The Amplification Alice (増幅のアリス Zōfuku no Arisu) is an Alice that allows the user to amplify or strengthen the Alices of others. Just like the Nullification Alice, this Alice is only of use because of the existence of other Alices. The Amplification Alice will affect any Alice it is in proximity with although the amplifying power will depend on the compatibility of this Alice to the one being amplified and the will of the owner to strengthen or "bring out" the power within an ally. Because this is a very rare Alice, only Akira Tonōchi is shown to possess it. Later, Mikan Sakura and Nobara Ibaragi makes use of this Alice as well, but only after Mikan used her Stealing Alice on Tono and inserted it to herself and Nobara via her Inserting Alice.

Alice Holders

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