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Latent Alices have to do with "ESP" abilities, and are commonly associated to superheros. Most of the students of the Academy have Latent-type Alices.



Makihara has the Instant Teleportation Alice which helps to teleport.


Although it is the most popular Alice class, it is not centered on in the series, and so not many students of the class are known.

Subaru Imai

Main article: Subaru Imai

Subaru is the representative of the Latent Ability class and has the Healing and Pain Alice which helps them to heal someone or make pain to someone.

Yū Tobita

Main article: Yū Tobita

Yū has the Illusion Alice which helps him to make imaginations.


Main article: Kitsuneme

Kitsuneme has the Flying Alice which helps him to fly up.

Yura Otonashi

Main article: Yura Otonashi

Yura has the Divination Alice which helps her to see what is happening.

Wakako Usami [Anime Only]

Main article: Wakako Usami

Wakako is able to transport objects telepathically using her Alice.


At school festivals, such as the Alice Festival, the Latent class is known for setting up booths and attractions that give different experiences to participants. For example, some popular Latent attractions include mind-reading booths, flight experiences, and haunted houses etc.

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