The Evil Spirit Manipulation Alice (悪霊使いのアリス Akuryō tsukai no Arisu) allows the holder to control evil spirits and demons, which has been shown to not be limited to just ghosts but also curses like Rui Amane's Curse Alice. Not only is the holder able to manipulate evil spirits, but can also absorb most negative spiritual Alice attacks to amplify the power of the holder's own Alice.

It is currently unknown whether this Alice belongs in Special Ability, Latent Ability, or Somatic Ability, if it had not already been labeled as a Dangerous Ability.

Alice Holders

Yōichi Hijiri

Yōichi is currently the only known holder of this specific Alice. In his three-year-old form, a lock of Yōichi's hair stands up when he uses this Alice, and he has impressive control. In his older form, Yōichi has much greater power and control, and his hair doesn't stand up.

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