Gakuen Alice Chapter 007 jp

Title- Hardships and Friendships


Volume 02

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Mikan is in shock that her star rank is No Star. Sumire laughs at her new status and says to Mikan that she is the first No Star in the Elementary Division. At the teachers lounge, Misaki tells Jinno that Mikan's star rank was too strict, but Jinno replies that the Nullification Alice reminds him of a bad example. Takahashi who is a robot shows Mikan to her room in the attic. Her rank also causes many other discriminations (smallest allowance, less food, and more chores), which makes her upset. She writes a complaining letter to her grandfather, but after seeing very young children who had no choice to come academy, while she chose to come to the academy, she decides to change the letter to saying that she can't go home just yet. Mikan then is assigned to a chore to clean up the barf cans and is determined to improve her Star Rank. Narumi seeing this compares Mikan to a unnamed young women who was strong and determined like Mikan. A few of Mikan's classmates, including Natsume and Ruka, are nearby watching Mikan and making fun of Mikan for her rank and chores. But they are amazed by how hard she is working and remark that she's tougher than they thought. After finishing her chores, she meets with Ruka who tells her that she is targeted and that she should not trust the teachers, which confuses her. While in Jinno class, Mikan is yet again accused as a troublemaker. He tells her that he hates people like her and that he knew of someone with the same Alice as her and that that person had met a tragic end. He attacks her with his Electricity Alice. Luckily, Hotaru hands her a mirror that bounces Jinno's Alice on himself. Though this gets Hotaru punished by getting her Star Rank momentarily reduced, so Mikan has to give Hotaru her food.



New Characters

Takahashi - Robot made by someone named Takahashi

New Alices

Jinno - Electricity Alice

Cultural References

"Easter eggs"

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