, but some still think less of her. Natsume ignores her when she greets him but Ruka smiles at her and thanks her for saving Natsume. Mikan is thrilled about the upcoming Alice festival, until she is told that her class, the Special Ability Class, is the least popular. However, Mikan isn't fazed by her class' reputation. She manages to convince her whole class to try their best, by coming up with an idea to use their unique Alices in an Aladdin RPG. To gain more control over her Alice, she asks Natsume to help her, which he does in a somewhat aggressive manner. She also receives help from her teacher, Nodacchi. At first, their game is unsucessful and hours go by without anyone coming by. When a couple of boys are nearby, Mikan and the SA Class are happy to see them and gang up on the group. Mikan becomes discouraged when they belittle their class, but Tsubasa cheers her up. It doesn't take long until Narumi, Ruka, and Sumire arrive at their RPG and try it out, which is merely out of boredom. Afterward the SA Class's RPG game becomes very popular among the students, making Mikan and her class very happy. Things become heated up when Natsume happens to come by their RPG. At first, she is thrilled that he has come by but then she is angred and upset greatly when Natsume pulls on her the top of her genie outift and remarks that there are no "mountains" and is "flatter than asphalt". Mikan clings on to Tsubasa, which makes Natsume jealous enough to try the RPG to make Tsubasa his slave.

Natsume pulling on Mikan's top.

When Natsume reaches the exit of the RPG, being the #201 partcipant, she is there on top of a carpet. His task is to have Mikan get off the carpet in thirty seconds. This is difficult since Natsume and Nodacchi have been helping her with controlling her Alice. She is also not afraid of Natsume's weapon a mechanical cockroach. Natsume suddenly appears very weak and looks like he could collapse. Mikan, thinking about his Limitless Alice type, abandons her post to check on him. This turns out to be a trick and Natsume calls her "stupid" for falling for it. Unfortunately, thanks to Kokoroyomi, who was supposed to help Natsume to pick Tsubasa's lamp, Natsume unintentionally picks Mikan's lamp and she becomes his temporary slave. As his slave, Mikan has to carry his things and follow him around during the Alice Festival. She isn't happy about this arrangement, and when she complains, Natsume feeds her Bawk Biscuits for misbehaving. When visiting a pastry shop worked by Anna, Mikan is infuriated by Natsume's rudeness for ruining Anna's cake and throwing a pot of tea at her when she tries to eat Anna's cake, but Ruka says that he had a reason to do so and she regrets yelling at him.

Due to Ruka's sympathy for her, she keeps her promise to Iinchou to visit his haunted mansion. She is easily frightened by it because she is afraid of ghosts and things relating to it. When the lights go out, because of an accident, she is stuck in a room with Natsume, since Ruka left to chase after his rabbit. She is now even more scared and clings onto Natsume and asks him if she can hold his hand, which he rejects but he doestn't stop her from clinging to him. Mikan then apologizes for the incident with Anna, which Natsume shrugs off by pretending that he did not know what she is talking about. After this, things become awkward and quiet, which makes Mikan forget all about being afraid. She instead goes into deep thinking about Natsume's true character and why is it she feels self-conscious around him. She comes to the conclusion that she no longer hates Natsume and she wants to see him smile, which end up with her cracking a joke trying to make him laugh. Natsume doesn't find her funny and she changes to irritation when he calls her "Polka Dot". This has Mikan call him "Nasty Fox" and in retaliation Natsume flips her skirt and calls her "Strawberry Fields". They fight and when they are rescued, Mikan and Natsume are found in a compromising position (Mikan being on top of Natsume). Mikan tries to explain the situation, but Natsume says that just because no one was around doesn't mean nothing happened, which infuriates Mikan but she thought that she heard Natsume faintly laugh.

Mikan dressed as Prince Charming.

Mika is looking forward to watching the Somatic Ability Class' Sleeping Beauty in the Woods play and is surprised to see the cast (ex. Ruka is playing Snow White). However, an accident from Kokoroyomi and Kitsume playing with sticky balls, sticks many of the actors together and has Mikan and others become replacements in the Somatic class's Sleeping Beauty in the Woods play. She is one of the leads, casted as The Prince, being begged to by the former actress, Yuri Miyazono and forced by Natsume. Mikan is nervous because she has never been in a play and feels hopeless, even though Ruka assures her that she will be alright. She perceives Natsume's cat costume to be ironic and amusing, but also cute. She is the only one to comment and laugh directly at him, since everyone else is afraid to say anything, and he flicks her forehead for calling him cute. She later finds his one line "meow" to be awkward, while others go crazy over it. Because of a change in script by Narumi, she has to kiss Ruka. Before they do the kiss, she is stopped by Natsume, who throws an eraser (an apple in the anime) at Mikan's head out of jealousy, and Hotaru, who turns off the lights to end the play. Afterwards, the play is a success. Mikan is embarrssed around Ruka and wondered what had just happened.

Mikan attends the Alice Festival Dance with her friends. As everyone asks who they will choose as their last dance partner and explain that the last partner will be the other's soulmate, Mikan is amazed that all the girls have love interests and says that she is too young to like a boy. She sees Natsume and Ruka surrounded by girls who want to dance with them. Natsume pushes Ruka to Mikan because he wants to dance with her. They dance and move on. Then, Mikan meets with Natsume and asks if he would like to dance with her, which he rejects and walks to dance with another girl, making Mikan feel annoyed. Later as Mikan walks through a secluded path for loners after going to the toilet, she meets Natsume and again asks him if he wants to dance with her, and he once again refuses. Irritated, Mikan tells him that just because the Dangerous Ability Class is not allowed to attend the festival doesn't mean he shouldn't have fun. Natsume says that is not the case; he is "different' from the others and tells her that a cheerful girl like her shouldn't get close to his darkness, which concerns her. Natsume orders her to leave and they then bicker over how Natsume doesn't call her by name, which he does suddenly. Mikan is stunned and walks away silently after he again asks her to leave. She feels her heart racing and her face blushing, and notes how Natsume said it so suddenly. Hotaru chooses Mikan as her last dance partner and Mikan tells Hotaru how things have changed. This is likely when Mikan begins to fall in love with Natsume.

Zero Invasion Arc

Mikan as a 15 year old.

Mikan and her classmates prepare for the final exams. She is explained that those who score the highest will get special benefits, including a one week visit with his/hers family, which makes Mikan decide to study hard so she can see her grandfather. Because she is average in exams, she begins studying with her friends every day until late in the nights. Her determination to study hard for the exams inspires others to study as well. Despite how hard she studied, she scored poorly.

After the final exams, there was a strange occurrence where people were losing their Alices; at the same time, Iinchou had won the Special Student Award which allowed him to leave and travel outside for a week. At that time, he lost his Alice to Yuka Azumi as he was helping her up while returning to the academy, and when he returned, he realizes that he had lost his Alice. At the same time, the Z Organization invaded the academy. Hotaru and Mikan went to see the people who took Iinchou’s Alice on Hotaru's invention. Mikan and Hotaru encounter Yuka and Shiki and then one of the people from the Z shot a poison bullet that would have hit Mikan but Hotaru pushed her and was hit in the shoulder instead, putting herself in danger. Feeling guilty that she is most likely responsible for Hotaru's condition, Mikan breaks down and berates herself for being helpless and relying on others, and Ruka comforts her. Mikan, with the help of Tono, finds out that there is an antidote for Hotaru's illness and needs to find Z's hideout to get it. Mikan, Natsume, Tsubasa and Ruka decide to go to Z's hideout to find the antidote and Iinchou's Alice. Mikan, Natsume and Ruka eat the Gulliver's Candy to make them look 15-years-old so they can sneak into the high school building. On the day of their adventure, they now have the bodies of 15-year-olds. Mikan is dumbfounded when Tono makes a perverted request to her and she is further surprised to see Natsume and Ruka older. When she slips, Natsume catches her and touches her chest, commenting that her breasts hadn't grown, much to her chagrin.[4] Despite the initial setbacks in their plan, they successfully reach the high school building and get to the Key hole, where they teleport to a wooded area.

After arriving to Z's hideout, Mikan is tasked to be in charge of Pengy the Penguin, after finding him in her bag. Later when Ruka and Penguin are about to be turned to stone by tree, she saves them with her Nullification Alice, which is powered up by Tono's Amplification Alice. The night before leaving to Z's location, Mikan and Ruka promise to give each other their Alice stones (at the time Mikan didn't know about exchanging stones meaning soulmates). After Ruka leaves, Mikan notices that Natsume was listening to them the whole time. They sit together but don't speak. When he speaks about her switching stones with Ruka, Mikan realizes that her Alice works well with Natsume's Alice and she tells him that she will give her Alice stone to him. While surprised by her promise, Natsume reminds her that she already arranged to exchange stones with Ruka, but she says that she will make two stones to give to both of them. The two argue and start splashing water at each other. Natsume suddenly tells her to let her hair down because it looks prettier that way, causing much embarrassment for Mikan.

Upon reaching the hideout, Mikan is pulled into a hole by a skeleton and Natsume is unable to save her. She wakes up to find herself in a prison with the skeleton which scares her greatly. There, Mikan meets Yuka for the first time. Unknown to Mikan, Yuka realizes that Mikan is her daughter, based on the fact that Mikan had the Nullification Alice. Mikan shouts at her, saying she hates her and blames her for stealing

Mikan and her mother Yuka's first meeting

Iinchou's Alice and harming Hotaru. Seeing her upset and angry, Yuka kicks her in the stomach but walked away with a sad look and secretly left Hotaru's anitidote under Mikan's stomach. Later, Mikan tricks the skeleton into releasing her by acting as though she was in great pain and she runs to her friends, who were already facing other Z members. Natsume berates her for being reckless but then says he will protect her and tells her to stay behind him and not leave his side. Touched by his words, Mikan tells him that she can protect herself and asks him to let her be his strength. Mikan is grabbed by a Z member and screams for Yuka to leave Natsume alone when she attempts to steal his Alice and for Natsume to run away. However, Yuka can't steal his Alice and realizes that it's because Mikan is projecting her Alice onto him to protect him. Defying orders, Yuka gave Mikan the antidote and let everyone escape. While escaping, the ground was collapsing so Mikan lost the antidote and Pengy the Penguin got it back to help Hotaru but at the cost of his life but it understood what would happen and was happy. When she returns, she has a dream of Narumi tellng her to make as many friends as she can. Ironically, she and the rest of Class B are having a sleepover at that time. Mikan is happy that Hotaru recovers and everything returns to normal for now.

Christmas Ball Arc

Mikan, along with the rest of Class B, decide to have a suprise birthday party for Natsume. They did this as thanks for what he has done, since his birthday has been delayed due to all the troubling events recently. Mikan is happy at the chance to repay him for protecting her. At the party Natsume chooses her class picture as the worst present, much to her suprise. Natsume chose hers because it reminded him that he had not befriended all his classmates. As a consequence for losing, Mikan is a slave to Yo-chan and Ruka.

Natsume kisses Mikan after she says that the tooth kiss wasn't real.

During the preparation for the Christmas Ball, Mikan meets and befriends the shy and withdrawn Nobara Ibaragi. Nobara finds Mikan cute and easy to be with because of her cheerfulness and becomes attached to her. Mikan gets Nobara to help her with some cakes using the combined powers of their Alices.

During the party, Mikan is genuinely having fun with her friends. When she sees how much Yo-chan wants to play with Bear because he lost his toy bear, she tries to get Bear to comlpy. But it will only play with Yo-chan if Mikan does the rest of the cleanup, which she agrees because it will make Yo-chan happy. After a while, she goes to the balcony for some fresh air and, as a sign of thanks, Yo-chan kisses her on the cheek and Ruka also kisses her other cheek as a sign of thank you.[5]

Afterwards, Mikan can't look at Ruka because she is embarrassed by the kiss, which Natsume and Hotaru notice. Because they didn't dance back in the Alice Festival, Ruka suggests that Natsume dance with Mikan. Mikan is nervous at first, but Natsume pursuades her to go through with it. The dance is awkward between the two, but the atmosphere becomes somewhat romantic between them. Natsume, wanting to see Mikan smile, comments how Mikan seemed happy while dancing with Ruka at the Alice Festival and asks her to smile a little, calling her an ugly girl and she retaliates by calling him an awful fox. The two insult each other, making the mood around them brighter, until a couple dancing bumps into them and they accidentally fall onto each other and "kiss"; it was a tooth kiss, according to Mikan, since only her tooth hit his mouth.[6] After this, Natsume spends his time on the Christmas tree. Mikan then is invited to dance by a strange person, whom she figures out later is the Elementary School Principal. That's when he deliberately drops her mask off ("sign of bad luck for the whole incoming year" like others said). She's so down that she leaves the dance floor and comes up that same tree Natsume's sitting and, although disappointed to find only Natsume, she cries and talks to Natsume about the what happened to her in the dance floor. Natsume calls her stupid for believing the tale of bad luck, which helps Mikan forget her problems. The conversation then shifts to the kissing incident when Natsume asks if she kissed Ruka, which she refuses to speak about and asks if he had ever kissed anyone (she had heard that he had). Natsume says she is unsuitable for Ruka, which infuriates her and she says that she wouldn't want to be the person who kissed him and that their kiss wasn't a kiss. Then, Natsume kisses her fully on the lips and she nervously returns his kiss. When Mikan pushes him away, she is breathless and he leaves after saying the kiss now counted, leaving the young girl baffled.

Days after the party, Mikan is assigned with her classmates to clean up the mess. During a break, they sit around and tell ghost stories because the power keeps flickering due to the snow storm outside. Mikan is nervous around Natsume and Ruka because of their encounters during the Christmas party. Then, Mikan is assigned with Natsume and Ruka to clean up, which makes the atmosphere uncomfortable, and the power goes out. Mikan is scared of the dark and both boys hold her hands to comfort her. When they begin to laugh, she feels better and laughs with them. They see someone (Nobara) in the dark and Mikan runs away in horror. While cleaning up once room with her friends, Mikan sees a love umbrella with "Yuka" and "Sensei" written in it, which is actually an indirect love confession from her mother to her father. Many of her friends exchange information of how common it is for Alice holders to marry each other, which makes Mikan wonder about her parents. She subconciously writes her name underneath the drawing and everyone joins in for fun.[7]

New Years Arc

Natsume and Mikan stuck together thanks to Tsubasa

On New Year’s Day, Mikan thinks that everyone forgot her birthday and leaves the party when some of her friends accuse her of being selfish when she asks Natsume why he didn't get New Year cards. She is comforted by Narumi, who gives her flowers and wishes her a happy birthday. She tells him that she likes him and he says the same. It turns out that her friends had pretended to forget her birthday because they were planning a surprise party for her and Hotaru suggested it because seeing her cry makes her smile cuter, which makes everyone think of Hotaru as weird. During her party, she notices that Natsume is isolating himself from them and gives him her bean soup to cheer him up. Later, she gets stuck to Natsume and finds out that Tsubasa put mochi powder in the soups and the maker will be stuck to the person who ate it for an hour, much to Mikan's dismay, even though she is surprised that Natsume ate her soup. Mikan wins an invitation to the Hana Hime Den, which shocks everyone because mostly star students can attend. When the mochi powder wore off and Mikan and Natsume seperated, he grabbed onto her hand and said they were still stuck. Mikan is too afriad to protest when he gives her an evil look. When Kokoroyomi asks if she preferred to be stuck to Ruka, she answers yes without really thinking about it and quickly denies it. Because of her situation, Mikan had to sleep with Natsume in his room. Although she was intially scared at sharing a bed with a boy, she feels surprisingly comfortable. In the middle of the night, Mikan wakes up Natsume because it looked like he was having a nightmare, but when he wakes up, he hugs her, causing Mikan to freak out. Then he says "Noisy, Quiet down..When it ends tomorrow I'll give you back to Ruka. Be quiet for now." which surprises her and she ends up falling asleep without realizing she is embracing him and kissing his forehead.

But Natsume and Mikan wake up in an awkward position. Mikan swears that Natsume held onto her first, but he denies it. Despite that the turtle camera Hotaru set up caught everything on tape, Mikan was to blame for the embrace.

Hana Hime Arc

Because of the Middle School Principal's interest in her, Mikan wins the chance to attend the Hana Hime Festival. When they arrive, Mikan spots Nobara and calls out to her. Nobara is completely thrilled to see Mikan, but her expression quickly changes when she saw Natsume. Natsume then pulls Mikan away when Nobara was trying to tell her that Natsume has to leave. Upon meeting the enigmatic middle school principal, she becomes excited, while the principal looks at her with keen interest.

Because of some jealous Hana Hime girls, Mikan is kept from eating, playing games, and socializing with the Hana Hime members. They spray nasty smelling medicine on her to keep her friends away from her. She feels lonely and wants to leave until Natsume brings her a mandarin orange because he can hear her stomach. She tells him that he woun't be able to come near her because of the medicine but he says that compared to the perfumes in the room, her medicine is tolerable. When Natsume leaves to go to the bathroom, Mikan asks him to come back later so they can eat together but, although he wanted to, he told her to eat without him. Later, Mikan and Youichi are taken from the group and locked away in a room by two Hana Hime girls. After being locked for a while, Youichi, who accidentally ate the Gulliver Candy, which has the ability to age the one who eats it, suddenly grows into a thirteen-year old boy. With his new strength, they managed to break out of the room. Later they are found by Hotaru, Ruka, and some of the members of the Hana Hime, including Shizune Yamanouchi. Shizune and another Hana Hime girl are seen torturing the two jealous girls from earlier, as they threaten them to be kicked out. Seeing the girls scared and apologizing, Mikan feels sorry for them and forgives them despite their wrongdoings. Relieved and totally grateful, they shower Mikan with compliments and thanks, and starts calling her 'Mikan no Kimi'.

Mikan's Kimono during the Hana Hime Arc

When Mikan and the others find out that Natsume is gone, they go looking for him but they run into Hayate Matsudaira. As Rui appears, Hotaru hits him with her Baka Gun when Rui tries to attack the group. Ruka, Mikan, and Hotaru then leave to find Natsume while Tsubasa and Youichi fight.

After hearing from Ruka about the events that led to Natsume's enrollment in the academy, Mikan was disgusted when she realized it was Persona who is the source of most of Natsume's suffering and vows to never forgive him for what he's done to Natsume. The three decide to split up in their search for Natsume. When Mikan goes her way she find someone locked up. She finds out the girl is blind and might be Natsume's sister Aoi Hyūga. Hotaru calls Mikan via Communication Ear Mufflers to inform her they had found Natsume. Upon arrival she is rather speechless at Nobara for attacking them while she and Ruka are protected by Natsume, because his Alice would protect them from Nobara's Ice Alice. Seeing Mikan causes Nobara to flee out of sadness that Mikan saw her other self. Mikan, like Hotaru and Ruka, gets her neck stung by a bug controlled by Yakumo, to momentarily paralyze her. When Person tries to infect Nobara for 'betraying" him, Mikan jumps in to protect her and gets badly infected, which angers Natsume greatly when Persona said it was Mikan's own fault. After Persona inflicts his Alice on Mikan, Hotaru attempts to use her Baka Gun on him, but Mikan pushes him away, seeing that he could inflict Hotaru, too. She asks for everyone to leave and let her deal with Persona alone. When told by them that she will die if she gets infect once more, Mikan says that she doesn't want to infect them and feels that Persona hurting her friends is worse than death. She scolds Persona for all the things he's done to Natsume and that she will never forgive him. Someone had released Aoi who appears in front of Perosna to convince him to leave them alone. Thinking her words are of a betrayal, he attempted to use his Alice on her also, but is stopped by Mikan who jumped on him taking another hit and knocking his mask off and breaking his earring which protected him from his own Alice (damaging his body). Mikan is taken out of the basement and to Subaru in hopes he can cure her because he is the only one to have survived Persona's Alice. However, he is unsure if he can heal her and Tono's Amplication Alice won't heal her either because her infections are too severe. When Natsume resolves to leave with Aoi, Mikan asks him if he really will leave and she makes it clear she doesn't want him to go.

Just as Mikan's condition takes a turn for the worse, her injuries begin to heal on their own and then there is a black stone in her hand, which is Persona's Alice stone. It is found out that Mikan also possesses another rare alice: the Stealing Alice, and the partnered Inserting Alice which she inherited from her mother. However, this is kept a secret from her. Days later, while recuperating at the hopsital, she meets with Natsume and Aoi at the gate to say goodbye to Aoi. She is relieved that Natsume chooses to stay, and after Aoi leaves, she vows to work hard to she can see her grandfather again.

Valentine's Day and Alice Stone Switching Game Arc

On Valentine's Day, Mikan decides to make chocolate for everyone, which surprises Natsume and Ruka. However, it turns out that, because all the girls put special ingrediants in their sweets, the boys tend to run away, hide, or reject them. Of course, when she returns to her class to give everyone her sweets, no one is there, except Ruka who is hiding. While hiding under a desk from his fan girls with him, she asks him to be the first person to eat her chocolates and leaves. Unbeknowest to her, she drops a piece of her chocolate and Natsume, who was eavesdropping in the ceiling, eats the chocolate himself before Ruka can. She is pulled into the bushes by Tsubasa, Tono, and Megane, who reveal the side effects of the ingrediants in the sweets they ate. They are found and run, and someone throws a chocolate at Mikan. Natsume attempts to grab it, but accidentally eats it and becomes friendly with Tsubasa due to the ingredient in it. Mikan is seen dumbfounded when the incident is published in the school newspaper.

By the spring, Class B is taught how to make Alice stones for the first time. While Hotaru, Iinchou, and Ruka are able to make large stones, Mikan and the others are able to make fragments. Then, everyone begins talking about the Alice Stone Exchange ritual; if two people switch Alice stones, they will be soulmates. Mikan is embarrassed when she remembers how she agreed to switch stones with Ruka and Natsume. When the game begins and the lights are turned off, Mikan decides that Natsume is the one who needs her stone the most and, with the help of the Teleporation Alice stone, she grabs Natsume. She gives him her stone and says that although it is small, she hopes it will come in use for his Alice. The next morning, she wakes up to find a bag with a large red Alice stone in it by her window. She is mesmerized by the stone and suspects that its from Natsume, but she decides not to question him.

Sports Arc

Everyone enters in the sixth grade and, on the day of the opening ceremony, Mikan tells her friends of a nightmare she had of being chased by Persona. She asks around about where Natsume is. When she does see him at the ceremony, she is amazed of how much he has changed; she sees that he has gotten taller. Mikan later learns there will be a new student in her class and tells her friends in the SA Class. After class, she sees Natsume and chases after him when he runs from her. She slams into him when he suddenly stopped and smiled lovingly at her and asked why she had such a face after not seeing each other for a long time, making her blush and her heart race. She asks him where he had been but he leaves without responding and she chases after him.

It turns out that Mikan is kept under keen observation by the Academy, because of her two rare Alices and the fact that she is the daughter of Yuka Azumi, who is a member of the "Z" Organization. The Elementary Principal is interested in her and her Alices, and even sent Luna Koizumi to watch over Mikan. Luna, under the guise as a new student, initially acts innocent to Mikan but causes a rift in Mikan and Natsume's relationship. Mikan is uneasy when Luna takes her seat next to Natsume and tries to touch her after Mikan tells Luna her Alice. Mikan is then horrified when Natsume, who grabbed Luna's hand to stop her from touching Mikan, holds Luna's hand. While deciding teammates for the Sports Festival, Mikan tries to get Natsume to join her team and reject Luna, but is shocked when he goes with Luna. During the festival, a lot of strange occurances happen to her. While preparing for the event, Mikan is pulled into a shed by Luna, who attempts to strangle her and threatens her that Luna will tell Mikan her birth secrets if she acts like a good girl. Luna then tells the teachers that Mikan was bullying her and, too afraid to speak, Mikan is taken away by the school police. But she is rescued by Goshima, who tells her that he was sent by someone who has been watching over her in secret. Many of the students under Luna's Alice spread nasty rumors about her, one of which Natsume questions her about. Although it is untrue, Mikan remembers Luna's threat and says that Natsume is a nuisance, even though she doesn't want to push him away from her. After one competition, which Natsume and Ruka raced over Mikan's attention, Ruka wins and asks Mikan to eat lunch with him. Afterwards, during a borrowing race, Mikan is grabbed by Natsume, disguised, and taken to the finishing line while the fireworks display "The person I love" and Mikan feels that it is was Natsume. But Luna says that Natsume was with her the whole time and other kids rumor that they are dating, which makes Mikan extremely jealous. Luna continues to pull dangerous pranks on Mikan and it only makes Mikan more certain that Luna is not normal. When she hears Natsume say some cruel things about her, she is shocked and runs away, crying. Suddenly, she gets hugged behind by Natsume and once he is gone, she realizes that he didn't mean to do it and forgives him. In the final competition, some of Luna's teammates attack Mikan, causing her to use her Stealing Alice on them and apologizes to them. She then attacks Luna and them both using their Alices knocks them out. At the end, Mikan's team wins by default.

By the summer, everything returns to normal. Despite Luna's threats, Mikan still retains her cheerfulness and closeness to others, except, unfortunately, with Natsume. She is given the title Goddess of Victory by the other students, because she is the main reason why her team won in the sports festival. After all the bad rumors, which were started by Luna, had cleared up, many students become a lot closer to her. However, they started treating Natsume indifferently. Even the ones who used to follow Natsume now admire and listen to Mikan. Despite the other sudents' doubt in Natsume, Mikan says that she trusts Natsume and will wait for him.

Life at the Academy Arc

Mikan was in Bears body.

While spending the afternoon with her friends, she realizes that she has the Stealing Alice and remembers Yuka, and how she, too, had the Stealing Alice. Mikan suspects that she may be related to Yuka if they have the same Alice.

Later on, Mikan can utilize her Stealing Alice much efficiently. Under the orders of the Elementary Principal, students begin to force her to steal their Alices (chasing her around) as a rumor spreads that whoever forces her to show her Alice can move up one star rank. Also, she becomes very close with Bear, since, while being chased by the middle school students, it helped protect her. Bear wanted her to steal his soul and return it to Kaname, who was hospitalized, thinking it would heal him. But when he gets injured, Mikan felt so sorry and she fixed it, and if she hadn't cared so much, it wouldn't have been able to move as it did now. So they became much closer, where Bear settles down on Mikan, even when Tsubasa isn't around.

During the Soul Shuffling prank from the middle school students, Mikan soul is put into Bear's body. Mikan's reaction is ultimate panic, which heightens when Kokoroyomi/Bear vanishes. Later Mikan becomes unaware of Hotaru's confrontation with Luna (who thought she was Mikan). Mikan is told by Hotaru that their bond of friendship will always last and, although a little confused by Hotaru's behavior, she also promises to be with her forever. After their conservation, Mikan, along with Kokoroyomi, are the only ones to return to their bodies. She then goes looking for Natsume, after hearing Sumire talk about being in Natsume's body gave her a feeling of weakness. She finds Natsume and not knowing that it was the real Natsume and not Bear handcuffs him to her. Mikan then tells him about how she is confused about Natsume's feelings towards her and voices her concern for his well-being, leading him to hold her hand. As he holds onto her handcuffed hand with his, Mikan realizes that she is talking to the real Natsume. She asks Natsume to promise to never leave her, which he does, and she smiles.

When Narumi is in the final stage of Persona's Alice, Mikan tries to remove the Alice with her Stealing Alice. She refuses to listen to him and is unaffected even when he hits her to stop, because revealing her new Alice will cause Mikan trouble. With Jinno's help she is able to remove the Alice stone and save him, but she collapses due to her inexperience in controlling her Stealing Alice. She was unconscious for two days and when she awakened, she agrees with Narumi to keep her Alice a secret. However, she was unaware that Natsume, who had gone to see her, had overheard their conversation when she was hospitalized and knows of her new Alice. She spends most of the summer in bed due to the physical stress of using her Alice, but she eventually gets well and begins to control her Alice.

Mikan is devasted when she learns of Tsubasa's disappearance and that he was transferred to the Dangerous Ability Class, a fact that causes her to isolate herself from everyone and she blames herself for. When she is alone in her room and crying, Natsume shows up from her window, telling her that he came to see her because he had the feeling that she was crying alone. Mikan is hugged and comforted by Natsume who promises her that he will find that guy.

Mikan escaping with Natsume

Escape Arc

To get her into the Dangerous Ability Class, Luna uses her Alice on several students to provoke Mikan into using her Stealing Alice. Those under Luna's Alice taunt Mikan on how things were fine until she arrived and that it is all her fault that things became chaotic because she is the daughter of Yuka Azumi, a member of Z and the one who stole Iinchou's Alice. They also blame her for causing Tsubasa's transfer. As expected, Mikan is upset by the accusations, but Misaki comes to her defense and beats the kids. When one of them tries to attack Misaki, Mikan uses her Nullification on him, but he claims that she stole his Alice. As a result, Mikan is dragged into the Elementary Principle's office, where he explains that because they were unsure if she had the Stealing Alice, they made the mistake over what class she had been in. The Elementary Principle welcomes her as the newest member of the Dangerous Ability Class.[8] Mikan is also called by the Elementary Principal as his "precious favorite". He also tells her that she must not resist him and accept her fate in return he will treat her better, and he has Luna brawl with her to use her Stealing Alice, which she does and steals Luna's Alice. The Elementary Principle laughs and says how amazing Mikan truly is while Luna is furious that Mikan stole her Alice in front of the Elementary Principle and says how alike she and her mother are, and is about to harm her. Natsume then arrives to save Mikan by setting Luna's hair on fire and confronting the Elementary Principle, and confesses to Mikan in front of everyone in the DA class that he loves her, which shocks Mikan. They run away while Nobara freezes the Elementary Principal’s guards and all their classmates fight the Elementary Principal’s officers to give Mikan and Natsume the chance to flee. Hotaru asks Mikan to run and says they will meet up again, even though Mikan is worried for Hotaru's safety. As they runaway, Narumi says that he is going to take her away from the academy and live with her because he can't bear to watch her grow up in the academy. He tells her to flee to the middle school building with Natsume. While running, Natsume asks her if she will accept Narumi's proposal and tells her that he wants to grow up so he can run away with her forever, which she says "Me too" and tells herself that she never wants to let go of his hand. [9]

When they get to the Himemiya’s building, Himemiya tells Mikan and Natsume that their friends and classmates will all be punished for taking part in the rebel, such as Hotaru will likely be transferred overseas for a year, which causes Mikan to collapses and she feels guilty for causing trouble to her friends. Himemiya tells Mikan to use her Teleporation Alice to teleport Natsume and herself to the High School Principal 's office. As they teleport, Mikan hears Himemiya ask Mikan to give her regards to Mikan's mother, which makes her confused. In order to get away from the Elementary Principal, the teachers tell her that she is going to escape from the academy because it will be dangerous for her to stay due to the Elementary Principal desiring possession of her Stealing Alice but she is reluctant to leave her best friend Hotaru, her other friends and Natsume. When Mikan is transported to the high school principal's office, the High School Principal introduces himself as Kazumi Yukihira, her uncle and the older brother of her father, Izumi Yukihira, and informs her about her mother’s identity. Of course, Mikan is shocked to learn about her relationship with the High School Principal, as well as some facts about her parents. Kazumi wants her to escape with her mother for her own safety, but Mikan refuses because she distrusts her mother due to her actions against Hotaru and Iinchou. Natsume tells the teachers to let Mikan choose her future and that the best way for her to decide is by learning more about her mother. With the help of Nodacchi’s Time Travel Alice, Mikan, Hotaru, Natsume, and Ruka venture into the past to learn more about Mikan's mother and father. As they are disappearing, Mikan catches a glimpse of Yuka running towards her and calling her name, but Mikan is already gone and wonders if that was her mother.

Flashback Arc

Mikan watches the past with a heavy heart and discovers things about her mother that surprise her. During one session, she finds out that Natsume's mother had been best friends with her mother and Nodacchi points out how of a miracle it is that Mikan and Natsume meet in the academy and are Alice holders. Natsume grasps her hand and they stare at each other, apparently realizing that they were meant to be together. As she continues to watch the past, she doesn't do anything significant, until she accidentally goes through the time window to try to stop her father from meeting his end. However, she is pulled back by Tsubasa before she could have the chance to warn him. Before leaving she yells “Dad” to her father. She breaks down and is held by Natsume who comforts her and tells her not to look while her father is accidentally killed by Persona. In another session which Mikan learns that Natsume's mother had the same illness as he does and made Yuka feel like a burden to Kaoru, Mikan apologizes to Natsume for never realizing it. In response, he hugs her and tells her that he won't die and leave her. Mikan hugs him back and cries in his arms.

Mikan, who is emotionally saddened by the sacrifices Yuka made, decides to go with her mother and calls Yuka "Mother" for the first time, hoping to reconcile with her. While everyone agrees with her decision, she looks at Natsume who has a saddened face and won't speak. Then she remembers the time she told Natsume not to leave her and ironically she will be the one leaving him, and cries over how her decision will affect him. Although she doesn't want to leave him, she knows that it is best for not just her well-being, but his and everyone else's. Hotaru

Mikan trying to stop Yukihara

and Mikan share a hug, promising that their friendship will last and that they will meet again.

The time to go back to the present is soon, though Mikan tells Nodacchi she would want to see more of the past. After this Tono and her hug and he along with everyone else gives her one of their Alice stones. Seeing that Natsume hasn't given her his Alice stone she looks in his direction and he points at her necklace, which holds the red stone she found in her bedroom. She is overwhelmed with surprise and amazement that the stone was really his and remembers the legend of exchanging Alice stones.

High School Division Arc

Mikan and the group return to the present where she is shocked to find Kazumi’s office in a mess. Hayami gives Mikan information that the Elementary Principal is looking for her and Yuka. This sudden news causes Mikan to worry that her mother has been captured. Natsume then reminds Mikan of the conclusion that she made from time traveling: that she would leave with Yuka, and that he will protect her. With this, they unanimously agree to fight against the Elementary Principal to reunite Mikan with Yuka.

Mikan and everyone are running away and run into a Fuukitai member who turns out to be Goshima. He tells them more about the current situation, which is, that Yuka is waiting for her at the Keyhole to escape together. Suddenly a letter from Yuka and a bag of alice stones appear. Yuka is wondering if Mikan also has the Inserting Alice, which is what the Alice stones are for. Tono shoves his Amplification Alice stone in Mikan's throat to awaken her Inserting Alice, much to everyone's shock. Mikan then has an aura surrounding her and Hotaru tests Mikan to see if it did awaken her new Alice with another of Tono's Alice stones, which disappears on contact. Knowing that Mikan has this Alice she starts putting compatible Alice stones into everyone.

Praying for help from her mother, father, and everyone, Mikan inserts Alice stones into everyone. This, however exhausts her. The Alice stone in her body is learned to be Sakurano's Teleportation Alice stone; the same Alice as Yuka. When the pursuers suddenly arrive Natsume protects Mikan with his flames and yells at her to use the Teleportation Alice to run away. She doesn't do this and teleports everyone away from the Fuukitai. Yuka is then seen commenting on how she hears a voice; Mikan's voice calling after her and that it might be from a Telepathy Alice. Unfortunately they are teleported into a mob of students who are after them. After Natsume uses his Wish Alice on them. She is told by him to use her Teleportation Alice once again. Mikan tells Hotaru she can hear her mother's warm voice and wonders if it really is hers, but Hotaru reassures that it truly is. Mikan tells Hotaru that she truly wishes to meet her mother and tell her that she loves her.

When they are attacked again, Nobara decides to fight the Dangerous Ability Class on her own. Mikan becomes devastated when Nobara stays behind. She tries to convince Nobara to come with them, but Natsume explains to her that even if she doesn't understand Nobara's feelings she should let Nobara go and focus on reuniting with her mother. After seeing Hotaru's brother, Subaru, being under Luna's Alice, Mikan, without a thought, tries to remove Luna's Alice stone from Subaru's body. She is unable to, because of Subaru's Pain Alice hurting her and she becomes momentary captured by the Fuukitai. That is until Sakurano and Jinno arrive and Jinno attacks her capturer with his Alice. Hotaru then tells Mikan to go to her mother, since time is running out to use the Keyhole, and Hotaru decides to stay behind to deal with her brother alone. Mikan and Hotaru hug one last time before Mikan leaves to meet her mother. To Mikan's surprise, Hotaru kisses her shortly, as a sign of friendship. Hotaru tells Mikan that she loves her more than she knows and is thankful for her friendship that changed her. Though, Mikan is unable to hear Hotaru' words, as she teleports away with everyone else, she later hears them with her Telepathy Alice. Mikan is sad about leaving Hotaru and cries. She then apologizes for crying and says strongly that her tears will make her stronger, so she could protect everyone.

Mikan and Yuka finally meet.

Since Ruka's Barrier Alice weakens greatly, Tono says that it is best to separate into small groups. Ruka will go with Mikan, while Natsume, Tsubasa, and Tono stay behind to hold back the Fuukitai. As Natsume protects Mikan, she feels Natsume's feelings with her Telepathy Alice. These feelings are described by Mikan to be "strong", "flaming", "painful", and "like a scream". As she feels Natsume's feelings, Mikan realizes that she is in love with Natsume and confesses to him. As she leaves to the Keyhole with Ruka, Mikan is speechless when he confesses to her, but he gives his prayers for her and Natsume being together. Mikan then becomes worried about Ruka's health, because he is using an unfamiliar Alice, but he tells her that he's fine, and that she too is also becoming very tired from using her unfamiliar Alice. After that, they are seen by the Fuukitai. Ruka tries to force her to teleport to the High School Division, but was stopped when Natsume appeared defeating the Fuukitai and is full of wounds. Mikan asks why Natsume came, but instead of waiting for his answer, she runs into his arms for an embrace. Natsume then states that until the last moment, when she gets to the gate, he will be by her side, and says he doesn't want to be separated from her. While Mikan responds the same way. Mikan meets with her mother, Yuka, and they both share a hug. Mikan then says for her mother never to cry anymore, then smiles and says, "I love you." to each other. The two are interrupted by Luna, who orders them to be captured, but was stopped by Yuka's alice, teleporting everyone to the High School building.

Yuka, Mikan, Shiki, Narumi, and Natsume split into two groups to escape from Luna and the Fuukitai to make it to the Keyhole. But as Yuka inserts the key, the Keyhole suddenly explodes. Mikan finds her mother badly burned and injured. Natsume gives her his Healing Alice, but it does little effect. Yuka reachs out and calls for Mikan as she opens her eyes and holds her while reminiscing her memories that she does not want Mikan to have, and they both cry. As Yuka is dying, she looks at Luna and apologizes, much to Luna's surprise. She then closes her eyes as the Fuukitai who treat her injuries confirm her heartbeat stopped. She apologizes to Mikan in her mind for everything that has happened as she passes away. Mikan softly calls for her mother and is in shock when her mother doesn't respond. She cries over the death of her mother and Tsubasa appears to attempt to comfort her, but he quickly changes and it turns out to be Goshima. Then, the Elementary Principal appears and orders Goshima to hand her to him as Yuka's replacement, leading Mikan to realize that the Elementary Principal ordered Goshima to kill her mother. Natsume tries to save her, but no avail due to the Elementary Principal’s barrier. Then, Shiki offers the Elementary Principal an exchange that he will be the new middle school principal and fix the barrier so the Z Organization won’t invade if the Elementary Principal will spare the rebel students from punishment and clear the false allegations against Kazumi. However, the Elementary Principal won't accept Shiki's proposal. Seeing the academy and her friends in danger, Mikan begs Shiki to save everyone, because she can't leave things like this and her mother wouldn't either. The Elementary Principal eventually agrees to Shiki's deal but only on the condition regarding Mikan. He says that he will agree to the deal if Mikan is transferred into his care but Shiki refuses this. Ultimately the two decide to have a joint guardianship of Mikan. Mikan accepts this and, although sad, she does so to protect her friends. After Shiki apologizes, Mikan puts on a brave smile and is comforted by Narumi.

Current and Final Arc

Due to Shiki's agreement, Mikan is transferred to the Labyrinth Mansion, which is protected by a barrier, and is kept in isolation. She attends her mother’s funeral and is sad as her mother is buried next to her father.

Mikan's sad look at Yuka's funeral.

She is comforted by her uncle and Shiki as the funeral ends. Mikan's friends try to stop her from leaving with the Elementary Principle and ask

Mikan bidding her friends goodbye.

her where they're taking her. When the Elementary Principle reminds Shiki of their deal, she gives them a brave smile and says goodbye to them. When she sees Natsume, the two share their feelings telepathically and Mikan gives him a tearful smile when he promises to save her. Three months later, her friends have not seen or heard from her ever since, causing them to worry about her well-being. Due that Elementary Principle has laid out strict rules, she is not allowed contact with her friends, she cannot attend school events, and she is even forbidden from leaving her room. However, she is allowed to be visited by

The HSP and Mikan's lessons in the Labyrinth Mansion.

Bear, (who keeps her company), Kazumi (who helps with her studies) and Shiki. Mikan has grown close to her uncle, whom she now calls "Uncle", and Shiki, who treats her with kindness. Despite the circumstances, Mikan says she isn't all too lonely or sad. She is thankful towards her parents and knows that they are watching over her. She, however, misses her parents and has dreams/nightmares about them. At

The HSP and Shiki spending time with Mikan.

night, she hears Natsume calling her telepathically as he searches for her and longs to see him again. She is upset that Shiki has forbidden her from helping Nobara by stealing Persona's Alice. He tells her that doing so will cause the Elementary Principal to make his move and start using her Alice, as the Elementary Principal has been told that she is too young and not proficient enough to use her Stealing Alice. Although, it doesn't stop the Elementary Principal from asking her to steal the Alice stone Yuka put in his body, an action she promptly refuses to do so with hateful eyes aimed at him.

Mikan watching the Christmas party on TV.

During the Christmas party, Shiki allows her to watch the event on monitor since she is not allowed to attend, but it only makes her sad because she wants to celebrate Christmas with her friends. Bear comforts her by giving her a present of nuts and acorns it gathered, but then Shiki teleports all the

Mikan receiving the story books sent by her friends.

books her friends had picked out for her, which makes her feel touched that they care about her. She cries when she reads Natsume's letter and hears him calling her, and runs to the balcony. Right then, Shiki opens the barrier and they see each other. Mikan cries in joy and she kisses Natsume's hand when he

Mikan finally meeting Natsume.

sees a guard and covers her mouth or else they will be found, and she tells him that she missed him. According to Natsume, she has been calling to him somehow. Mikan is embrassed and accuses Natsume of making it up, but says it could be true. Although she can't leave, Mikan says that being with Natsume is a blessing and makes her happy. To make up for not getting

Mikan kisses Natsume for his Christmas present.

Natsume a present (altough she didn't expect to receive any) Mikan offers Natsume anything. His request is for her to kiss him, which flusters her, saying she couldn't do it because she was embarrassed. When he tells her he will leave, Mikan kisses him. When Natsume asks for another kiss, she says she can't because it will make her heart explode. Then, Natsume asks Mikan to tell him that she loves him, much to her growing embarrassment. She then confesses to Natsume that she loves him after he promises to tell her after she does for him and she proceeds to call him names that she then brushes off as unnecessary. Natsume tells Mikan that he loves her more than anyone now and forever, and the two kiss once more. Soon after the kiss, when Natsume asks her to

Natsume and Mikan's kiss symbolising their vow to be together forever.

wait for him, she promises to wait for him no matter how long it takes and asks him to not be reckless. Then, Mikan gives Natsume a larger alice stone and says that they now can be happy together forever. Natsume says that it's a proposal, making Mikan blush furiously. Natsume tells her that she is his forever, and softly kisses her alice stone making her blush even more and said even if she doesn't love him anymore he would never give back the alice stone she gave him. Both Natsume and Mikan swear they'll be together forever, with the moon as their witness for their vow, and they seal the vow with a kiss. Soon after that, Shiki closed the barrier and Natsume falls off, calling Mikan's name before he falls on the snowy ground. In addition to missing the Christmas party, Mikan is not allowed to celebrate New Year's Day with her friends. However, Bear is with her and she does receive New Year's cards from her friends, and is happy with just that. Then, she suddenly senses something about Nobara's condition. On the day of the New Year's concert, she is visited by Shiki, who notices that she is writing in her journal. He snatches it from her and reads the wishes she wants to accomplish once she is released from her room:

Mikan's journal with her wishes

1) See the sea with her friends,

2) Go on a date with Natsume,

3) See her grandfather,

4) Go shopping with Hotaru.

She and Shiki talk about how he and Yuka and some of Mikan's classmates have seen the sea. Mikan has never seen the sea and wishes to be able to see it if they ever have a chance to leave the academy. She then asks what is happening outside and Shiki tells her that there will be a concert, which excites Mikan. Even though Shiki warns her that the performer will be someone she doesn't want to see, she insists that she watch it from the monitor. Shiki relents to her request and she is thrilled to be able to watch the concert. For some reason, the screen won't show the concert when she tries to turn it on. After some time, it finally works and Mikan sees Narumi holding the Elementary Principal with a clawed hand against his throat, which shocks her. Mikan tries to escape from the room to stop Narumi from killing the Elementary Principal, knowing it will be trouble to him. But, Bear stops her because of Shiki's warning of the Elementary Principal taking control of her Alice if she escapes. Mikan proceeds to cry as she watches Narumi express his regrets and wishes to helps those victimized by the Elementary Principal but prays that he doesn't actually kill the Elementary Principal. Like everyone else, she is shocked that the Elementary Principal was actually Goshima in disguise and the real Elementary Principal appears before a battle errupts between him and the students and teachers. After the Elementary Principal escapes from the chaos and her friends are teleproted away, the Elementary Principal’s officers try to force open her doors, announcing to her that the Elementary Principal has ordered her to be turned over to him. At the same time the men are attacked by the Dangerous Ability Class who have come to rescue her, Mikan sees Nobara's spirit behind her. Realizing that Nobara is close to death, Mikan subconciously uses the teleporation alice to teleport herself to the emergency room, injuring herself in the process due the Himemiya’s powerful barrier. She ignores Sakurano and Subaru's warnings and uses her Stealing Alice to remove Persona's Alice stones from her body, saving her from death. She then places Subaru's healing alice stone in Nobara. However, Mikan quickly feels faint for oversuing her Alices, but she is relieved that Nobara is alive. Persona and the Elementary Principal’s officers appear and tell her to surrender peacefully and

Mikan places Subaru's healing alice stone in Nobara.

they won't harm her. Mikan vows that she will never let anyone, especially the Elementary Principal, have her Alice. As they come under attack, she uses her Nullification Alice to act as a barrier, but once again she feels weak from the overuse. Subaru and Sakurano tell her that they can't teleport her to the Himemiya because the Elementary Principal may have predicted her escape all along and they decide to fight instead. However, before they can, Persona betrays the men and defeats them because he wants to help Mikan for saving Nobara. Mikan is reluctant to let Persona help her

Mikan forgives Persona.

because of what he did to Natsume, Nobara, and her father. But Nobara clings to Mikan's hand and asks Mikan to forgive Persona. With that, Mikan agrees to let Persona help her and calls him "Rei" (the name her father gave him years ago). As they are running together, Mikan tells herself that she hopes everyone can forgive Persona so they can move forward together. Then, Persona tells her that Natsume and the others are battling the Fuukitai and that he will risk his life to fight the Elementary Principal. Mikan rejects his idea and tells him not to give up his life so easily. She is also worried about Natsume due to his poor health and says that she wants to protect Natsume and everyone rather than be protected by them. She receives Hotaru's Baka Canon to protect herself with against the Fuukitai. They are then confronted by Luna and more Fuukitai. Mikan is protected by Persona, who takes several knife attacks. Determined to protect Persona and save everyone, Mikan carries him and vows to save everyone. She throws the bullets from the Baka Canon at the Fuukitai to get away, but no avail. She nearly gives up when Persona falls and bleeds excessively, until Reo uses his Alice on the school intercom. When the Fukkitai and controlled students regain their senses, they attack Mikan. She uses her Stealing Alice to remove Luna's Alice stones from them, but a bright light appears as she uses it and suddenly feels exhausted. She then realizes that she may have the 4th Alice characteristic after remembering what Nodacchi told her about it. The students tell Mikan to escape with Persona, but she tells Luna that she wants Luna to live happily with her Alice and remember that everyone cares about her. Halfway to the Elementary Principal’s room, Persona tells her he can't go any further and she must get to Natsume. Initially reluctant to, Mikan tells him that she hopes he will like his Alice so her father can be happy in heaven. She learns of Natsume's bad condition from the boy who unintentionally stabbed him and asks to be taken to him. Before going, she thanks Persona for his help. She teleports to Natsume and finds him not breathing. She screams Natsume's name in horror and sadness. She realizes that Natsume is not dead yet

Mikan finding Natsume dead.

because his flames are still burning and pleads for him to come back to her. Scared to lose him, she subconciously uses her Alice to save his life, while she grasps the Alice stone he gave her a year ago, and faints on top of him. She tries to stop Tsubasa from attacking the Elementary Principal but Luna kills the Elementary Principal to stop him. Tono and Sakurano are unable revive Natsume when his heart stops beating. Kazumi tells Mikan to insert Natsume's Alice stone into him to save his life. But in the process

MIkan finding out that she was no longer an Alice

, Mikan realizes that she had lost her Alice when she stopped Natsume's flames, which leaves her devastated. Kazumi tells her to absorb her Alice stone to give her the ability to insert the stone into Natsume, but if she does so, she will no longer have an Alice and be unable to remain in the academy. Unwilling to lose Natsume forever, Mikan sacrifices the last of her Alice to save his life. Before she does so, she kisses the unconcious Natsume and professes her love to him. Her sacrifice, however, was in vain and Natsume is confirmed dead. To save Mikan from having a breakdown, Hotaru pleads with Nodacchi to go back in time and save him. Although changing the future is forbidden, Nodacchi agrees but says Mikan will still have to accept that Natsume is dead. Nodacchi, Hotaru, and Subaru take Natsume and travel to the past. With the loss of Natsume, something in Mikan dies and she becomes visablely sullen. She meets with Kazumi, Shiki, and the academy council. There, she learns that not only will she be forced to leave the academy, but

Mikan using the last of her Alice to save Natsume.

they want to erase her memories of everything concerning the academy "for her own good" because she is too deeply connected to the academy and would be an easy target for many anti-Alice organizations. Mikan adamantly refuses to let them take her memories away because she never wants to forget Natsume and her friends. She frantically begs her uncle to prevent this. Narumi uses his Alice to knock her out and holds her, and tells her that it is in her best interest that she forget everything that has happened. Mikan is allowed to return to Class B and reunite with her friends before her memories are due to be erased. Mikan is happy to be with her friends again, but deep down, she is suffering because she misses Hotaru and Natsume, and is afraid that she won't be able to see Natsume again before she loses her memories. Her friends notice her pain and try to comfort her but ask her why she doesn't cry. Mikan replies that she has done enough crying and she is trying to stay strong for their sake. However, when she is alone, Mikan lets all her emotions out and cries, so that they wont worry about her. When she is allowed to sleep in another room, she picks Natsume's room and asks herself how much longer she has to wait for him and worries that he is still dead. The class decides to make a memoir of their favorite memories of Mikan. Mikan is touched to hear her friends talk about their favorite moments with Mikan and how much she has changed the academy and brought hope into their lives. Even the students, such as Sumire, talk about how much they

Mikan receiving the Bellflower.

like her. Kokoro blurts out to the entire class about Mikan getting kissed by Natsume and Ruka at her first Christmas party and about Mikan's many kisses with Natsume at the recent Christmas party, much to her embarassment. At the end, Mikan is presented a bouquet of flowers embedded with several Alice Stones from Misaki; each flower/stone symbolizing each memory from her friends. The next day, Mikan is packing her belongings to get ready to leave tomorrow. She wants to hear Bear's favorite memories of her, but instead it picks a fight with her. Mikan goes to Kaname to tell him about Bear's attitude, and Kaname says that Bear is expressing its anger and lonliness at Mikan becuase her departure will be painful to it. With this in mind, Mikan

Ruka confessing to Mikan again.

is able to reconcile with Bear. After visiting with Kaname, Mikan goes to Central Town with Ruka to get her grandfather a present. While on a break, Ruka confesses his love to Mikan again. Rather than giving him a response to his confession, Mikan promises to him that she will visit with him when she is given the opportunity in the future. Later that night, as she is drifting off to sleep, Mikan hears someone calling for her and looks up to see a flash of light, that then reveals Hotaru. They share a happy reunion, long enough

Mikan and Hotaru reunite after the latter disappeared to save Natsume.

for Hotaru tell Mikan her favorite memory of her. Then, Hotaru knocks Mikan and returns to the time realm with Subaru and Nodacchi to face the consequences for changing the future by saving Natsume. The next morning, Mikan wakes up and looks for Hotaru, and no one has no idea where she is. Later that day, Mikan is getting ready to leave the academy, with her friends and classmates there to bid her farewell. Because Bear doesn't want to be separated from Mikan, Kazumi allows her to take It with her, but only on the condition that no one must never know Bear's connection to the academy. The Middle Division forms a band, with Sumire leading them, as a farewell present to Mikan, which is Yura's idea. Mikan cries, grateful that she has so many people who love her. Despite Ruka's pleas for Mikan to stay, Mikan

Mikan's memories being erased.

says goodbye to everyone and bravely smiles as she walks out of the gates. She meets an unseen person who ultimately erases her memories. Afterwards, she is returned to her village.

Mikan 16 years old

However, due to her status in the academy, Mikan is still the wanted by enemy organizations, who still believe she has an Alice. As a result, the academy watches her carefully from a distance, and even sends a rehabilitated Goshima out to protect her while in disguise, and forms a barrier around her village. Four years later, Mikan is 16-years-old and in high school. She has no memories from her time in Alice Academy, but feels that she has been somewhere else and met people she can't remember. She is very popular at school, espeically with the boys and her teacher because she is really pretty and cute, but she refuses to go out with them because she senses that she is waiting for someone she had loved in the past but wonders who. While hanging out with her friends at the beach, mysterious men attack them and try to capture Mikan. She is saved when someone sets the men on fire. Mikan suddenly remembers when she first saw Natsume. Then Narumi suddenly appears and knocks the men out, and Mikan remembers first meeting Narumi, but doesn't recognize him. Then, one of her friends beats one of the men and reveals herself as Goshima in disguise, confusing Mikan even more. All of a sudden, someone grabs her hand and pulled her back. When Mikan turned to see who it is, it turns out to be Natsume. Although she strongly feels that she has met him, Mikan doesn't recognize Natsume, who greets her by touching her chest and saying it has grown a bit, much to her chagrin. She is then reunited with Ruka, Tsubasa, Tono, and many others. Even though she has flashbacks of them, she still doesn't recognize them. Confused, Mikan tries to run away before being stopped by Natsume, who pulls her into

Mikan and Natsume finally reunited after 4 long years.

an embrace. He proceeds to tell her his feelings about her departure and how he has been searching for her for the last four years, and she still belongs to him. Mikan suddenly realizes that the feeling she has for her unknown lover is the same with

Mikan shares a happy reunion with her friends.

Natsume, and she returns his hug. She then finds her tiny Alice stone, the first one she gave to Natsume when they were eleven, in his pocket. Wanting Mikan back, Natsume gives it to her and she absorbs it, regaining some of her Alice . As soon as she absorbs the stone, Mikan suddenly regains her memories of everything she had forgotten. When she realizes that she is looking at a healthy and very much alive Natsume, Mikan cries in joy and the couple embraces, knowing that, after four years of separation and enduring harships that threatened their relationship, they can finally be together forever. She also shares a happy reunion with Ruka, Narumi, Tsubasa, and Tono. She asks if Hotaru is with them, which they reluctantly say no and that Hotaru went back in time to change Natsume's fate, and as punishment, she has been trapped ever since. Goshima tells Mikan that he is deeply remorseful for her mother’s death and wanted to repent by protecting her, and asks for her forgiveness. Although her parents would have wanted her to forgive, Mikan can’t bring herself to fully forgive Goshima but is grateful of him protecting her. Shiki, Sakurano, and Nodacchi arrive and greet mikan, much to her surprise. Shiki tells her that Kazumi is talking with her grandfather about letting her return to the academy. Ruka gives the mushroom transmitters to Mikan, who hears Hotaru greet Mikan for today is her 17th birthday. Mikan cries over Hotaru's sacrifice in order to give her happiness. Mikan makes it her main goal to find Hotaru, which everyone supports. Just then, all of her former friends, classmates, and teachers from the academy appear, and happily greet Mikan. She also reunites with Nobara and Persona, who are now a couple and have a newborn child. As Mikan shares a heartful reunion with her friends, Shiki recalls the wishes she wanted to fulfill when she got out of the academy; the first one was to go to the beach with all her friends. Shiki and Narumi talk about how grateful and proud they are to have made Mikan happy. Tono uses his Alice to amplify her Alice and makes a seductive remark towards her, which ends up with him being beaten by Natsume, Ruka, Shiki, and Kazumi. Nodacchi offers to help Mikan, Natsume, and Ruka with their journey to find Hotaru, and everyone cheers for the three to do their best. The series ends with Mikan, Natsume,and Ruka beginning their quest to find Hotaru.

Kageki no Kuni no Alice

Several months later, Mikan has returned to the Academy as a high school student. She and Natsume have started wearing matching promise rings on their left ring fingers to solemnize their relationship. She visits the Alice Academy Opera Troupe school with Natsume to visit Aoi, who had transferred after she left the Academy years earlier. Mikan meets Hikari Andō, whom she realizes is Tsubasa's younger sister. Mikan warmly greets her while chastising Natsume for being rude to Hikari that she is unworthy of being in the school. Upon learning Mikan knows Tsubasa, Hikari is eager to learn of Tsubasa's whereabouts but Mikan says she hasn't had contact with Tsubasa for a while. Narumi later asks Mikan if she regrets coming to the Academy and she says no because she believes in Narumi. She then holds hands with Natsume and Narumi observes their promise rings. Mikan notices Bear had taken an interest in Hikari and allows it to follow her around. Mikan also meets Ema Shinomiya, who is Hikari’s ‘older sister’ and one who requires protection from a dismayed Natsume. When Ema uses his Alice on Natsume to tease him for talking harshly to Hikari, Mikan was dismayed at Natsume for causing a chaos with his Alice in anger.

Days later, the Alice Festival begins and Mikan takes part with the Special Ability Class, with Natsume volunteering to help her with the preparations. However, she grows worried upon learning Hikari may be in trouble. She assists Tsubasa with keeping Hikari away from Ema and Aruma, as the two brothers are bitter rivals and the latter is determined to kill the former. However when Aruma is forced to transformed to his werewolf form to save Hikari from his subordinates and Hikari saved him from being eliminated by the academy officers, Mikan, along with Natsume and Ruka, visited the two in the hospital afterwards. Mikan later meets Shizuka Imai, a relative of Hotaru’s.


At age eighteen, Mikan was able to briefly reunite with Hotaru, who temporarily returned into the time realm. Despite Hotaru’s visit being short and she had to leave, Mikan was happy to see Hotaru and reaffirmed her belief they will meet again. Sometime after she graduated from the Academy, Mikan fulfilled her promise to Natsume and they got married.


Mikan uses her Nullification Alice to stop Natsume's flames.

Mikan wields very rare and important Alices, which were inherited from her parents. This surprises many of the older members of the Academy, and like her mother before her, Mikan's Alices make her a target for the Elementary School Principal.

Until her entry into the Academy, Mikan's Alices were never heard of or mentioned, then as the story progresses, she learns and discovers how to use her Alices. Her first Alice is the Nullification Alice (無効化のアリス Mukōka no Arisu), inherited from her father, Izumi Yukihira. Mikan can completely negate - for an undetermined amount of time - the powers of any Alice in close proximity to her. Initially, this ability was involuntary and only appeared during cases of extreme danger, but gradually, she learned how to properly control it. In the current arc, she is shown using her alice skillfully enough to blow away enemies who attempted to attack her and even project it to Natsume when Yuka tried to steal his Alice so as to protect him.

It is revealed in the Current arc that her Alice shape form is the third shape, Intermittent, which means that her Alice possesses a huge amount of power but the alice vanishes immediately. In chapter 165 and 166, she uses the last of her Nullification Alice and Stealing Alice and Inserting Alice to save Natsume, making her a non-Alice now.

Mikan heals herself by stealing Persona's Alice.

Mikan also possesses the Stealing Alice (盗みのアリス Nusumi no Arisu) and the partnered Inserting Alice (挿入のアリス Sōnyū no Arisu). These were inherited from her mother, Yuka Azumi. Like the Nullification Alice, the Stealing-Alice is a defensive type, but it can be also be used offensively. Mikan has the ability to steal the Alices of individuals through physical contact. When used strongly, her Stealing-Alice may leave the victim temporarily weakened. After the stealing process, Mikan can turn the stolen Alices into Alice Stones. She also has the ability to insert the stolen Alices in other compatible individuals. Mikan "healed" herself from Persona's alice by stealing the alice from her body. She later healed Narumi who was suffering from the same thing.

She seems to have the ability of precognition or premonition, to see future probabilities through dreams. This becomes more apparent when she dreams about Hotaru being called to the principal's office and it happens.

Both the Nullification Alice and Stealing-Alice are considered to be rare and unique.

Mikan is highly compatible with different kinds of Alice. This stems from the fact that she is related to people with very special Alices. Izumi Yukihira, her late father, had the Nullification Alice, and her mother, Yuka Azumi, has three Alices: the Inserting Alice ,the Stealing Alice and the Instant Teleportation Alice. Her uncle, the high school principal of the academy, is regarded as a "god" due to his Alice of Longevity and Alice Detection. Her parents, her uncle, and herself all possess very rare Alices, making them special to the academy.

Apart from her natural-born Alices, Mikan is seen to be skilled in using different powers available to her. Given by Sakurano, the Teleportation Alice, which proves to be highly compatible with her due to the fact her mother also possesses this Alice, is under her full control. She is able to activate and use teleportation in succession easily. In addition to that, she is compatible with Tono's Amplification Alice as well and is able to draw out its full power. Mikan later gains the Amplification Alice ability, which awakens her Inserting Alice.

Mikan also gains the Telepathy Alice, another Alice she gained from Sakurano. With telepathy she is able to transfer or sent out her thoughts and emotional sensations to others, whether she does it voluntarily or not. As seen with Sakurano, Mikan is presumably capable to psionically sense or track other living beings several miles away. Despite of her appearance, Mikan is able to use her Alices with full control, like her family.


Natsume Hyūga

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Mikan and Natsume.

Natsume and Mikan are sworn enemies, mainly due to their constant bickering and opposing personalities. However, as the series progresses, the two became close and eventually fell in love with each other. Natsume considers Mikan as his sun and Mikan considers Natsume her most important person due to that her Alice works best when it involves him.

Mikan first encountered Natsume on her first day in the Academy, when he attempted to escape but was stopped by Narumi. Later that day, as she was waiting alone in one of the Academy's rooms with a sleeping Natsume, he suddenly woke up and pinned her down on the couch, demanding for her identity and threatening her with his Fire Alice. Mikan panicked and refused to tell him who she was, and Natsume unbuttoned her skirt in an attempt to embarrass her (in the manga, he manages to steal her underwear). When Narumi reentered the room, Natsume promptly escaped on one of Ruka's bird friends, holding out her underwear and stating "Polka dots". This first meeting planted a seed of hate in Mikan for Natsume, which she would carry with her for a very long time.

Mikan continued to despise Natsume but she later grows to care about him, constantly worrying about his well being. One of her first signs of protection was when she risked her life to save Natsume from the Anti-Alice Organization with the combined effort of Sumire. Unbeknownst to her at first, Mikan’s feelings for Natsume gradually evolved from hate to friendly and romantic, as did Natsume’s. He was often cold and unfeeling towards others at the beginning of the series, except to his best friend Ruka, but is eventually drawn to Mikan because of different she perceived herself compared to their peers: she was naturally cheerful and friendly, and never thought of herself as special. Mikan initially believed she was too young to like a boy, but she quickly realizes that she feels attached around Natsume and that her Alice works best when it involves Natsume. She eventually feels drawn to Natsume because of his protection and devotion to his friends and her.

It eventually becomes apparent that Natsume's feelings for Mikan are love, something which he hides and fights in a friendly manner against his best friend Ruka, who is also in love with her. Mikan remains as the only girl Natsume calls by her real name, and the two were each other’s first kiss; having kissed twice during the Christmas Ball, after Mikan forcefully dismissed the first one as a “tooth kiss” after she fell on him while dancing and her teeth touched his lips. They shared three more kisses during their second Christmas Ball and exchanged vows to be together forever.

Mikan and Natsume's many kisses.

While Natsume was unconscious and dying, Mikan kissed him and reaffirmed her unconditional love for him, pleading for him to be forgiven for his past sins and let him live a happier life. Mikan grew protective of Natsume afterdiscovering that he was being abused by the academy and she tried doing what she could to help him. Despite his cold attitude, she tried to befriend him, and she succeeded in winning his respect after saving him from Reo. She wanted

Mikan is concerned about Natsume's Alice.

Natsume to be the person to accept her alice stone, even after realizing the meaning of the alice stone switching tradition but with the intention of helping him with his Alice rather than becoming soulmates with him. When Luna showed up and began flirting with Natsume, Mikan reacted jealousy. She was heartbroken when Natsume called her nuisance who didn’t deserve sympathy from her friends but she quickly deduced he was feigning this on Luna’s order after he hugged her and she forgave him.

Mikan developed unwavering trust in Natsume after this incident; when their classmates doubted Natsume for being with Luna, Mikan said she trusted Natsume and would wait for him. Mikan reacted surprised when she heard Natsume openly confess his love for her in front of the Elementary School Principal but quickly accepted it as she felt the same way, especially after telepathically sending the strength of his feelings for her, which she described as powerful enough to make her cry. Mikan also admitted she shared Natsume’s desire to escape from the Academy to be together forever and she was comforted by him as she cried in his arms after learning her parents’ past. She also apologized to Natsume for never realizing his illness but he hugged her and assured her he will always be there for her. Mikan suggested they do the Alice Stone Exchange to officially become soulmates but when Natsume corrected her that it was also a proposal, she was embarrassed but as he formally proposed to her, she accepted without hesitation. Mikan was devastated when Natsume was dying after fighting with the ESP and willingly sacrificed her Alice to try to save him, but despite her efforts, he died. Mikan was overcome with grief and insisted Natsume be kept with her before Hotaru, Subaru, and Nodacchi left with his body to find revive him. Afterwards, Mikan spent several days crying and kept to herself, feeling empty if she never got to see him him. Even after her memories were erased, Mikan sensed she had truly loved someone and, upon seeing Natsume alive after four years, she suspected he was the one she loved. Natsume gave back her Alice Stone, which helped her recover majority of her memories, and Mikan broke into tears of happiness when she remembered Natsume, conforming Mikan still loved him. Afterwards, Mikan and Natsume began wearing promise rings to solemnize their relationship and developed a more loving relationship, although Natsume still teases her.

Mikan and Natsume at 16-17 years(Memorial Book)

Mikan and Natsume continued their relationship in the Memorial Book. Natsume's life has been extended due to the fact that Mikan inserted her Alice Stone in him. Because of this, he and Mikan are determined to spend as much time together as they possibly can. After Mikan graduated from the Academy, she married Natsume and she lived a happy life with him.


Mikan's parents are Izumi Yukihira and Yuka Azumi. Mikan's father, Izumi, died before she was born at the hands of the Elementary Principle. Mikan does accidently meet him during the time travel arc, when she fell into the hole and tried to stop him from going to the ESP's office because she knew he was going to die. She screamed "Daddy" before being returned to the hole and cries in Natsume's arms as she watches her father die. Mikan doesn't meet her mother until the Z arc, more than 10 years after they were seperated. Although, Mikan was unaware of their relationship. Mikan was seperated from her mother as a baby when Yuka decided Mikan was better off without her. During the escape arc, Mikan discovers that Yuka was her mother

Mikan with her mother,Yuka and her father Izumi.

and refused to go with her out of hate from when Yuka stole Iinchou's Alice. However, after seeing her mother's past, she decides that she loves her mother and embraces her when they meet, even saying "Mother, I love you." She is devestated when her mother dies and cries in disbelief. She is depressed at her mother's funeral, but recovers and keeps a photo of her parents close to her, cherishing them and happy that they were her parents.

The High School Principle is Mikan's paternal uncle (her father's older brother). She doesn't find out about their blood relationship until chapter 101, when he confesses the truth of her family. She was secretly protected by him ever since she entered in the academy, indicating that he knew about her before she came to the academy. He wants her to escape from the academy with her mother, knowing she is in danger and is unwilling to allow her to have a similar fate as her parents. After her mother's death, he watches over her and helps her with her studies, and they quickly build an uncle and niece relationship. Mikan grows emotionally close to her uncle and is glad that he cares about her. Mikan's grandfather is not related to her by blood, but he actually adopted her when her mother left her in his care to protect her from the academy. She loves her grandfather and even tried to escape once to see him. She keeps in contact with him through letters. Even when she finds out that they are not blood-related, she still considers him as her grandfather. Mikan never meets her mother's family, who abandoned her mother at the academy at age 5 and turned her away when she escaped.

Hotaru Imai

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Mikan and Hotaru are best friends, although Mikan is a direct contrast of Hotaru's torpor.

Mikan and Hotaru meeting

In the fourth grade, Hotaru transferred to Mikan's small-town school from the city and had a hard time fitting in with the others due to being a genius. At first, Mikan chose to ignore her and disliked her because of her blunt and serious attitude. However, everything changed when Hotaru confronted Mikan about joining a dance and singing competition. The two won the competition together and became famous in their neighborhood. From then on, Mikan began caring deeply about Hotaru and the two became as close as sisters, even though their personalities are the exact opposite. It was when Hotaru suddenly transferred to Alice Academy that Mikan ran away after her, ultimately becoming a part of the school herself. While Mikan is cheerful and outgoing, Hotaru is rational and brutally honest. While

Mikan and Hotaru

Mikan always has on a smile, Hotaru often has a poker face. Despite how badly she treats her, Hotaru cares for and loves Mikan as a sister figure and often protects her, even saying she is the only one allowed to make Mikan cry. She even says that she finds that making Mikan cry makes her smile cuter.

The two get into fights sometimes (mainly due to Mikan complaining about Hotaru's indifference) and Hotaru does not think twice in hitting Mikan with one of her inventions. Despite being cold and rational, she cares for Mikan deeply and likes seeing her smile. She is aware of Natsume and Ruka's feelings for Mikan, but keeps quiet about it. She also knows who Mikan is falling for (Natsume). Hotaru can be very protective of Mikan and she just enjoys teasing, or more accurately, torturing Mikan's many admirers, mainly Natsume and mostly Ruka.

Hotaru is prepared to sacrificed herself whenever Mikan is in danger, and her works that have adapted to her (such as Penguin) are prepared to sacrifice their lives for the sake of Mikan. Whenever something wrong or awkward occurs to Ruka, Hotaru is always there to takes photos of him, and

Hotaru hitting Mikan with one of her inventions.

it is usually because of Mikan's requests such as swtiching clothes that gets Ruka in to these kinds of trouble. On the final arc, Hotaru recognized the depth of Mikan and Natsume's love for each other and, believing it is their destiny to be together forever, she sacrifices herself to save Natsume from death. As a result of changing history, she was trapped in the time vortex along with her brother. 4 years later, after Mikan regained her all of her memories but barely those of Hotaru, Mikan learned of her best friend's actions and began to cry but still smiled just for Hotaru's sake and decided to find a way to see Hotaru again. Mikan says their fate will always be bound, even if they are not together. In the epilogue, Hotaru managed to return to the present and reunite with Mikan when they were 18, but she was still forced to return to time traveling and both promised to see each other once more.

Ruka Nogi

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Ruka is one of Mikan's many admirers and good friends, despite also being the best friend of Natsume.

Mikan and Ruka's first encounter was when she was being pinned down by Natsume on the couch. Although

Mikan and Ruka

he is quite shy and quiet towards Mikan, fearing that Natsume will grow angry if they become friends, he eventually softens up to her and develops a crush. Mikan quickly found Ruka to be nice and friendly and started treating him as a good friend, which ultimately started their friendship in the first place. Once he notices that Natsume has, too, softened to her, Ruka accepts her friendship and since then has been there for her. However, his feelings quickly become that of an elementary school crush for her, but he keep quiet about it. When he becomes convinced that Mikan likes Natsume, he grows jealous and determined to win her instead - in a friendly way. Throughout the series, Ruka becomes more committed to liking Mikan, but she remains oblivious of his feelings. He has kissed her, but more modestly on the cheek. Ruka's feelings toward Mikan become obvious quite early in the series. He becomes speechless whenever he sees Mikan in pretty or revealing clothing (such as at the Alice Festival) and makes an effort to understand and communicate with her, even when it may oppose Natsume, who initially saw her as a rival in

Ruka blushes when Mikan asked him how she looked and the onlookers tease him.

the beginning. His feelings are so obvious that several students form a "Watching Over Ruka Club", meant to spy on the boy and his attempts at winning Mikan's heart. However, knowing that Natsume also loves Mikan, he stated that Natsume needs Mikan more than he does. Ruka finally confessed to Mikan in chapter 134, however he wanted Mikan and Natsume to be together knowing that Mikan loves Natsume. Although it pained him to let go of his feelings for her, he is happy for them because he is grateful for Mikan for changing Natsume and bringing him happiness. Although he is still in love with her, Ruka and Mikan remain good friends.

Mikan often calls Ruka "Ruka-pyon", the nickname she gave him. "Pyon" literally means "hop" in Japanese, and is a very cutesy way for a girl to refer to her friends. (Ruka also carries a rabbit around with him most of the time, corresponding to the nickname further.)

Narumi L. Anju

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Narumi is the homeroom teacher of Mikan's class, as well as the first one to discover Mikan's Nullification Alice upon her arrival at the Academy. As his pheromone abilities had no

Mikan and Narumi.

effect on the child, he suspected an Alice at work, and allowed Mikan to enter the school. From then on, the two develop a close Father-Daughter relationship, in which Narumi goes at great lengths to protect and nurture Mikan. He even says that she is his favorite student. Mikan adores Narumi and thinks of him as a father figure because she never knew her parents (until chapter 101) and often times goes to him for advice and comfort. However, like everyone else, she thinks of him as an idiot when he says or does something stupid.

Mikan begins calling Narumi "father" due to missing her grandfather. (She originally asked if she could call him "grandpa", but he asked to be called "father" instead as he is too young to be a grandfather.)

Later in the manga, it is found that Narumi harbored unrequited feelings for Mikan's mother, Yuka. It is proven that he is not Mikan's biological father, rather that he made a promise to Mikan's mother to look after Mikan during her stay in the Academy, which explains his protective and father-like attitude. However, there have been hints that he may love Mikan as something more than a daughter figure due to her close resemblance to her mother, but never fully admitts it.


Mikan and Tsubasa and Misaki.

She also has innocent crushes on Tsubasa Ando and Kaname Sonō, who

Mikan and Tsubasa.

are in the upper years. She first met Tsubasa when he saved her from some middle school bullies. It is revealed that Tsubasa is actually her very first senpai. She describes him to be kind, cool and someone with a face of a movie star, while she views Kaname as more of a prince. She usually clings to Tsubasa and finds comfort with him whenever she faces deep problems. Tsubasa is more like an older brother to Mikan, but he's also one of the reasons why Natsume gets jealous (as in episode 16 of the anime). She also gets along well with the other members of the Special Ability Class to the point that they are like family in school. In addition to that, Mikan has shown great respect and admiration for Misaki Harada, looking up to her like an older sister. She finds Misaki comfortable to be with, like Tsubasa, and the two share a good relationship.

Yū Tobita a.k.a. Iinchō, the class representative of the Elementary Class B, is one of Mikan's first friends in the Academy. According to the author, he fell in love with Mikan at first sight. However, he is content with remaining as one of her closest friends and he is always ready to help Mikan in almost anything. In episode 7, Mikan needs to find members from her dodgeball team and approached Hotaru to help but she needs money to open the doors of Hotaru invention but went broke and asked Iinchō to lend her 50 rabbit to open the doors.[10]

Mikan and Nobara.

Mikan also befriends the beautiful yet shy Nobara Ibaragi, who possesses the Alice of Ice and Snow. On their first meeting, Mikan feels lonely for Nobara because no one seems to like her. Nobara quickly grows attached to Mikan and often expresses her fondness for the young girl. Nobara is willing to betray Persona in order to help Mikan, but she also pleaded with Mikan to forgive Persona and not feel hate towards another person. In the epilogue, Nobara names her baby daughter after Mikan.

Mikan and Sumire.

Sumire Shōda used to be on bad terms with Mikan mostly because Mikan was receiving a lot of attention from Natsume and Ruka. Mikan teasingly calls her "Permy" due to her hair. Sumire became good friends with Mikan later on after the two of them followed a kidnapped Natsume, but still considers Mikan as a rival in all sorts of things. She later comes to admire Mikan to the point where she defends Mikan when Luna started spreading false rumors about her and was willing to go against orders to help her escape from the ESP. She also showed great sadness when Mikan left the academy, and was one of the first people to hug her when Mikan reunited with the rest of her class in the final chapter.

Shūichi Sakurano and Subaru Imai are very close to Mikan's mother, Yuka Azumi, and because of that they swore to protect Mikan at all costs. They took the teacher training program to become teachers to stay in the academy and to watch over Mikan. Sakurano, most especially, acts very kindly to her and has shown so many signs of fondness for her, while Subaru treats Mikan much better than other people.

Akira Tonochi is one of Mikan's seniors. He is a ladies' man and enjoys flirting with Mikan.She feels comfortable around him, however her innocent personality makes her oblivious to his perverted comments. Tono is also deeply concerned about Mikan's well-being and played a vital role in securing her safety during the Escape Arc. When Mikan became a teenager, Tono asked her if she wanted to get "closer" with him, leading him to get beaten by Natsume, Ruka, Shiki, and the High School Principle.

Mikan has a good bond with almost everyone. She loves all her friends equally, as a part of her innocent personality. while she got off on a bad start with various of her classmates and other students and teachers due to her stubborness and naivity, she has since become well-liked due to her kindness and friendly nature, as well as her hardworking skills and determination. She has even befriended those who were doubtful of her and become popular among her peers. Even the teachers who considered her a bad influence have grown to accept her as a member of the school.

While she has managed to gain a lot of friends and admirers, she is on bad terms with the Elementary Principle and his followers. When she realized that Persona was the source of Natsume's pain, she detested him and refused to forgive him. She was furthermore shocked after she discovered that it was Persona who had accidently killed her father. However, with some soft pleas from Nobara, Mikan saw Persona's pain and desire to redeem himself, and forgave him. Mikan was shocked to discover Goshima had betrayed her by aiding with the ESP and followed his order to kill her mother. Mikan even expressed no sadness for Goshima when Narumi unintentionally almost killed him. However in the years that followed after the ESP’s death, Goshima expressed genuine regret for his crimes began secretly protecting Mikan in disguise until he revealed himself and apologized. Although Mikan can’t forgive him for murdering her mother, she reluctantly accepts his apology and wants him to continue atoning his sins. Mikan hated Luna almost immediately after they first met; Luna flirted with Natsume right in front of Mikan but began tormenting Mikan and framing her misdeeds. After learning Luna was working for the ESP, Mikan didn’t restrain her disdain for Luna but later recognized Luna began to doubt the ESP after Yuka’s death. Mikan used Luna’s confusion as a lesson by telling her to think of a positive way to use her Alice and she hoped Luna could find happiness with it. This caused Luna to realize she had lost everything precious to her because of her devotion to the ESP and used her Alice to end his life to atone her sins, and apologized to Mikan, who was happy that Luna had reconciled with her feelings. The person Mikan obviously hates the most is the Elementary Principle, because he is the true source of the academy's chaos and the sufferings of so many innocent people. Her hatred grows when she learns that he is the one who ordered her parents' deaths and has used Natsume and other students as pawns for the academy. Despite this, she is willing to be at his mercy in order to protect her friends from him. As much as she despised him, Mikan doesn't approve of anyone taking matters into their own hands by killing the ESP and restoring peace in the academy. However, she exhibited relief when news of the ESP's death at Luna's hands was announced and this allowed Mikan to forgive Luna for her wrongdoings against her and Yuka.


Mikan Sakura's Gallery


Animax had ran ads for their hottest babe lineup on Jan 1st 2006 with Mikan. In an official Japan Poll for the most popular manga 2005, Mikan was ranked in 16th place for the Best Female Character category.[11] She was nominated for the Saimoe 2005.[12] Mikan was also nominated and got qualified to Round one of the Sailoli contest 2008, beating Chihiro Ogino in Group D.[13] In 2005 Anime Grand Prix, Mikan was in 45th place in the Favorite Female Category. In all the contests, Mikan is the only Gakuen Alice character present.


  • The name Mikan means "tangerine" (蜜柑), which corresponds to her light orange Alice Stone color.
    • Her name is also a pun on Yuka, because a part of Yuka can mean "citrus".
  • Mikan's surname Sakura means "help, aid" (佐) (sa) and "warehouse" (倉) (kura).


  • In Higuchi's previous work M to N no Shozou and her current work Gakuen Alice both the male and female lead start with the same letter; ("M" Mitsuru and Mikan), ("N" Natsuhiko and Natsume).
  • Like her mother, Mikan has managed to gain a love triangle with several boys who have crushes on her. Natsume and Ruka have feelings for her, but Iinchou is said to have fallen in love with her at first sight.
  • January 1st is not her true birthday, but the day Mikan's grandfather was given Mikan. Her true birthday is May 17, meaning that she is actually almost a year older than most of her classmates.
  • In an interview with Tachibana Higuchi, the author hinted that Mikan is her favorite character in the story [14].
  • Mikan's alice stone color is Mandarin Orange.
  • Mikan is from a village in the Kansai region, which is revealed by Kokoroyomi the first time he read her mind, and it is later revealed that she's from the Kyoto prefecture.
  • Mikan has been connected to Natsume since they were born because of their mothers' friendship and that they were both named after fruits.
  • Mikan 's adopted surname is Sakura. But it is never revealed whether her surname is Azumi or Yukihira. It is more likely that Yuka gave her her father's surname Yukihira when she was born.
  • In chapter 38, Mikan was told by Natsume that she looked better with her hair down, and in chapter 143-145, she is seen with her hair down when Natsume comes to see her and they confess to each other. Also, when she becomes an adult, she officially wears her hair down.
  • Mikan's promise to be with Natsume forever technically means that she is engaged to him.
  • Mikan is a year older than she thought she was; discovered when it was revealed that January 1st wasn't her real birthday, and meaning that she is really six months older than Natsume.
  • Although she grew up in the country, she has a fear of ghosts and horror stories.
  • it is revealed in chapter 166 Mikan's Alice Shape is Intermittent when she uses the last of her alices to save Natsume from dying.
  • As shown Mikan has a hard time on speaking English shown while she was talking to Amanatsu.
  • According to Masachika Shiki, Mikan inherited her terrible cooking skills from her mother, Yuka.


  • Maybe this sorrow will one day be joined to equal parts of strength. Someday, in the future, I will really be able to protect someone. With strength, I'm going for it. With perserverence, ever forward. Waiting for that moment to finally happen.
  • Natsume is always involved in difficult situations, and most of them involve Alices. So I guess...Natsume needs my stone the most then...I would want to be of help to him...even just once.
  • To me, death is not the scariest thing at all.
  • I've passed through so many moments with Natsume but still, why could I only see the changes in Natsume's outside? Why couldn't I even think a little...about what is hidden far inside?
  • Work together with everyone, motivating one another...even though they may not be your close friends, you can still understand each other. I'm looking forward to bonding with more people.
  • If I grow up and become powerful and make a fantastic alice stone, I will give that stone to Natsume.
  • I've been helped by Natsume quite a few times too, I'd like to get him something."
  • Others are others, I am myself.
  • Help comes from unexpected corners.
  • What kind of school IS THIS?
  • Don't let yourself be hurt so much anymore...rather, let me be your strength.
  • I'm really a big idiot, wanting to protect someone, isn't something that can be easily done. Whether it's Tsubasa-sempai's maturity, Hotaru, Natsume, and everyone's strength and gentleness, they've become stronger, step by step, after every experience...I've gotten through that, and yet I wanted to take a shotcut. Everyone's tears are the result of my weakness.
  • Don't go, Natsume. I want you to come to me.
  • Earlier, when Natsume hugged me, his hands felt hot, shaking a bit, filled with regret.
  • You wouldn't go somewhere and leave me behind, right? Promise me, Natsume.
  • Natsume...me too. I don't want to be separated. I don't want to let go of this hand.
  • Natsume's feelings are pouring in, no matter how hard I try to explain in words, I have never felt anything tremulous, like this, in my life! Natsume...I love you too...I love you...I love you so much...I don't want us to be apart.
  • I...I love you. You idiot, Natsume. You selfish and moron.
  • With this, we will always be happy together...forever.
  • a feeling so strong, intense, and painful, almost like a scream, these are Natsume's feelings.


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