Gakuen Alice Chapter 009 jp

Title- Dodgeball Game


Volume 02

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Mikan introduces Tsubasa to her friends at a tea party in the woods. When they see Bear serving tea, Mikan and her friends freak out, but Tsubasa ensures them that Bear would not hurt them in his presence because he and Bear's creator are friends. He then tells them about his mark of punishment, which is comparable to Natsume's cat mask. Because Mikan has been complaining about how hostile and rebellious her class is, Tsubasa tells her that her classamtes are rebelling not because of Natsume but to draw attention to themselves. He suggests that she try to befriend them in an attempt calm them down. Tsubasa also tells Mikan to use her head and to be happy. This gives Mikan the encouragement to ask her classmates to play dodgeball with her. They reject her at first, but they agree after she tells them she knows they already knew they would lose. They come up with a bet that if her team wins there will be no bullying, but if Natsume's team wins, Mikan's team would be their slaves. Because of this, most of the class is on Natsume's team, though some students (ex. linchou, Anna, and Nonoko) voluntarily join Mikan's team because they were already being bullied. Ruka is accidently put on Mikan's team, which angers Natsume. The game starts and Mikan's team is doing well; being able to dodge easily because Natsume has too many teammates, but Natsume's team starts cheating by using their Alices. To make things worse, Natsume reveals to everyone that he saw Mikan's underwear, which causes her to accidentally hit Hotaru in the face. Ruka and linchou cheer Mikan up, and at the end, the teams tie but everyone has fun. Natsume leaves to get some water and is approached by "Mask" who says he has a mission for Natsume.



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