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Gakuen Alice ~Kira Kira Memory Kiss~ was released on June 22, 2006, for the PlayStation 2 in Japan.

The Story

In the game you lost your memory and you suddently appeared in the past! You timetripped with Noda-sensei who brought you with him during one of his trip. You don't know anything about yourself but that you're an Alice Gakuen student since you're wearing the uniform of GA! Later in the game, you'll discover that you came in the past for a purpose: to save the whole school by an upcoming danger, which is brought up by a guy, the blue haired guy, that appears in the video! (the one with a light blue shirt), who's callled a "Anti-Alice" and is you enemy.


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About the game

The character appearing in this game is an invented character that can learn 5 types of alice during the game depending on the character your trying to conquer(to become his best friend or his girlfriend). This character has nothing to do with Luna or Natsume's sister.The main character doesn't have a specific name. So you have to give her a name.

So you start as a 0 stars and try to firstly learn what's your alice and try to become a special stars(like natsume's status) by taking exams. The exams differs depending what your alice is.

There're other 4 types of alice:

- Clairvoyance (Latent Type) - Perfume (Technical Type) - Down-sizing (Somatic Type ) - Trap/Pitfall (Special Type) - Black Hole (Dangerous Type)

The Alice type is depend on what story do you choose. If you choose Natsume story, your Alice will be Black Hole Alice.

Of course, depending on what Type you are, once a week, on Friday, you'll be able to increase the like/love bar of a certain character so it's better to have his/her same alice type so that you're always with him/her and he/she won't keep SECRETS... in Natsume's case, if you're not in his same class, he would lie about his injuries and won't tell you about his special missions outside the school.


  • Some of the picture in this game make everyone mistake there will have season 2 .
  • A Visual Fanbook for the game was released in the latter half of 2006.
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