Gakuen Alice Chapter 003 jp

Title- Class B


Volume 01

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When Mikan enters her new class, Class B, she is surprised to feel an uneasy aura as she sees her classmates acting wild and using their Alices to cause chaos. But, linchou cheers her up and says that she can come to him anytime she wants. Hotaru tells Mikan that she is aiming for the Best Student Award and says that she and Mikan must act like complete strangers total strangers if she's going to win it. When she introduces herself to the class, her classmates bully the teacher mercilessly and look at Mikan with skepticism, meaning that Mikan is not welcomed by her classmates. She sits down in her seat and greets the boys sitting next to her, only to find that she is sitting with Natsume and Ruka, the same boys who bullied her and stole her underwear before. Natsume remembers her by calling her Polka Dots. In her horror, Mikan shouts at Natsume, calling him a molester and pervert. While Natsume is unfazed by her words, the other students are mad since the majority of the class are on Natsume's and Ruka's side. This causes them to bully Mikan for disrespecting Natsume, whom they call the leader of the class. They become more angered when Koko reads Mikan's mind and says that she doesn't know her Alice. Sumire, a member of the Natsume and Ruka fan club, tells her of the superiority of being an Alice, causing Mikan to be angered and she tells them to shut up. She then gets attacked by the students, but Hotaru saves Mikan with her horse hoof. Hotaru warns the kids that only she is allowed to make Mikan cry, but then she ignores Mikan when Mikan tries to embrace her. Sumire begs Natsume to deal with Mikan for causing the chaos. Curious about why he was unable to use his Alice on her, Natsume proposes a challenge that if Mikan and make through the Northern Woods, she will be accepted. Mikan accepts and is accompanied with Hotaru and linchou. In the woods, they meet a teddy bear cutting wood.



New Characters

Kitsuneme (unnamed) - Flying Alice
Fukutan (unnamed)
Anna (unnamed)

Nonoko Ogasawara (unnamed)
Koko Yome - Mind Reading Alice
Sumire Shouda
Mochiage - Telekiness Alice
Mr. Bear (unnamed)

New Alices

Kitsumene - Flying Alice
Mochiage - Telekinesis Alice
Kokoro Yome - Mind Reading Alice

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments