Gakuen Alice Chapter 002 jp

Title- The Academy


Volume 01

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Once inside the main building, Narumi leaves Mikan alone in a room with a unconscious Natsume because he needs to speak with the Headmaster of the Elementary Division regarding enrolling Mikan into the academy. She is then confronted by Misaki who barges into the room, because Narumi stole some of his whip beans.

Because of how Narumi dealed with Natsume, Mikan is a bit scared of Narumi. Misaki explains to her that Narumi is not a bad person and that he simply used his Human Pheromone Alice to make Natsume unconscious. It was necessary to knock out Natsume because he was attempting to escape and that Narumi will cover for him because Natsume would be the subject to severe punishment for his attempted escape.

When Mikan asks about the cat mask, he goes on that the cat mask she is holding is a sign of a dangerous person, which makes Mikan curious that Natsume is considered a dangerous person. Misaki is called out of the room, but warns Mikan to push the emergency button if Natsume wakes up.

Mikan is then left alone again with Natsume. She pinches his nose to be sure he is asleep and looks at some pictures of Hotaru and herself. Before she even realizes it, Natsume wakes up, grabs her pigtails, holds her down on the couch, and demands who she is, even threatening to burn her hair if she doesn't tell him in 5 seconds.

Suddenly, Ruka crashes through the window via a giant hawk. Initially surprised to see him, Mikan expects Ruka to help her, but he and Natsume are actually best friends. Ruka lets Natsume bully Mikan, even suggesting that Natsume scare Mikan with his Alice, but Natsume says it won't work and says it could be that he is too tired to use it.

Narumi and Misaki arrive to find that Natsume has stolen Mikan's underwear calling her "Polka dots". Mikan is upset about this, even saying she can never get married because of this incident, but Narumi cheers her up by telling her she was approved into the academy, though she will have to gain her classmates approval. Narumi introduces her to the class representatives Iinchou and her friend Hotaru. Hotaru and Mikan hug and arrive to their classroom.



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