Gender Genderless
Age No information
Height No information
Weight No information
DOB No information
Family Hotaru Imai (creator)
Anime Episode 3,9
Manga No appearance

Amanatsu (甘夏 Amanatsu) is a robot version of Mikan created by Hotaru and introduced in Episode 9 of the anime. Amanatsu is the counterpart to Penguin from the manga. She herself has stated that she is a trial product of robots who have the ability to cheer up people, like Mikan.


After first coming to the Academy, Amanatsu was the first thing Hotaru created. To show her gratitude, Amanatsu tried to help her but caused only trouble instead. After some time, Hotaru started not asking her to do things.


Despite looking a lot like Mikan, Amanatsu is much stronger than her; being a robot created by Hotaru Imai. They both do have the same personality. However, Amanatsu lacks the ability to cheer people up like Mikan.


  • Amanatsu is believed to the anime verison of Hotaru's robot, Penguin.
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