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Title- Ability Class


Volume 02

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It's Saturday and the Junior and Elementary divisions are having classes together based on Alice type. It is learned that Hotaru is in the Technical class, linchou is in the Latent class, and Ruka is in the Somatic class. Narumi tells Mikan that there are five Alice Ability classes: Latent, Technical, Somatic, Special, and Dangerous. Latent and Technical are the most common and popular among the academy. Special is the most unpopular and has the smallest amount of students. Dangerous is considered to be isolated and is forbidden from associating with the other classes. Because the Special Ability class consists of rare and unusual Alice, Mikan is put in this class (because her Alice is very rare). She is unhappy because her class is considered unpopular by the academy. While on her way, Mikan runs into Natsume who is running away from "That Guy". He grabs her and tells her not to say anything, because "That Guy" is looking for him nearby. After he is gone, he releases her, and Mikan is mad that he did that to her, but he ignores her outburst. Mikan and Natsume are then found by Junior Division students. They make fun of Natsume for skipping class with Mikan, whom they call Natsume's girlfriend, much to her disgust. Natsume ignores them and starts to walk away, and one of them calls Natsume a murderer. This angers Natsume into igniting a flame on him and the junior calls for help from the "Mask" and attempts to use Mikan as a hostage against Natsume, but Natsume smiles that he doesn't care and leaves. With Natsume gone, the juniors start to bully Mikan. This wakes up another junior named Tsubasa who saves Mikan using his Shadow Manipulation Alice. Tsubasa becomes Mikan's first sempai and takes Mikan to the Special Ability class after learning that she is the new student. While there, Tsubasa is hit by a can by Misaki for being late, but she reverts to amazement seeing Mikan. Mikan then is welcomed with open arms with a party. The class had arranged for a welcoming party for Mikan, which makes her feel truly comfortable for the first time since her arrival and comes to think of the class as a new family.



New Characters

Mask/That Guy- Alice Unknown
Tsubasa Andou- Shadow Manipulation Alice
Misaki Harada- Alice Unknown
Megane- Unnamed
Bully- insulated Natsume
Other Bullies- girl and other guy

New Alices

Tsubasa Andou- Shadow Manipulation Alice

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

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