Mihara Kanbu
Gender Male
Age No information
Height No information
Weight No information
DOB No information
Blood Type No information
Alice Stone Conversion Alice
Alice Type No information
Alliances Z
Anime No appearance
Manga Volume 7, Chapter 39

Mihara is a member of the Ant-Alice Z organization that opposes Gakuen Alice. He goes by the nicknamed of Medusa for his Alice to turn anything into stone.

He doesn't appear in the anime.




Mihara is first shown in Z's hideout asking Yuka how long she is going to wear her mask. He was metioned beforehand, by Yuka to be the "guardian" of the mountain. A name he obtained, because of his Stone Conversion Alice being embedded into things, such as trees to stop intruders. Mihara also has another name, Medusa.

Later, Mihara traps Natsume Hyuuga, Tsubasa Ando, Ruka Nogi in a large room where he and Shiki Masachika are waiting. He is greatly interested in the "Black Cat", who is Natsume and has contacted his boss of the discovery. When Mikan Sakura arrives to rescue her friends, Mihara captures her as a hostage taunting her friends that with her in his grasps they could do nothing. Yuka is ordered by him to steal "Black Cat's Fire Alice along with the others Alices, which she refuses, stating that her Stealing Alice can't be used three times in a row. He responds that she is useless and commands Shiki to capture the other two; Tsubasa and Ruka.

Mihara sadist nature emerges as he turns Tsubasa's leg into stone, Ruka's shoulder into stone and Natsume arm. Mikan is angered, yelling at him to stop and subconciously using her Nullification Alice in the process. He is caught off guard, but then orders Yuka Azumi to steal Natsume Hyūga's Alice. However, Yuka is stopped when Mikan releases a powerful nullification. Following with Natsume causing Z to selfdestruct with his Alice. To his utter suprise Yuka stabs him in the back with a knife, offering those who have been effected with his Alice to lick the blood. Seeing this, he shouts that Yuka and Shiki are traitors, but mostly directed at Yuka.


Mihara has the Stone Conversion Alice that allows him to turn things into stone. He appears to able to use his Alice without needing to contact physically with what he wants to turn into stone.

In the woods, outside of the hideout is a tree that also has the same ability and has his Alice Stone embedded in it.


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