Gakuen Alice Chapter 004 jp

Title: The Real Entrance Exam


Volume 01

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In the teachers' lounge, Narumi and Serina, who is a teacher with the Clairvoyance Alice, dicuss Mikan and he tells her that she may the "key" to the future of everyone, and especially to Natsume. Meanwhile in the Northern Woods, Mikan, Hotaru, and linchou encounter a doll-like bear. While linchou is terrified of it and Hotaru guards herself, Mikan thinks it's cute and tries to play with it, but it beats Mikan and sends her flying. linchou explains that this bear is called Mr. Bear and was made by a student with the ability to transfer souls into stuffed animals. Hotaru spills water on Mr. Bear and the group escape in Hotaru's giraffe car. They decide to take a break from their journey and make a fire. It is then learned that Hotaru has the Invention Alice and that linchou has the Illusion Alice. Mikan asks Hotaru to tell her about Natsume. Hotaru tells her that he detests the school and that there is a rumor that he is a murderer, which makes Mikan curious about him even more. After this, suddenly a giant chicken named Piyo appears in front of the group being attracted by the smell of their food. They run away and hatch a plan to capture Ruka since he has the Animal Pheromone Alice. They successfully capture Ruka with a illusion made by linchou.



New Characters

Serina Yamada - Clairvoyance Alice
Mr. Bear (named)

New Alices

Serina Yamada - Clairvoyance Alice
Hotaru Imai - Invention Alice
lincho - Illusion Alice
Ruka Nogi - Animal Pheromone Alice
Unknown Student - Soul Transfer into stuffed animals

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments