Let's Go Back to the Academy



Gakuen he Kaerou

Japan Air Date

19 February 2005

Adapted from

Chapter 015
Chapter 016



Opening Song

Shining Sun

Ending Song

Rainbow of Happiness

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Mikan runs back to the warehouse after she realizes that Natsume plans to commit suicide and take the enemies with him. Sumire runs to find help but is grabbed by someone. In the warehouse, Natsume has a flame in hand and calculates how he is going to complete his plan. He finds there is enough gunpowder in the warehouse to destroy the next two warehouses near by, and therefore, he will be able to kill all of Reo's men and Reo himself. However, just as he is about to make his move, Mikan calls out to him and pushes him to the ground.

Mikan then berates a surprised Natsume for thinking about killing himself and asks him if he really wants to die. Reo uses his Voice Pheromone Alice to stun everyone, but Mikan who is immune to his Alice. Natsume asks Mikan why she came back and she tells him that she could never leave him because he is her partner.

When Reo commands his men to capture the two, Mikan throws dirt into a man's eyes and grabs Natsume so they can escape. They make it to some stairs and accidentally fall to the bottom. Natsume tells Mikan to run away for her own safety but she refuses. Growing irritated at each other, Natsume orders her again to go but she tells him she won't. She tells him that, although she doesn't understand what his problems are, she knows that everyone back at the academy cared about him no matter how much it didn't appear. She gets a pipe as they hear the enemies coming after them.


Mikan stopping Natsume's fire alice

Mikan tells Natsume, "Let's go back to the Academy," and Natsume silently looks at her, seemingly to agree. The enemies find them and push Mikan out of the way. One man grabs Natsume and another pushes Mikan into a wall when she tries to save him. She seriously hurts her head and Natsume, angry that Mikan is hurt, uses his Fire Alice to make the explosives in the warehouse go off.

Sometime later, Mikan wakes up in the hospital and is surrounded by Narumi, Hotaru, Ruka, and linchou. Sumire comes into the room and says that she was found by a police officer who took her back to the academy. Narumi says that Reo was never found at the warehouse and escaped from the blaze. Mikan asks how Natsume is and Ruka says that he is fine and thanks her for saving him. For saving Natsume, Narumi awards her a One-Star rank. Mikan is so excited that she jumps out of bed and runs to Natsume's room to show him but finds him asleep. She is relieved that he alright and says she will show him later.

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